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As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the quest. For the name of the major patch, see patch 3.1.
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As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness

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Quest giver
Foundation (X:13, Y:11)
Quest line
Dragonsong Main Scenario Quests
Experience 5,000
Gil 10,000
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestAgainst the Dying of the Light
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestAs It Once Was
Feature QuestWhen the Bough Wakes

Main Scenario Progress: 343 / 853 (40.2%)


Heavensward Progress: 102 / 138 (73.9%)


Lucia is not one to rest on her laurels.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:


Solo Duty

Upon speaking with Aymeric for the second time, you will enter a solo duty. Time is of the essence, as you must rescue a number of hostages before they are struck down by members of the True Brothers of the Faith.

  • Y'shtola, Alphinaud, Thancred, Artoirel, and Aymeric will join you in this endeavor. If you are concerned about healing, Artoirel possesses a potent Cure spell and will accompany you all throughout the duty. However, keep potions handy in case of an emergency.
  • You goal is to locate the six hostages scattered throughout the basilica. Make it a priority to take out enemies targeting the hostages first: if a single hostage dies, or if Aymeric falls, the duty will fail.
  • The first hostage can be found by following the main path and killing a group of enemies. Y'shtola will stay behind with the hostage.
  • Follow the newly-opened path to the second hostage -- and more enemies -- at its end. Allow your allies to take the lead and draw the attention of enemies in front while you rush to target those hurting the hostage. Like Y'shtola, Alphinaud and Thancred will stay behind with the hostage.
  • Continue forward, defeating any enemies along the way. A cutscene will trigger when you reach the Quire. The fight gets more difficult after this: not only will you have to worry about the health of the remaining hostages, but the health of Aymeric as well. Be quick.
  • The third and fourth hostages can be found by backtracking down the stairs you came from and proceeding into the nearby hallway on your right. Dispatch the enemies, and make sure to unbind the hostages before continuing on.
  • The fifth hostage is located back where you split up with Alphinaud, Thancred and the second hostage. The gate that was previously closed is now open, and the hostage can be found within: defeat the enemies, unbind the hostage, and then rush back to Aymeric.
  • Upon entering the battlefield with Aymeric, the boss Simeonard of the Holiest Flame will immediately target you. However, focus on dispatching Aymeric's current target first to prevent his health from depleting further. Defeat Simeonard once all other enemies has been dealt with. With the deed done, go up the stairs to find the sixth hostage and finish the duty.



  • Lucia is not one to rest on her laurels.
  • As you and the others debate how best to proceed, Ser Aymeric enters the room in the company of lords Edmont and Artoirel to the delight and relief of all present. Alas, the resulting mood of optimism is soon soured by the arrival of a panicked knight bearing grave tidings: a rebel faction calling themselves the True Brothers of the Faith have seized control of the Vault, and taken the refugees sheltering within hostage. Needless to say, the lord commander cannot bow to the demands of such zealots, leaving him with but one option: an armed assault. Without hesitation, you and your fellow Scions volunteer to help, prompting Lord Artoirel to pledge his support as well.
  • Though you succeed in sneaking into the basilica undetected, the rebels soon catch wind of your presence, and attempt to execute the hostages. Fortunately, they are no match for you and your allies, and together you are able to rescue all but one of their captives -- a young girl name Maelie, whom you learn was borne off to the upper levels by a priest. You, Ser Aymeric, and Lord Artoirel have no choice but to give chase.
  • You finally corner the priest on the uppermost level of the Vault, and Ser Aymeric demands his immediate surrender. Alas, the man will not hear reason, being convinced beyond all doubt that Ser Aymeric is a traitor to both kin and country. In a final act of defiance, he throws Maelie from the ledge, sending the child tumbling towards the plaza.

    Far below, Lucia and Y'shtola can only watch in horror as the screaming figure plummets towards them. But just when all hope seems lost, a great white dragon swoops down to pluck her from the very jaws of death. Vidofnir!

    Soon after, you, Ser Aymeric, and Lord Artoirel join the others outside, where Vidofnir is waiting to deliver a warning from Hraesvelgr. It would seem Nidhogg and his brood have flown for skies unknown. When Alphinaud subsequently presses the dragon for answers regarding Estinien, she declares that she can provide none, and bids you farewell. Though her visit was all too brief, Ser Aymeric hopes that it will do much to change the opinions of the common man. Yet Lord Edmont, who does not share in his optimism, implores the young knight to move with greater caution, lest more perish in his headlong rush for change -- not least Ser Aymeric himself, whom the count plainly cherishes as a son.

