Amalj'aa Wrong Places

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Amalj'aa Wrong Places

Quest giver
Eastern Thanalan (X:13, Y:23)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
1  Queer Leaflet
Experience 15,680
Gil 238
Previous quest
For the Children
Next quest
Dressed to Deceive

Isembard seems to have a message for you from Thancred.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Search for a clue in the Amalj'aa encampment.


  • You meet Thancred outside the nearby Amalj'aa encampment. He asks that you enter and search for evidence of their involvement in the vanishings at Camp Drybone.
  • The leaflet does not appear to have been written by a member of the Order. Show it to Sister Ourcen at the inn at Camp Drybone to see if she can provide any insight.
  • Sister Ourcen confirms that the leaflet is not of the Order's making, and goes on to tell you that the church was recently plagued by a rash of missing garments. Speak with Thancred to determine your next course of action.
  • Thancred believes it likely that the culprit behind the vanishings is posing as a priest of the Order. Warn Isembard of this potential danger.
  • Isembard resolves to stay vigilant in light of the new information. Thancred, meanwhile, has withdrawn to consider the situation more carefully. What course of action might the Sharlayan bard come up with?

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