What Little Gods Are Made Of

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What Little Gods Are Made Of

What Little Gods are Mode Of Image.png
Quest giver
Serpent Lieutenant
East Shroud (X:21.9, Y:25.7)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era
Experience 2,340
Gil 658
Previous quest
Levin an Impression
Next quest
Guardian of Eorzea

The serpent lieutenant is ready to send you on your way.

— In-game description





  • After listening to your report, Minfilia alludes to some news of her own. Before divulging anything more, however, the Antecedent suggests you first listen to Urianger's latest discovery concerning the nature of the Ascians' immortality. Could it be that the scholar has stumbled upon a means to bring about the permanent destruction of the Paragons?


Serpent Lieutenant: The Elder Seedseer will wish to hear of your experiences firsthand.
Serpent Lieutenant: Pray return to Gridania and make directly for the Lotus Stand─the conjurer at Nophica's Altar will be expecting you. Fare you well, Forename.
Silent Conjurer: Welcome back, honored Scion. We who knew of your mission have been most anxious to see you return. The Elder Seedseer awaits you within.
Q1: Proceed to the Lotus Stand?
A1: Yes
A1: No
Yda: You should have seen Maxio when we got back to Little Solace. Grateful is an understatement! I thought he was going to shake Papalymo's hand off!
Papalymo: Ah, the hero of the hour! Let us not keep the Elder Seedseer waiting.
Thancred: I fancy my presence was more help than hindrance during our troubles with Leviathan, but this time around... Well, even I have my off days!
Y'shtola: 'Twould seem that Yda's appraisal of the situation held some merit after all. Mayhap I should not be so swift to discount her intuition...
Papalymo: Thus ends another daunting mission, eh, Forename?
Papalymo: I'd hoped Lord Ramuh could be persuaded with words alone, but nonetheless, I can only admire the adroitness with which you responded to the primal's sudden challenge.
Papalymo: And it seems that Urianger, too, was pleased with the outcome. What say you, Forename? Shall we gather back at the Rising Stones and ponder the lessons of the day?
Papalymo: I am sure that Minfilia will be eager to hear more of your adventures. Let us return to the Rising Stones and put our thoughts in order.
Minfilia: Welcome back, Forename! Word of your momentous encounter with Lord Ramuh precedes you!
Minfilia: I would fain share news of mine own, but Urianger's discoveries must take precedence.
Minfilia: Upon witnessing your defeat of the Lord of Levin, our learned companion was struck with a profound insight regarding the nature of the Ascians' immortality. Let us assemble and discuss his observations together.
(-Igeyorhm-)The Lord of Levin is returned to the aether, as was Leviathan before him.
(-Nabriales-)Ramuh's acquiescence was most...intriguing.
(-Emmerololth-)Inferno, vortex, crag, whorl, and levin. All have now been humbled by the Bringer of Light.
(-Altima-)The limitless potential of man... Hydaelyn's servant grows mightier by the day.
(-Elidibus-)Yet she prospers at great cost to her mistress...whose strength is all too finite. Seven times have the masses survived the Rejoining, but their souls are grown weak and wan...
(-Elidibus-)Yet even as it enervates, the Ardor empowers our master. All that remains is to nurture the strength of the gifted─to forge the final key.
(-???-)...And that is the task to which we bend our every effort.
Lahabrea: Divine seeds were ever wont to quicken in Eorzea's fertile soil. We need only lead men to the field, and by their eager hands shall a new deity arise.
Lahabrea: That which was shattered shall be made anew...and the one true god shall come again.