An Uninvited Ascian

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An Uninvited Ascian

An Uninvited Ascian Image.png
Quest giver
Northern Thanalan (X:20, Y:22)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era
Experience 2,340
Gil 2,064
Previous quest
On the Counteroffensive
Next quest
In Memory of Moenbryda

Lieutenant Edelstein appears concerned for Moenbryda's well-being.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • After witnessing Moenbryda perform a successful trial upon a corrupted crystal formation, you are visited by an Ascian who introduces himself as Nabriales. The Paragon soon senses that you have lost Hydaelyn's blessing and teleports away, seemingly intent on taking advantage of the Scions' vulnerability. Moenbryda realizes that the staff Nabriales spoke of is likely Tupsimati, the relic once wielded by Louisoix himself. Hurry back to the Rising Stones and protect Minfilia from the Ascian's intrusion.
  • You return to the Rising Stones to find Nabriales already in the solar with Minfilia, the Antecedent clutching the shards of the broken Tupsimati. With dismissive contempt, the Ascian reveals his plans to use the power yet hidden within the staff to bring about a new Rejoining. He then tears open a dimensional rift, through which he escapes with both Minfilia and the relic she holds. Follow Nabriales into the rift, and put a stop to his nefarious plans.
    The Chrysalis can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • You have defeated Nabriales and rescued Minfilia. Return to the Rising Stones.
  • Upon your return to the Rising Stones, you are once more visited by Nabriales, who taunts you with his immortality. Before he can flee into the void, however, you succeed in trapping the soul of the weakened Ascian within the chunk of white auracite. But try though you might, without Hydaelyn's blessing, you are unable to summon enough aether to truly destroy him. As she witnesses light struggle to triumph over dark, Moenbryda finally comes to understand her mentor Louisoix's dedication to his duty. The wounded scholar then expends her own life energy in a brilliant burst of aether, allowing your glowing blade to at last pierce Nabriales's essence. A step too late, the rest of the Scions enter the solar to be greeted by the tragic news of Moenbryda's sacrifice. Somewhat comforted by the knowledge that his dear friend was, at the last, liberated from doubt and confusion, Urianger departs to grieve at the Waking Sands. Speak with the Antecedent to discuss the aftermath of the battle.
  • Though assailed by her own grief, Minfilia yet worries more for Urianger and the loss he must be feeling. The Antecedent then voices her intention to hold a memorial service for the Scions' fallen friend, and honor all that Moenbryda has accomplished.