  • In the wake of Vidofnir's departure, Y'shtola speaks to you privately regarding Thancred, in whom she senses a troubling change. According to her, his aetheric flow has been disrupted in a manner which would theoretically prevent him from wielding all magicks, teleportation included. Though she stresses that this is as yet mere speculation, it would do much to explain why he did not risk seeking out the Scions upon learning that a primal had been summoned. In the absence of proof, however, you have no choice but to remain silent and attend Alphinaud in Fortemps Manor.
  • As you discuss recent events with Alphinaud and Tataru, lords Artoirel and Emmanellain enter, having come to present you all a token of their gratitude: a House Fortemps shield fit for a true knight. It soon becomes clear, however, that this was not Artoirel's only reason for seeking an audience when he reveals that Count Edmont means to step aside, leaving him to take his father's place as the head of House Fortemps. In this way, Count Edmont intends to rid the house of the lingering suspicion that it was complicit in a coup d'etat orchestrated by Ser Aymeric. Yet while Lord Artoirel had long dreamed of this day, it would seem that the recent revelations regarding the founding fathers of Ishgard had prompted him question the value of his birthright -- until, that is, he recalled his late brother's words: “A knight lives to serve -- to aid those in need.” And so he vows to follow Haurchefant's proud example and labor for the greater good of Ishgard. And should his resolve waver, he hopes that you will show him the way -- as a [brother/sister].


Speak with Lucia

Lucia: I do not mean to diminish our accomplishments, but until we identify the ones who ordered the fires set, our work is far from finished. 
Thancred: Between the various conservative and religious factions in Ishgard, I daresay there is no shortage of parties who would like to see the status quo preserved. Do any likely suspects spring to mind? 
Aymeric: Far too many to count.
Lucia: Lord Commander, your wounds! 
Aymeric: Are healing well, thank you. Time is of the essence. Lest we forge,t these men would sooner put their own city to the torch than see it change. When our enemies learn that we have apprehended their arsonist, there is no telling how they will react. 
Tense Temple Knight: Lord Commander! An armed mob has seized control of the Vault! 
Aymeric: And now we know. Tell us what happened, ser. Spare no detail.
Tense Temple Knight: We were directing refugees into the basilica, as you ordered, when all of a sudden, men brandishing weapons were all around us. It happened so fast, my lord. We had no time to respond. They've taken the refugees hostage and barricaded themselves inside the Vault. 
Aymeric: And they sent you to deliver their demands. 
Tense Temple Knight: They...the True Brothers of the Faith demand a conclave to select the next archbishop be held forthwith. Furthermore, th-they declare that you, Lord Commander, are guilty of patricide and high reason, and that you must surrender yourself at once to receive the Fury's judgment. 
Lucia: Ridiculous! Do they honestly think that executing Ser Aymeric will change anything? That the truth will somehow die with him? 
Artoriel: These fundamentals rage against the passing of the old ways, unable to accept there can be no going back. 
Count Edmont de Fortemps: Given the fanciful nature of their demands, a peaceful resolution does not seem likely. If the hostages are to be rescued, it will be by force, I fear. 
Aymeric: Agreed. Lucia, take a contigent of knights and establish a perimeter outside the entrance. 
Lucia: At once, Lord Commander! 
Aymeric: Hilda, I need your people out in force throughout the Brume. When word spreads of the situation, the friends and family of the hostages may try to take matters into their own hands. I will not give these militants more targets.  (Hilda nods, Aymeric smiles). I shall lead the assault on the Vault. Master Alphinaud, can I count on the support of the Scions? 
Alphinaud: Of course! 
Aymeric: We are in your debt. 
Artoirel: I shall join you as well, Lord Commander! (Edmont nods)
Aymeric: Your assistance is most welcome, Lord Artoirel. To arms then, friends! Time is against us!

Rendezvous with Aymeric in the Pillars

Aymeric: Listen well. We will enter the basilica silently via this gate. According to our latest reports, there are at least six hostages being held within. The numbers and readiness of the True Brothers of the Faith are unknown. 
Artoirel: I am told one claimed to have served under Thordan VII. might the same be true of the rest? 
Aymeric: Given the swiftness with which they seized control of the Vault, I think it highly likely, yes - which means that they may well possess the knowledge required to turn the building's defense against us. Be that as it may, we have no choice but to press on. Lord Artoirel - you are a brave man and true, and none would dare question your honor if you chose not to risk your life in this endeavor. Are you certain you wish to join us? 
Artoirel: I am no stranger to the battlefield, Ser Aymeric! My arm will not falter; my shield will not break! Halone as my witness, we will bring these fanatics to justice! 
Aymeric: Well said, my lord. Friends - follow me!

