Still Waters

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Still Waters

Still Waters Image.png
Quest giver
Minfilia Warde
The Solar (X:6, Y:5)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era

Experience 2,340
Gil 1,220
Previous quest
Build on the Stone
Next quest
A Final Temptation

Minfilia has a new assignment for you.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • You find Y'shtola preoccupied and unwilling to converse at length. Speak to Fufulupa, the Brass Blade leading the investigation, to learn more about the thefts.
  • Fufulupa informs you that a heavily laden carriage recently broke through a checkpoint on the Royal Allagan Sunway. Convinced that it must belong to the thieves, he bids you share this news with Y'shtola forthwith.
  • Though plainly unconvinced by Fufulupa's assertion that the incident at the checkpoint and the crystal thefts are connected, Y'shtola cannot wholly discount the possibility. Accordingly, she bids you rendezvous with Thancred in eastern Thanalan, where the carriage was said to be headed.
  • Thancred reports that the carriage was filled with somnus, not crystals, and that the coachman appears to have no ties to the crystal thieves. Although the Brass Blades are more than satisfied with the seizure, Y'shtola will likely not be so pleased. Return to Horizon and see what other information Thancred has to offer.
  • According to Thancred, there is nothing to suggest that the Amalj'aa have come into possession of significant quantities of crystals. As he communicates his findings to Urianger via linkpearl, you cannot help but wonder who is behind the crystal thefts, and what their designs might be.