A Simple Plan

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A Simple Plan

Quest giver
Minfilia Warde
The Rising Stones (X:6.1, Y:5.2)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era
Experience 2,340
Gil 658
Previous quest
In Flagrante Delicto
Next quest
The Instruments of Our Deliverance

Minfilia has never been one to hesitate when it comes to asking others for aid.

— In-game description



Minfilia is in The Solar.



  • Minfilia has never been one to hesitate when it comes to asking others for aid.
  • It would seem that Minfilia's claims of progress on the matter of finding a way into Iceheart's sanctuary are somewhat premature. After a lengthy discussion with Urianger, the Antecedent has concluded that the Scions in Revenant's Toll lack the expertise to develop a solution and must therefore turn to another for assistance -- a Sharlayan colleague who is currently en route to Mor Dhona. Minfilia invites you to accompany her to the northern gates, where she intends to greet the newcomer's arrival.
  • While you and Minfilia converse upon matters deep and profound, a carriage arrives in Revenant's Toll. A tall Roegadyn woman disembarks from it, whom Minfilia introduces to you as Moenbryda, an accomplished Sharlayan scholar and an authority on aetheryte technologies. Now that your new colleague has arrived, it would seem a good time to trouble Minfilia for a plan of action.
  • Eager to resolve the situation in Snowcloak, Minfilia and Moenbryda return to the Rising Stones. Join them in the solar where you can discuss the matter in private.
  • It turns out that Moenbryda's meeting with the other Scions is less an introduction and more a reunion -- a particularly emotional one, in the case of Urianger. Setting her mind to the problem of the missing aetheryte, she quickly devises a solution involving white auracite, a material she has been researching for the purpose of capturing Ascian souls. By using it to channel a burst of concentrated aether into the aetheryte by which Iceheart escaped, she believes she can recreate the beacon at the opposite end. If successful, it should theoretically be possible for you to teleport to it. Should it fail, of course, any such attempt would result in your death -- a painless death, to be sure, but a permanent one nonetheless.