Battling in the Vault

Rugged Refugee: (after rescue) You must hurry! The others were taken elsewhere by Ser Simoneard!
Artoirel: Ser Simeonard? So this is indeed the work of the archbishop's former servants... On your guard! They've sounded the alarm! 
Aymeric: Secure the hostage, [Forename]! Leave the others to us! 

Aymeric: Ser Simeonard! Lay down your arms and release the hostages, and you will be shown mercy! I give you my word! 
Simeonard of the Holiest Flame: Hah! The word of a heretic and a kinslayer! I would sooner trust a dragon. Activate the knights! We shall show the hostages the same mercy he showed the archbishop. Unlike you, Ser Aymeric, I am a man of honor. By my hand, you shall receive of the Fury's judgment!
Aymeric: So it is to be a trial, then. Lord Artoirel, [Foreman] - leave us and save the hostages! I will deal with Ser Simeonard!
Ragged Refugee: (Post Rescue of the final refugee) - You must hurry! The priest took Maelie upstairs when he saw you kill his men! 
Aymeric: Have no fear, child. We will save your friend!

Mid-Battle Cutscene

Aymeric: Where is he? Where is he!? (runs off).
Vault Priest: Come no closer! (Holds Maelie by the throat over a ledge)
Aymeric: You have nowhere to run! Release the girl and surrender! 
Vault Priest: Surrender to whom!? The blasphemer who throws wide the gates to our enemy, who breaks bread with him and calls him brother!? Undogly swine! I would sooner die than surrender to you! 
Aymeric: Is it godly to spill the blood of an innocent child!? To burn the homes of your brothers!? Tell me, priest - is that godly!?
Vault Priest: Do not speak to me of godliness, heathen! Your father's blood is on your hands - as is hers! (Priest glances up at Maelie and shoves her away from him, to fall down the ledge). (Vidofnir rescues the child mid-fall to the ground).
Maelie: (On Vidofnir's back) What? But I...
Lucia: Vidofnir!
Vidofnir: Well met, knight. Mayhap I chose an inopportune moment? 
Lucia: Not at all! Pray forgive us this most unworthy reception. We are honored to have you with us, and right glad of your aid! 
Vidofnir: Fortune delivered the child unto me. I had but to receive her.
Maelie:' Thank you for savin' me...
Vidofnir: Thou art welcome, child. (Maelie nods to Vidofnir)
'Aymeric: Never did I think to be indebted to so unexpected a savior. But full glad am I to be so. (Vidofnir glances closely at Aymeric).
Vidofnir: Friend of Ysayle, warrior of warriors, I had hoped to meet with thee. I bear a message from my sire. 
Aymeric: From Hrasevelgr?
Vidofnir: Upon returning to our lands, Nidhogg's shade did sing unto his brood, and they for skies unknown did then take wing. This thou must know, for your fates are inextricably bound. 
Alphinaud: What of Estinen? Is he truly lost to us? 
Vidofnir: Such matters are beyond my ken. I but bear my father's words. Take from them what thou wilt. Fare you well, mortals. 
Count Edmont de Fortemps: So it is as they say, then. A great white dragon swooped down from the heavens to rescue an innocent child. 
Aymeric: A most unexpected turn of events...but not an unwelcome one. The people will not soon forget this day. 
Count Edmont de Fortemps: Yet how will they choose to remember it, Ser Aymeric? And will these events serve to bring man and dragon closer together, or drive a deeper wedge between brothers? After a thousand years, the world these men once knew is changing - and with ungentle swiftness to boot. Though their actions are misguided, their sentiments are only to be expected. Yo may be sure that others will rally to their cause. I share your desire for a lasting peace with the Dravanians, I do, but I would not see it built on the bones of our countrymen - nor on our own.  I see much of Haurchefant in you. And I could not bear to mourn the passing of another son. 
Aymeric: Lord Edmont...

