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The Northern Empty

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The Northern Empty

The northern empty map.png
Map of The Northern Empty


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The Northern Empty is a region in Hydaelyn.

Across Abalathia's Spine, the battered seacoast of the Farreach, and beyond the Bloodbrine Sea lies the Northern Empty—a vast body of water almost entirely void of islands, save for two major chains.

The first and northernmost is a remote archipelago known as Aerslaent ("first land")—homeland of the Sea Wolf tribe of the Roegadyn. It is from these islands that some of the first inhabitants of Limsa Lominsa are said to have hailed—arriving on Vylbrand following failed raiding attempts in the southern Rhotano Sea.

On the second group of islands further to the west is Sharlayan, the very nation from which settlers came in the early Sixth Astral Era to form a satellite city-state in the Dravanian hinterlands. In addition to the main island containing the city of Old Sharlayan and the subterranean Labyrinthos artificial biome, the nation also controls the Isle of Haam to the north, the former Isle of Val to the east, and the Isle of Yorn to the south. [1]


Old Sharlayan

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