Goobbue (Mob)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the enemy. For the mount, see Goobbue (Mount). For the Island Sanctuary animal, see Goobbue (Island Sanctuary).


A goobbue is a lumbering beast that has a symbiotic relationship with the moss and lichen growing atop its head. This growth provides the creature with a measure of camouflage, and, in return, the goobbue keeps the vegetation moist during the drier seasons with water scooped up in its hands. Though seemingly placid, the goobbue is a relentless predator, snatching up anything that skitters or crawls and shoveling it into its cavernous mouth.

— In-game description

Goobbue is a Beastkin found in Eastern La Noscea.


Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Goobbue fang icon1.png  Goobbue Fang Crafting material N/A ABasic 1


Zone Coordinates Level range
Eastern La Noscea (X:16.0, Y:28.1) 33

Hunting Log


Quest Type Level Quest Giver

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