An Uninvited Ascian

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An Uninvited Ascian

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Quest giver
Northern Thanalan (X:20.8, Y:22.1)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era Main Scenario Quests
Experience 2,340
Gil 2,064
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestOn the Counteroffensive
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestIn Memory of Moenbryda

Main Scenario Progress: 224 / 853 (26.3%)


A Realm Reborn Progress: 224 / 241 (92.9%)


Lieutenant Edelstein appears concerned for Moenbryda's well-being.

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:



  • Upon your return to the Rising Stones, you are once more visited by Nabriales, who taunts you with his immortality. Before he can flee into the void, however, Minfilia succeeds in trapping the soul of the weakened Ascian within the chunk of white auracite. But try though you might, without Hydaelyn's blessing, you are unable to summon enough aether to truly destroy him. As she witnesses Light struggle to triumph over Dark, Moenbryda finally comes to understand her mentor Louisoix's dedication to his duty. The wounded scholar then expends her own life energy in a brilliant burst of aether, allowing your glowing blade to at last pierce Nabriales's essence.
A step too late, the rest of the Scions enter the solar to be greeted by the tragic news of Moenbryda's sacrifice. Somewhat comforted by the knowledge that his dear friend was, at the last, liberated from doubt and confusion, Urianger departs to grieve at the Waking Sands. Speak with the Antecedent to discuss the aftermath of the battle.
  • Though assailed by her own grief, Minfilia yet worries more for Urianger and the loss he must be feeling. The Antecedent then voices her intention to hold a memorial service for the Scions' fallen friend, and honor all that Moenbryda has accomplished.


Accepting the Quest

Edelstein: You must be anxious for word of your fellows. Lieutenant Alianne has reported a sound victory over the main column, and informs me that the Scions have already turned their attention to other duties.
Edelstein: All but one, that is. The Roegadyn lady with the large axe? 'Twould appear she has chosen to remain at the site of the battle.
Edelstein: I know not what task keeps her from returning to civilization, but northern Thanalan is no place to wander alone─even for a capable sort such as her. I would certainly feel better about things if you could check in on her before you continue on your way.

Optional Dialogue

Edelstein: I believe the lady's name was “Moenbryda,” yes? She was last seen inspecting an outcrop of corrupted crystals at Dalamud's Talons to the east.

Speaking with Moenbryda (Cutscene)

Moenbryda: Hold on. I won't be a second. 
Moenbryda: The beast seemed peckish, so I gave it a taste of my axe. 
Moenbryda: I know, I know... As Urianger never tires of reminding me, “An axe ill becometh the hand of a scholar.” What can I say? I like axes. To hear my mother tell it, I came into this world holding one. 
Moenbryda: And it's not as if it stopped me picking up a quill, is it? I often think of the man who introduced me to the joys of learning... He's one of the reasons I decided to come to Eorzea. 
Moenbryda: ...Him and my excruciatingly stiff childhood friend. Considering how unalike we are, it's a wonder we ever got on. The world's a strange old place, isn't it?
Moenbryda: Aye, that ought to do it. 
Moenbryda: So far, so good. At these concentrations, it shouldn't matter too much if something goes awry. Just enough aether to make it interesting. 
Moenbryda: Did you see that? The way the crystal glowed? 
Moenbryda: The siphon works, I'm happy to say. With a few refinements, it should satisfy our appetite for aether. Which just leaves the small matter of forging our blade. 
Moenbryda: I'm not sure how to go about it just yet, but I swear to find a way. I'll put a blade in your hands if it's the last thing I do. 
???: She/He senses me. A useful talent. 
Moenbryda: An Ascian!? Are they onto us!? 
Nabriales: By your brand, I see you are an Archon of Sharlayan. Keeper of knowledge. Seeker of truth. Meddler. 
Moenbryda: I don't know what the hells you're saying, but I don't much like your tone. 
Nabriales: Hahaha. Your instincts serve you well. But come, be not unsettled on my account. That lovely brow was not made for frowns. Ah, but I waste my breath. 
Nabriales: Let me direct my words to one who understands them. We meet at last, Warrior of Light. I am Nabriales... 
Nabriales: ...And you have long been a thorn in my side. I suffered the overweening presence of Lahabrea that men might host the power of gods, only for you to undo my hard work. 
Nabriales: Do settle down. 
Nabriales: You must concede that I acted in self-defense. 
Nabriales: But what's this? I do not sense the blessing of Light... 
Nabriales: Oh dear! Could it be that frail Hydaelyn has forgotten Her champion!? This I did not foresee! 
Nabriales: Shorn of Light as you are, you are no longer a threat. And better yet, the seal is broken. 
Nabriales: Now is the time to claim the staff! 
Nabriales: With it in my grasp, I shall rise above them all and take my place at Lord Zodiark's right hand! 
Moenbryda: What did that bastard want with us? 
Moenbryda: Nabriales, he calls himself? With charm like that, I'll bet he has maidens falling at his feet. Unconscious. 
Moenbryda: But this staff─you say just talking about it had the bastard grinning like a brat on his nameday? Must be quite a staff. 
Moenbryda: Oh, gods... He means Tupsimati, Master Louisoix's staff! 
Moenbryda: Minfilia's in danger! We have to get back to the Rising Stones! 

