The Mother of Exiles

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The Mother of Exiles

The Mother of Exiles.png
Quest giver
Western Thanalan (X:22, Y:17)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era

Required items
2 Momodi's Letter Icon.png  Momodi's Letter
Experience 2,340
Gil 0
Previous quest
A Final Temptation
Next quest
Promises to Keep

Thancred has information on your next assignment.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Alphinaud informs you that travelers from the eastern nation of Doma arrived in Vesper Bay not long ago, apparently seeking an audience with the rulers of Ul'dah. Believing that they may have valuable information on the current state of affairs within the Empire, he is resolved to seek them out and wants you on hand to ensure that all proceeds smoothly. Knowing how unaccommodating the Sultansworn can be, he suggests beginning the search on the Royal Promenade in Ul'dah.
  • As predicted, you find the Doman leader and her assistants fruitlessly petitioning the Sultansworn posted outside the Fragrant Chamber. Sensing an opportunity, Alphinaud approaches the travelers and offers his assistance -- on the condition that they first accompany him to the Quicksand and explain their situation. Follow the party to the Quicksand and let Alphinaud know when you are ready to listen to the Domans' tale.
  • Lady Yugiri, the leader of the refugees, explains that her people have come to Eorzea in search of asylum. After their rebellion against the Empire failed, imperial forces set about razing their homeland of Doma, leaving them no choice but to flee. Moved by her tale, Alphinaud offers to speak to General Raubahn on Yugiri's behalf, and departs for the Hall of Flames, leaving the refugees in your care. Inquire of Yugiri if there is anything she needs.
  • Supplies on the Doman galleon have run low, and Yugiri asks that you help her secure provisions. As proprietress of the Quicksand and a proven friend to the Scions, Momodi may be the best person to speak with regarding this matter.
  • It so happens that a wealthy merchant recently canceled his reservation at the Quicksand, leaving Momodi with an excess of foodstuffs. She offers to send them to the Waking Sands for redistribution, and furnishes you with two letters containing instructions for her suppliers, Fridurih and Katherine, who can be found at the Sapphire Avenue Exchange.
  • You deliver the instructions to the merchants, who make no effort to hide their disapproval of Momodi's actions. Return to the Quicksand and inform Momodi that the shipments are on their way.
  • Momodi is pleased to hear that the foodstuffs will be put to good use. Share the good tidings with Yugiri.
  • Not long after you explain Momodi's arrangement to Yugiri, Alphinaud returns to the Quicksand with more good news: the Domans have been granted an audience with the sultana and the Syndicate. What will come of the meeting is anyone's guess, but at least Yugiri will have an opportunity to plead her people's case. Return to the Royal Promenade and speak with Raubahn to proceed into the Fragrant Chamber.
  • Before the assembled leaders of Ul'dah, Yugiri details the circumstances which compelled her people to seek refuge in Ul'dah. Although the sultana, Raubahn, and Teledji Adeledji are sympathetic to her cause, the most influential member of the Syndicate, Lolorito, persuades the others to refuse the Domans asylum. Thus barred from Ul'dah, Yugiri and her people must look elsewhere for a new home.