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Yda Hext

Yda ARR Model.png

Female ♀
Hyur (Highlander)
East Shroud (32.0,15.4)
Ala Mhigo
Circle of Knowing
The Scions of the Seventh Dawn
Curtis Hext (father),
Lyse Hext (sister)
Quest NPC
Voiced by (JP)
Aya Endō
Voiced by (EN)
Mela Lee (ARR)
Laura Aikman
Voiced by (FR)
Isabelle Volpé
Voiced by (DE)
Henrike Krügener

"No need to overthink things!"

A young woman with the skills of a pugilist, Yda is always seen with her companion, Papalymo, as they go about their enigmatic business in the verdant Black Shroud. Though appearing carefree and almost flippant at times, the depth of her focus is revealed in battle, where she stands ever ready to protect her comrades.

— In-game description

Yda Hext is a Hyur found in East Shroud.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Dance Dance Diplomacy Main Scenario quest 21 Yda
Fly Free, My Pretty Main Scenario quest 60 Yda

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Price of Principles Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia Warde
Mask of Grief Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia Warde
Griffin, Griffin on the Wall Main Scenario quest 60 Alisaie

Additional Information

See also: Lyse Hext

Born in Ala Mhigo, Yda is a Highlander woman about whom much remains a mystery, despite her high profile. What little is known, however, paints a colorful picture of an equally colorful individual.
Yda fled her homeland following the invasion of Garlemald in the year 1557 of the Sixth Astral Era. She and her sister first came to the Twelveswood seeking succor, but were forced to leave after being rejected by the elementals. After moons of wandering and foraging off the land, they found their way to the Dravanian hinterlands. With the aid of her future bosom companion, Papalymo, Yda was given a chance to begin her formal education in Sharlayan proper.
At first, this did not proceed smoothly, given her aversion to the study of letters. All too often, she could be found sating her hunger for lemoncakes rather than books. What Yda lacked in wit, however, she made up with her amazing physical prowess, and in time would channel this talent into becoming an expert pugilist.
Though a long-time member of the Circle of Knowing and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Yda has never forsaken her one true wish: wresting her homeland from the iron clutches of Garlemald.
Gut Wrenchers: Forged from a hardened darksteel alloy, these cesti-like knuckles are sturdy enough to withstand the incredible force with which Yda wields them. She is also believed to have christened them herself, explaining their nonsensical name.

Encyclopædia Eorzea vol 1

[1] Though canonically a Highlander, female Highlanders weren't playable during the 1.x era of Final Fantasy XIV. Given that, Minfilia and Yda use Midlander models, emotes, and gear textures.


Though she had earned the title of Archon, Yda still longed to free her homeland from the grip of the Garlean Empire. Eventually she left Sharlayan and returned home at the behest of Louisoix Leveilleur as part of his mission to save Eorzea. For several years, she and Papalymo fought against the Empire, protecting the people of Ala Mhigo and smuggling them out to Eorzea. Yda eventually met a young girl named Fordola, and Ala Mhigan youth mistreated by her own people. The two grew closer over time and eventually became friends. On the night before her mission ended, She offered to smuggle Fordola and her friends out of Ala Mhigo. The day of, Fordola was followed by Imperial Soldiers and ambushed Yda when she appeared. Yda feigned ignorance to Fordola, pretending not to know her to save her life. She asked Papalymo to look after her sister, Lyse Hext. She battled against the Imperials to give the girl a chance to escape, and was eventually cut down.

Papalymo gave her signature mask to Lyse to remember her by. Eventually, Lyse decided to fight to keep her sister's ideals alive, by taking her name and hiding her face. She joined Papalymo and convinced him to help her uphold the charade, invoking a Glamour on her neck of the Archon tattoos. Upon returning to Sharlayan, the members of the Circle of Knowing immediately recognized that she wasn't Yda, but agreed to remain silent after Papalymo explained what had happened.

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