Optional Dialogue

Moenbryda: If I'm right, and the Ascian is after Tupsimati, then we'd best make all haste back to the Rising Stones! Minfilia must be warned!
Wandering Minstrel: What evil is afoot that my breast should flutter so with unnamed dread?
Alys: Oh, [Forename]! I heard quite a loud bang from inside the Stones not moments ago. Is everything all right?

Returning to the Rising Stones (Cutscene)

Moenbryda: You're here!
Moenbryda: Master Louisoix's staff is kept in the solar, isn't it? Quickly, now!


Minfilia: You two! 
Nabriales: So you were able to divine my intent. What now, Warrior of Light? Ah, but that name is no longer fitting. You have become decidedly dull, and quite incapable of barring my entry. 
Minfilia: What do you mean!? 
Nabriales: You truly do not know? Then I suppose it is only right that I enlighten you. 
Nabriales: The blessing of Light kept you and your fellow meddlers safe. It was that which prevented my kind from entering your domain. 
Nabriales: My kind, I say, though it had no power over the likes of Elidibus and Lahabrea. Being of this world, they could come and go as they please, while I could only look on... 
Nabriales: But I need look no longer. Now that the seal is gone, I mean to act. Unlike the others, I am not given to waiting. I shall take that staff and bring about the next Rejoining. 
Minfilia: ...Rejoining? Then it was your doing! The Isle of Val, the scholars─all of it! 
Moenbryda: >> You will not harm her! <<
Minfilia: >> Moenbryda! <<
Nabriales: Why must you insist on forcing my hand? Did you learn nothing from our last meeting? Ah, but I forget─my words fall upon deaf ears. 
Minfilia: The staff is but a broken relic─a memorial to the departed. What possible use could you have for it? 
Nabriales: What use!? You mean to say that all this time, you kept the key, never knowing what it was you possessed? 
Nabriales: The staff Tupsimati─or rather, the stone tablet it bears─is host to a great power. 
Nabriales: Together with the horn, it can be used to draw vast quantities of aether from its bearer's surroundings. 
Nabriales: How else do you think Louisoix was able to invoke the power of the Twelve without making them an offering of crystals? 
Nabriales: Summoning requires not only prayer, but a profusion of aether. Even a child knows that. 
Minfilia: If I did not know before, you may be certain I do now. But above all, I know that we cannot allow this staff to fall into your hands. I will die before I let you take it. 
Nabriales: Insufferable woman. I would happily end your miserable life here and now... Alas, Elidibus would never let me hear the end of it. 
Nabriales: Very well. If you will not part with the staff, I will take you too. 
Moenbryda: After them! Quickly...before the rift closes! 

Optional Dialogue

Moenbryda: Forget about me! Go!

Confronting Nabriales in the Chrysalis

Duty Dialogue

Nabriales: I shall not toy with you as does Lahabrea!
Witness the terrible might of a true servant of Zodiark! 
Nabriales: Writhing powers of ruination!
From the deepest pits of the abyss I summon thee! 
Nabriales: Insatiable hunger of the void!
Devour all light and return this world to perfect darkness! 
Nabriales: By Zodiark's name I command thee!

River of time, mire mine enemy in thy sluggish flow!

Minfilia: Impossible!
Has he power over...time itself!? 
Nabriales: You shall wither in the merciless embrace of eternity! 
Nabriales: are shorn of Her blessing!
How do you yet resist me!? 

Post-duty Cutscene

Moenbryda: You're safe... Thank the Twelve... 
Nabriales: You may have bested me this day...but what of the next? What of all the days to come!? 
Nabriales: Remember: Light no longer holds sway here. I may return whensoever I wish. Again and again and again. Eventually, you will falter and the staff will be mine. Until next time, Scions. 
Minfilia: >> There will be no next time! This is the end! <<
Nabriales: What!? What trickery is this!? 
Nabriales: No! Nooo! You cannot! Nooooooooo! 
Minfilia: Use Tupsimati to gather aether! Quickly, before he breaks free!  
Minfilia: Concentrate! Call to mind the time you struck down Lahabrea with the blade of Light! 
Minfilia: Why won't it work? Is it because we lack the blessing of Light? 
Moenbryda: Damn it... So much aether...and it still isn't enough... 
Nabriales: Fools! No mortal prison can contain me! I shall make you pay for your insolence! 
Minfilia: Please, Mother Hydaelyn! Hearken to our plea! Lend us Your divine Light! 
Minfilia: Why can You not hear us? Do our words no longer reach You? 
Moenbryda: If only we had...a bit more aether... 
Minfilia: Moenbryda! What are you doing!? 
Moenbryda: Master Louisoix... I understand now...the choice you made... 
Moenbryda: In death...there is life... Farewell, daft old coot... 
Nabriales: What!? Nooo! cannot end! 
Nabriales: I am eternal! I am immortaaaaaal! 
Minfilia: Moenbryda... She's...she's gone... 
Minfilia: You did it, my friend. The Ascian is dead. 


