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Quest giver
Coerthas Western Highlands (X:32, Y:37)
Quest line

Required items
1  Letter to Hilda
Experience 16,740
Gil 1,087
Previous quest
Next quest
A Spectacle for the Ages

Thancred has lost all patience with Lord Emmanellain.

— In-game description


Optional rewards




  • Thancred, unwilling to wait for Lord Emmanellain to gather himself, declares that you and he have more important matters to attend to in Ishgard before taking his leave. Indeed, he is correct, for Ser Aymeric is still waiting for you to deliver Lucia's report in her stead.
  • Change, however well intentioned, is often met with resistance. With resignation and pride both, Ser Aymeric admits that Ishgard is a nation built on centuries of warfare. To pursue peace in denial of this history is a doomed venture; rather, the people must be encouraged to embrace their identity, and take pride in one another's achievements, that they might be moved to common purpose. Happily, they will not want for suitable encouragement. The other members of the Eorzean Alliance have recently proposed joint military exercises, which Ser Aymeric believes could be presented as a “grand melee” to the public. Should Ishgard's forces triumph over those of the other city-states, it would doubtless do much to restore the nation's morale. Lord Edmont acknowledges that there is merit to the lord commander's plan, and his only request is that his younger son take part in the melee, that he might make amends for his mistakes in Falcon's Nest. Though Ser Aymeric agrees in principle, he remains to be convinced that Emmanellain's wishes are in alignment with those of his lord father.
  • Thancred is amused by the suggestion of an Ishgardian grand melee, wondering aloud what part you will be expected to play in the affair -- and whether or not you will feel moved to oblige. As Ser Aymeric's grand scheme calls for a diverse force of Ishgardians to take the field, he departs to seek Hilda's opinion on the subject, leaving you to speak with Lucia alone.
  • As you detail Ser Aymeric's plan, Lucia cannot help but let her reservations show. Doubtless, as a Garlean citizen, she bore witness to similar spectacles intended to rally the people to the imperial cause -- for weal or for woe. Nevertheless, out of loyalty to Ser Aymeric, she sets about selecting candidates from both the Temple Knights and the watch, preparing a list of the latter to be delivered to Hilda.
  • Hilda accepts the first commander's suggestions with grace, observing that she has an eye for talent. The watch successfully recruited, Thancred's thoughts turn, rather grudgingly, to the task of finding Lord Emmanellain. He suggests you try searching for him in the Pillars.
  • Born into privilege, Lord Emmanellain has never known true freedom. Like his brothers, his path in life was decided from birth. Yet as the old order crumbles and many are forced to choose a new path, he finds himself bewildered and lost. Terrified of making the wrong choice, he has let his father and brother order him about. To refrain from choosing is nevertheless a choice, however, and with regret he now sees what his indecision has wrought. Though his father may have had good reason to volunteer him for the melee, he cannot simply accept his command, and resolves to speak with Ser Aymeric himself, that for once he might make his own decision.
  • What drives a man to fight against all odds, against all opposition, and pursue a path that the world would deny him? In Ser Aymeric, Lord Emmanellain sees a man with unwavering conviction and faith, possessed of an almost supernatural strength. So inspired, he begs leave to participate in the grand melee, with a humility so unexpected that even Lord Edmont cannot contain his surprise. Ser Aymeric accepts, and the Ishgardian force is complete, save for a singular individual whom the lord commander would personally invite to join the fray: you. After a moment's introspection, you agree to fight for Ishgard, and a jubilant Ser Aymeric declares that you shall give the people a spectacle for the ages.
  • Thancred cannot help pointing out that your involvement in the melee could be considered unfair -- you being the Warrior of Light. He confesses, however, that Ser Aymeric's honesty inspired even him to briefly contemplate joining the cause -- though he quickly clarifies that it would not be his place to do so.

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