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Quest giver
Coerthas Western Highlands (X:30, Y:27)
Quest line

Experience 16,740
Gil 680
Previous quest
For Those We Have Lost
Next quest

Thancred would like nothing more than to leave Falcon's Nest behind.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Honoroit is located at (x:32.0, y:40.0, z:1.6), beyond the gates to the airship landing.



  • Recalling that Lord Artoirel and the first commander should have returned by now, Thancred makes for the tavern where Lord Emmanellain has taken shelter. Under the circumstances, he doubts very much that the lordling has left -- and that the other two will surely wish to have words.
  • With tired eyes, Lucia briefs you on the latest developments, aided by a grim-faced Lord Artoirel. They reveal that the incident at the Convictory was more than likely a ruse intended to draw them away from the hamlet, and that the protest leader, while gravely wounded, yet lives. Their report concluded, you share your own assessment -- that while order was restored, the people's faith in Ser Aymeric and his initiative have been gravely shaken. Head bowed, Lucia solemnly acknowledges that she has no choice but to call a halt to proceedings. Lord Artoirel duly orders his brother to return to Ishgard and answer for his actions, and he sullenly acquiesces, calling for his manservant to accompany him. Honoroit, however, is nowhere to be seen. Rising to his feet in a panic, Emmanellain casts about for the missing boy, before dashing outside to search for him.
  • You come upon a badly beaten Honoroit at the airship landing, moments before Thancred and Lord Emmanellain arrive. As the lordling calls out to the young boy, he opens his eyes, explaining that he attempted to dissuade the smallfolk from leaving -- a request which invited violent reprisal from those who resented Lord Emmanellain for his role in ending the protest. After offering some words of comfort, the child's eyes close once more, prompting his master to loudly bemoan the circumstances of his failure. His continued refusal to accept responsibility grates your ears, and you step forward to speak -- only to be stopped by Thancred, who proceeds to scold Emmanellain himself. Overcome with rage at the unflappable Archon's lecturing, the lordling unwisely lashes out, declaring that the man has never felt the sting of failure. Thancred, in turn, deals Lord Emmanellain a swingeing blow, snarling that he knows nothing of him and his failures. With that, he storms off, leaving the lordling to nurse his rapidly swelling jaw.
  • Thankfully, Thancred has regained his composure for the most part when you find him. Though he admits he may have overreacted, he does not regret his actions, for he knows from personal experience that there is little to be gained from refusing to acknowledge your mistakes. Such is the reason he offers as explanation for his behavior, but you cannot help wondering if he is being honest with you -- or with himself.

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