Minfilia: This device is a legacy of Moenbryda's toils and sacrifice.   
Minfilia: I shall hold on to it for safekeeping. 
Yda: Minfilia! Are you all right? 
Minfilia: I am. 
Papalymo: We were surveying northern Thanalan when we received the distress call. 
Papalymo: We returned as swiftly as we were able. 
Thancred: It seems you have everything in hand, however. 
Y'shtola: What happened here? Where is Moenbryda? 
Thancred: She gave her life to temper the blade of Light? I...I have no words. 
Y'shtola: Rather than await the inevitable, she took her fate into her own hands. 
Yda: Does...does Urianger know...? 
Minfilia: My friend. There is something I must tell you. 
Urianger: I heard all, my lady. 
Urianger: The moon sinketh, taking her leave of the heavens. Yet her passing heraldeth the coming of a new day.
...Moenbryda hath fulfilled her destiny, hath she not? 
Urianger: Long ago, far across the seas in the Sharlayan motherland, Moenbryda and I did study under the sage tutelage of Master Louisoix. 
Urianger: Full oft did he impress upon us that knowledge existeth to serve the greater good. This sentiment, however, was contrary to the nation's policy of neutrality, which censured intercedence in the affairs of foreign lands. 
Urianger: In spite of vehement opposition, he founded the Circle of Knowing and journeyed hither to the heart of Eorzea. Through his noble sacrifice was the realm spared its doom. 
Urianger: Yet this great soul, whom all should rightly have honored, was branded a pariah in his own land. His peers did accuse him of forsaking his duty as a man of learning, and of meddling in the course of history. 
Urianger: When he left Sharlayan behind, Master Louisoix gave no word to signal his intent to Moenbryda. Close as they were, as master and disciple, she was deeply wounded by the sudden exclusion from his confidence. 
Urianger: Above all, however, she was confused. Try as she might, she could ill comprehend her master's motive. The slanders that were heaped upon him after his passing served only to inflame the turmoil within her. 
Urianger: For years upon end, she knew not what to believe, torn as she was 'twixt the man whom she revered, and the man who forsook her and his duty both. 
Minfilia: The Louisoix I knew would never forsake his duty, much less one of his own. 
Urianger: This I know full well, my lady. 'Twas not for want of love that Master Louisoix hid his intent. He but desired that Moenbryda discover her own path, free of the shadow of his influence. 
Urianger: Long did I contemplate revealing the truth to her, and long did I hold my peace. After all, was it not Master Louisoix's wish that she come to the truth unaided? I told myself it was, and resolved to let her suffer. 
Urianger: Knowingly did I deny my friend the comfort she craved. And now she hath gone to her rest with doubt still in her heart. 
Urianger: Speakest thou in earnest? Did Moenbryda truly come to understand Master Louisoix's will before the end? 
Urianger: The realization hath set her free. She may now find the peace which hath for so long eluded her. 
Urianger: Oh, Moenbryda... My dearest... How I shall miss thee... 
Minfilia: Moenbryda gave her life that we might possess the means to defeat the Ascians. 
Minfilia: Her sacrifice must not be in vain. Let us continue her work on the blade of aether and see it to completion. 
Urianger: My lady. I would mourn Moenbryda in mine own way. I beg your permission to return to the Waking Sands. 
Minfilia: Of course, my friend. Take all the time you require. We shall be here should you have need of us. 

Optional Dialogue

Yda: Oh, Moen... I miss you so much already...
Papalymo: She was counting on the theory that a soul's aether burns brightest at the moment of its passing. A scholar until the very end...
Thancred: Would we had arrived a few moments sooner...
Thancred: Just a few moments...
Y'shtola: Our list of grievances against the Ascians was already overlong. Must they continue to add to it?

Speaking with Minfilia (Cutscene)

Minfilia: Never have I seen Urianger so utterly defeated. No one should be made to suffer such grief...
Minfilia: We shall gather in the Sharlayan manner to celebrate Moenbryda's life...and mourn her passing.