Speak with Alphinaud

Alphinaud: This has been a day of surprises, has it not? 'Tis but a pity Vidofnir could not stay longer. 
Thancred: Yes, I think it's fair to say that she timed her departure rather less well than her arrival. 
Y'shtola: Well-timed scarcely does it justice. But one moment later would have been a moment too late. 
Alphinaud: Let us pray that the Ishgardians who yet harbored doubts will take these events to heart and accept the truth of Ser Aymeric's words. Well, 'tis only meet that I inform Tataru of what has happened here. If you have need of me, I shall be at Fortemps Manor.
Thancred: Allow me to accompany you. Tataru would never forgive me if I left for the Rising Stones without saying good-bye. 
Y'shtola: A moment, [Forename]. I wish a word. Tell me, does Thancred seem quite well to you? 
Warrior of Light: (choices: He held his own in the Vault / He got on well enough with Hilda / I'm not sure how to put it into words, but...) -> "I'm not sure how to put it into words, but...
Y'shtola: So you sense it too. A subtle change, imperceptible to most. I myself did not notice it at first, but upon closer examination, I saw that his aetheric flow had been irreparably disrupted. As a result, I suspect that his ability to manipulate aether has been compromised. Simply put, Thancred may no longer be able to wield magicks. It would do much to explain why he chose to remain within the wilderness instead of seeking us out. He would have been compelled to rely solely on traditional methods of travel, significantly prolonging his journey. And when he learned that a nearby beast tribe was making preparations to summon a primal, it may well have seemed more sensible to wait. But this is still little more than speculation. Until I have proof, pray speak no word of it. Right, then. I should be on my way. Krile may have charmed Master Matoya for now, but who can say how long it will last. 

Speak with Alphinaud at Fortemps Manor

Alphinaud: That Vidofnir should chance to arrive even as the girl fell... Truly, I could not have planned it better myself. (Artoirel enters)
Artoirel: Ah, good. We were afraid you might have left. 
Alphinaud: A shield, my lord? 
Artoirel: Fit for a true knight. An expression of our gratitude to you and yours, long overdue. ... But there is something else I would discuss ere you part. Something which cannot leave this room. My father will soon step down as head of our house. Ser Aymeric was not the only one to fall under suspicion following the death of the archbishop. There are some who believe my father complicit in a coup d'etat. Thus he intends to renounce his title to absolve our house of suspicion and secure the support of our peers. 
Alphinaud: Surely there must be another way to convince houses Durendaire and Dzemael?
Artoirel: So I said to him. Alas, he will not budge. (closes eyes). Ever since I was a child, I knew that I would one day succeed my father, and the thought of it filled me with pride. Yet once I learned the day was at hand, my heart was filled with naught but dread. Our legacy is built upon the lies of our forefathers. In accepting this title, am I not perpetuating this injustice? Why should I become the next count?
Warrior of Light: (... / A knight lives to serve) -> A knight lives to serve
Artoirel: You sound just like him. Aye, I suspect that is what Haurchefant would have said. "To aid those in need...". When you look on that shield, I trust you will remember his words. And should I once more find my resolve wavering, I ask that you show me the way. You were a (sister/brother) to Haurchefant. Will you be a (sister/brother) to me as well?  Come emmanellain. There is much to be done. For Father, and for Ser Aymeric. And for Ishgard.
Artoirel: (His brother leaves). <sigh> To think we share the same blood.... Pray excuse us. (bows).
Narration: Those were the days of promises and vows - of tentative first steps into an uncertain future.  A future shaped by the choices we made, in ways we could never have forseen. Born of good and evil, of light and darkness, and shepherded by our hand. Be it for weal, or be it for woe. 

From the memoirs of Count Edmont de Fortemps: Heavensward: As goes light, so goes darkness.


Urianger: ...This is thy proof? The Gerun Oracles? Apocrypha. 
???: It is a truth long forgotten, a tale of the beginning, and of the path we have been set upon.
Elidibus: Our fates were ordained long ago, Archon. The Garleans are no exception. Nor the Triad. You know what must be done.  (Alphinaud's shoes are visible, warrior of darkness looks but then Alphinaud is gone). 

Yda and Papalymo

Papalymo: ...Well?
Yda: Everyone has their orders. The Masks will attack as soon as all units are in position. The imperials won't know what hit them.
Papalymo: I fear it will be bloody...
Yda: By Rhalgr, it had better be.
Papalymo: We cannot stay here forever, Yda. We have other responsibilities.
Yda: I know full well what my responsibilities are - and I mean to fulfill them, every one!