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A suit of Magitek Reaper armor patrolling in the Coerthas Highlands.

Magitek is the brainchild of Solus Galvus (At the time of its inception he had not yet become emperor and had not received the title "zos"). After its creation, it was used by the Garlean Empire to become one of the most powerful nations on the Three Great Continents.


Before the discovery of Ceruleum and the invention of Magitek, the winters of Northern Ilsabard were harsh and dangerous. The small collection of villages would not often have enough supplies to get through the hard winters, as the lakes were frozen most of the year round, and bounties of nature, including rearing animals and crops were only available for a short time. Between that and the attacks by more developed villages and tribes around the area, the Garleans came to realize they needed to band together in order to survive. Coming together and searching for a way to survive led to the discovery of Ceruleum, a strange blue liquid that burned much better and longer than oil, and kept the Garleans warm during the winter.

In desperation, to handle the attacks and raids on their villages and settlements, the Garleans employed the Roegadyn mages of the mountains to help bolster their own army. They also became experts in subterfuge, attacking from the shadows and using spies to gather information on their enemies. This was the way they survived until the early 16th century, when Solus Galvus, a soldier who quickly moved up through the ranks of the military, learned of the newly invented Ceruleum engine, and saw limitless potential within it.

Using this engine, Solus Galvus engineered Magitek weapons and warmachina and integrated them into the army. This ended up giving Garlemald a huge tactical advantage, as they were able to not only defend themselves, but invade and conquer other nations. This Magitek were employed in other areas aside from war making, improving the lives of the people of Garlemald, from day-to-day life to transport and agriculture, the use of Magitek greatly turned the fortunes of the Garleans, and made their inhospitable climate much more tolerable.

Magitek Academy

After the Garlean Empire was established and Solus zos Galvus became the self-appointed emperor, he established the Magitek Academy. This school was to act as both a research facility to develop more Magitek, as well as a place of education for aspiring engineers. The chief engineer, given the title "nan", serves as the head of the academy.

The academy only accepts the best and brightest from all over Garlemald, and even then, very few actually complete their six-year study. After they finish their education, the alumni are allowed to either continue as researchers, or can join the military as Magitek technicians.


While Magitek exists in all aspects of life in Garlemald, the main focus of the Magitek Academy is its use in warfare. The Empire has developed several weapons and mobile suits of armor to make the conquering of nations far easier than it should be.

  • Reapers: These make up the backbone of the imperial army's mounted forces, useful for solo recon missions to large-scale shock troop assaults.
  • Vanguards: Mainly employed to drill through castle gates and bulwarks. They are also used as frontline troops and to dispatch of enemy siege weaponry.
  • Juggernauts: These magitek are built for both aerial and terrestrial movement, with the large cylinders covered in propellers and the lower half a bipedal construct. The Juggernauts can carry an entire squadron and are used to enter into the heart of enemy territory.
  • Colossi: These massive suits of walking armor are controlled remotely, thanks to advancements by the Magitek vanguard. Based on the Allagan Iron Giants, they are built in the likeness of a man so they may be easily fitted with weapons and gear, making them a versatile unit.
  • Death Claws: Another technology reverse-engineered from the Allagan Iron Claws, they are used in both warfare as brutal bladed weapons, as well as in ordnance, shipping and carrying cargo.
  • Bits: Unmanned drones built to offer support to the Ultima Weapon, they employ similar technologies to the Airships, such as propulsion and small cannons. They are not the strongest weapons, as they can only function for a short time.
  • The Ultima Weapon: While not technically an Imperial warmachina and instead an Allagan one, the Empire has fitted this anti-Eikon weapon with weapons and gear to enhance its already impressive arsenal, for example being able to absorb the Aether and energy of Primals, and the Heart of Sabik, the engine that powers this weapon, something that remained a mystery to even the Allagans.


While used as transport by the citizens and common folk, these flying machina were born of a need to traverse into enemy territory. Running off Ceruleum propulsion engines and using Aether-treated wings, they use a buoyant gas as their fuel source.

  • Assault Crafts: Very light and equipped with small cannons, it is incredibly fast and often used to transport troops between larger Airships.
  • Gunships: Smaller compact ships with powerful guns designed to take out enemies from several hundred yalms. They are equipped with a mechanical arm that is capable of performing deft work. They generally carry small units within.
  • Aurora-Class Vessels: Large Airships used to transport whole units of soldiers. They often have multiple propulsion units and massive cannons to lay waste to any who oppose them. These are given to all legatii.
  • The Agrius: The Agrius was a flying fortress and the largest ever Airship built by the Empire. This ship was flown by the XIV'th Legion on its maiden voyage, and flew over Eorzea during the Empire's invasion. It took over fifty years to finish the construction of this ship.


Built and piloted by the surviving VIIth Legion, these large weapons were built to be successors to the Ultima Weapon. They employed the use of Synthetic auracite and were able to absorb and use the aether of Primals. With the use of synthetic auracite, the Empire were able to program combat techniques into the machina, however they required the use of Oversoul, a system that would link the life force and physical body to the machine, to make the proper use of the combat data therein.

  • The Ruby Weapon: The first known use of the synthetic auracite outside of Garlean territory, the machina used the combat data of Nael van Darnus to enhance its combat capabilities.
  • The Sapphire Weapon: A large machina that used the combat data of Regula van Hydrus. It was a rushed prototype that made use of the Oversoul program to make up for its mechanical deficiencies. It was employed over the coast of Werlyt, but was quickly put down by the Warrior of Light and the use of the G-Warrior.
  • The Emerald Weapon: A more complete use of the synthetic auracite, this machina made use of the combat data of Gaius van Baelsar prior to the Seventh Umbral Calamity. The warmachina employed the use of his gunblade techniques, as well as the use of soldiers bearing ranged weapons via floating manipulators.
  • The Diamond Weapon: The most complete use of the synthetic auracite, this weapon does not make use of the combat data of any soldier. It instead used the soldier known only as Alfonse, who was fused to the core via Oversoul. The Diamond Weapon had access to abilities of all the Primals and Weapons before it. It also had the ability to purge its outer armor to increase its mobility and speed. This Weapon was intended to be used by Valens van Varro to overthrow the Garlean capital and seize the throne.