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The Twelve is the pantheon of gods for Eorzea. Their nature is explored in the Lv. 90 Alliance Raid Myths of the Realm alliance raid series.

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Eorzea. A land loved by gods, and forged by heroes. The gods of which this epithet speaks are the Twelve—the pillars upon which religious faith in Eorzea firmly rests. [1]

Twelve Worship

Belief in the Twelve, a pantheon of gods and goddesses each represented by one of the six elements upon which all creation is founded, has served as a cornerstone for civilization in Eorzea for millennia. Though theologians remain unsure of the exact origins of Twelve worship in Eorzea, studies of relics from the Allagan civilization tell us that even five thousand years ago at the peak of the Third Astral Era, the six and six deities were already ingrained in society—as they are today. Not only is the year divided into twelve, and twelve-year cycles used in modern astrology, city-states still choose a patron deity to serve as a guardian over their lands, with that deity becoming a focal point of cultural development, such as the case with Nald’thal and the economically inclined Ul'dahns.

Sometimes people from certain races or professions will choose to focus their worship on a single deity. Many Miqo'te of the Seekers of the Sun clan will follow the teachings of Azeyma, the Warden and goddess of the sun. Sailors will often pray to Llymlaen, watcher of seas and goddess of navigation to see their ships safely to port, and artisans will pray to Byregot to guide their hands. [2]

Creation Myth

There are several creation myths from the different tribes and peoples across all of Eorzea, however one of the most widely accepted is from Lewphon of Sharlayan, who became noteworthy for compiling information to create a cohesive theory known as the Creation of Eorzea.

While the Twelve are generally assumed to be myths by most scholars in the late Sixth Astral, the Seventh Umbral, and early Seventh Astral eras, beings claiming to be the Twelve are eventually encountered by the Warrior of Light. These beings insist they are not primals, and do not seem to temper those exposed to them.

The Twelve are part of the process of creating your character. In Final Fantasy XIV players can choose from twelve patron deities, each of which represents a moon (or month) of the Eorzean Calendar.

Icon Deity Element Alignment Month
Halone Icon.png Halone, the Fury Ice Astral First Astral Moon (January)
Menphina Icon.png Menphina, the Lover Ice Umbral First Umbral Moon (February)
Thaliak Icon.png Thaliak, the Scholar Water Astral Second Astral Moon (March)
Nymeia Icon.png Nymeia, the Spinner Water Umbral Second Umbral Moon (April)
Llymlaen Icon.png Llymlaen, the Navigator Wind Astral Third Astral Moon (May)
Oschon Icon.png Oschon, the Wanderer Wind Umbral Third Umbral Moon (June)
Byregot Icon.png Byregot, the Builder Lightning Astral Fourth Astral Moon (July)
Rhalgr Icon.png Rhalgr, the Destroyer Lightning Umbral Fourth Umbral Moon (August)
Azeyma Icon.png Azeyma, the Warden Fire Astral Fifth Astral Moon (September)
Nald'thal Icon.png Nald'thal, the Traders Fire Umbral Fifth Umbral Moon (October)
Nophica Icon.png Nophica, the Matron Earth Astral Sixth Astral Moon (November)
Althyk Icon.png Althyk, the Keeper Earth Umbral Sixth Umbral Moon (December)

Elemental Resistances

The Deity you chose during character creation affected your character's elemental resistances. The total elemental resistance of each deity was 330. There was a 4 point difference between high elemental resistance of 54 and low elemental resistance of 50. These resistances came in the form of fire, ice, wind, earth, lightning, and also water.

Deity Fire Ice Wind Earth Lightning Water
Halone 50 54 53 52 52 52
Menphina 50 54 53 52 52 52
Thaliak 52 52 52 53 50 54
Nymeia 52 52 52 53 50 54
Llymlaen 53 50 54 52 52 52
Oschon 53 50 54 52 52 52
Byregot 52 52 52 50 54 53
Rhalgr 52 52 52 50 54 53
Azeyma 54 53 50 52 52 52
Nald'thal 54 53 50 52 52 52
Nophica 52 52 52 54 53 50
Althyk 52 52 52 54 53 50


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