On the Counteroffensive

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

On the Counteroffensive

Quest giver
Northern Thanalan (X:20, Y:22)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era

Experience 2,340
Gil 758
Previous quest
Aether on Demand
Next quest
An Uninvited Ascian

Lieutenant Edelstein wishes to share a report with you concerning the Garleans' movements.

— In-game description


  • Defeat the imperial squad.
  • Defeat the next imperial squad.


  • Lieutenant Edelstein informs you that imperial soldiers have been seen marching from Castrum Meridianum. The garrison leader would have you join the Crystal Braves in their efforts to repel the advancing Garleans. Speak with Lieutenant Alianne of the 4th Unit Braves, and lend your strength to her planned counteroffensive.
  • Upon speaking with Alianne, you learn that another force of imperial soldiers has been spotted attempting to conceal themselves along the west approach to the processing plant. Before the lieutenant can outline her strategy, however, Captain Ilberd arrives, and drafts you into assisting the 3rd Unit Braves as they set out to engage this second threat. Speak with Yuyuhase at Raubahn's Push for further instructions.
  • Yuyuhase welcomes your arrival, and explains his plan to uproot the Garlean raiders from their places of concealment. Search your assigned areas, and eliminate any imperial soldiers you encounter.
  • You have discovered and defeated an imperial squad. Move on to the next location, and engage any remaining Garlean soldiers.
  • You have defeated the remaining imperial troops. Return to Yuyuhase at Raubahn's Push and report your success.
  • You rejoin Yuyuhase, and he speaks of similar victories in the field. The Lalafellin Brave offers to share news of the Garleans' demise with Alianne, and asks that you do the same for Lieutenant Edelstein. Return to the Ceruleum Processing Plant and make your report to the garrison leader.
  • You make your report to a relieved Lieutenant Edelstein, who once more thanks you for your deeds. With the Garlean threat neutralized, it would appear the processing plant has been delivered from potential disaster.