Lord of the Inferno

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Lord of the Inferno

Lord of the Inferno Image.png
Quest giver
The Solar (X:6, Y:6)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Experience 8,120
Gil 1,245
Previous quest
Life, Materia and Everything
Next quest
A Hero in the Making

Minfilia would like you to assist the Immortal Flames.

— In-game description





  • In order to learn the whereabouts of the abductees, the Immortal Flames have devised a plan to capture Amalj'aa, using the false priest, Ungust, as bait. Minfilia bids you partake in the operation as the Scions' representative. Take yourself to Camp Drybone, and there merge with the Immortal Flames.
  • You have been briefed regarding the operation. It is anticipated that the Amalj'aa will offer fierce resistance, and you are urged to spare no preparations. Once you are ready, proceed to the Invisible City, and lie in wait at the designated location.
  • To your great dismay, you are betrayed by one of your own, and end up being captured by the Amalj'aa. After an indeterminate amount of time, you awaken within an Amalj'aa stronghold in the company of your fellow captives. Speak with them to ascertain the situation.
  • It appears the Amalj'aa mean to make an offering of you and your companions to Ifrit. If it must end, let it be with weapon in hand. Wait for the right moment, and strike back at the beastmen.
    The Bowl of Embers can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • Having failed to make you his minion, Ifrit attempts to exterminate you, but against all odds you succeed in overcoming the god-like being. It would appear that he and his kind have the power to bind mortals to their will, yet for reasons yet unknown you are immune to this influence. There will be time enough to learn the truth of things later. For now, make your way back to Camp Drybone, and speak with Thancred.
  • Having lavished you with praise, Thancred takes his leave to return to the Waking Sands. Minfilia will be eager to hear back from you as well. Report to her at the earliest opportunity.
  • At the Waking Sands, Minfilia and Thancred take turns bombarding you with information, explaining to you how the crystal robbery and the abductions served to advanced Ifrit's cause. Thancred then reveals a disturbing truth: in order to prevent Ifrit from gaining strength, his “tempered” victims are put to death. Even as this revelation casts a shadow over your victory, you find yourself more determined than ever to do your part as a Scion.


  • If you teleport out of the quest area while the quest is still active, you can return by speaking with Adala in Camp Drybone.