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Deep Dungeon.png


HoH Banner.png
61 (Sync: 70)
Party size
1-4 man 1-4 Any class frame icon.png
Time limit
60 minutes
Duty Finder
None (NPC entrance)
Req. quest
Feature quest Knocking on Heaven's Door
The Ruby Sea (X:21.4, Y:9.2)

Rising high above the Ruby Sea from the island of Onokoro, Heaven-on-High is said to be the stairway traversed by kami descending from their empyrean home. Following the discovery of a secret entrance, the Confederate leader Rasho asks you to investigate the tower and brave the hordes of vile fiends that lurk within.

— In-game description

Heaven-on-High is a level 61 deep dungeon introduced in patch 4.35 with Stormblood.


All players will begin at level 61, and only by fighting the enemies within will they be able to gain the strength and experience needed to explore its heights.

Players who choose to leave and return later can continue playing from where they last saved.

  • Heaven-on-High save data is separate to data used for other Deep Dungeons. Two save data slots are available for Heaven-on-High.


Complete the quest Feature QuestKnocking on Heaven's Door


Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Knocking on Heaven's Door Feature quest 61 Hamakaze
On the Shoulders of Giants Feature quest 61 Kyusei

Entering Heaven-on-High

Heaven-on-high entering1.jpg

Players can enter Heaven-on-High by speaking with Kyusei in Crick in the Ruby Sea. When entering as a party, only the party leader can start the instance.

Players who have cleared floor 30 of Heaven-on-High and the sidequest On the Shoulders of Giants will be given the option to start from floor 1 or floor 21 when creating a new save file. When starting from floor 21, players will be set to level 70 and their inventories will be cleared of pomanders.

Fixed Party

Players may enter with a group of up to four players, with no restrictions to classes, jobs, or roles.

Entering Heaven-on-High After speaking with Kyusei, select Enter Heaven-on-High, then choose an unused save slot. Next, select "Enter with a fixed party." All future forays into Heaven-on-High must be done with the party members and party composition chosen upon registering.

Party Composition When creating a fixed party, players are free to choose any combination of jobs and classes they desire.

Save Data Your character's level, empyrean aetherpool arm and armor strength, inventory, and floor progression will be recorded.

Resuming Play Players in a fixed party must have uniform save data. Moreover, this save data can only be used with the party members and party composition chosen when first entering Heaven-on-High.

Matched Party

Similar to the Duty Finder, players may choose to be randomly matched with other players on the same data center. Matched parties will always be comprised of four players. When registering with less than four players, any open party slots will be filled automatically.

Entering Heaven-on-High

After speaking with Kyusei, select Enter Heaven-on-High, then choose an unused save slot. Next, select "Enter with a matched party." All future forays into Heaven-on-High must be done with the class or job chosen when first registering.

Party Composition

Players in matched parties are free to choose any composition of jobs and classes they desire. It is not necessary to register with the same players each time. However, you must use the class or job you selected when first registering as a matched party.

Save Data Your character's level, empyrean aetherpool arm and armor strength, and floor progression data will be saved.

Resuming Play Players will be matched with party members who have the same floor progression saved. In order to be matched, players must enter with the same class or job that was equipped when progression was first saved. Furthermore, aetherpool weapons and gear strength must be above the requisite for the given floor. Players can join a party in progress by first checking the "Join Party in Progress" box in the Duty Finder menu, then speaking with Kyusei.

  • Character level may be adjusted when joining a party in progress.

Recording Progress

Heaven-on-high recording progress1.jpg

Boss enemies will appear every 10 floors. Upon defeating them, players will be able to record their progress, at which time they may choose to leave the deep dungeon. Please note that progress made in strengthening empyrean aetherpool arms and armor is saved independently and shared across all save data.

  • Save data will not be updated in the event you log out or lose connection before defeating the boss and recording your progress.


To level a class to max level a common method is to run Heaven on High repeating floors 21-30. Since each run provides a set number of experience, this is used when players no longer have Main Scenario Quests to run and roulettes for the day have been completed or when training a new class (a max level Dark Knight levels their Dragoon).

Below is a chart of the experience a run of 21-30 will provide at each level in order to reach max level. This calculation does not include Heat of Battle II bonuses and any other experience bonuses. Rested Experience will also be ignored and does not change the experience awarded for completing the dungeon.

Level Base EXP
EXP. Including
Armoury bonus (+100%)
EXP for
next level
(without Armoury bonus)
(with Armoury bonus)
61 252,500 505,000 1,456,000 5.77 2.88
62 255,000 510,000 1,534,000 6.02 3.01
63 257,500 515,000 1,621,000 6.30 3.15
64 260,000 520,000 1,720,000 6.62 3.31
65 262,500 525,000 1,834,000 6.99 3.49
66 265,000 530,000 1,968,000 7.43 3.71
67 267,500 535,000 2,126,000 7.95 3.97
68 270,000 540,000 2,137,000 7.91 3.96
69 272,500 545,000 2,550,000 9.36 4.68
70 272,500 545,000 2,923,000 10.73 5.36

Level Base EXP
EXP. Including
Armoury bonus (+50%)
EXP for
next level
(without Armoury bonus)
(with Armoury bonus)
80 ? ? ? ? ?

Estimated runs required to reach level 70

Armoury bonus
Armoury bonus
63 32

Floor 31 and Beyond

While floors up to 30 are related to the story of Heaven-on-High, all floors after were created strictly as a challenge for players. For this reason, you cannot enter floors beyond 30 with a matched party. Furthermore, in addition to completing the sidequest Feature QuestOn the Shoulders of Giants, players must meet the following requirements to challenge these floors:

  • Start from floor 1 or floor 21 with a fixed party and clear up to floor 30.
  • Party KO count must be zero.

Save data with one or more party KOs cannot be used on floor 31 or higher.

  • Please be advised that the party KO count will also increase in the event your party abandons the duty or logs out while inside the instance.

Character Growth

Players will start Heaven-on-High at level 61 regardless of their current class or job level. By defeating monsters that appear in the dungeon, players will be able to gain EXP and level their characters up to 70. Your Heaven-on-High level is not directly related to your level outside of the dungeon.

Dungeon EXP

All enemies players encounter in Heaven-on-High will give a fixed amount of EXP regardless of the number of members in your party or the difference in level between you and the enemy. Rested experience and experience bonuses will also be ignored.


There will be no adjustments to or restrictions on any actions, additional actions, or statuses. However, players must first reach the required level in the dungeon to have access to them. Players will even have the opportunity to gain actions and statuses above their current level regardless of whether or not they have completed the necessary class or job quests.

  • Please note that players who have entered the deep dungeon with a class will be restricted from using any job actions.

Empyrean Aetherpool Gear

Heaven-on-high empyrean aetherpool gear1.jpg

Players will be restricted to the use of an empyrean aetherpool arm and empyrean aetherpool armor when inside Heaven-on-High. In addition to gaining levels, players must enhance these items as they progress through the dungeon. Note that empyrean aetherpool armor will take the appearance of your current gear upon entering the instance.

  • Normal gear has no effect on your character's attributes inside Heaven-on-High.
  • Empyrean aetherpool gear progress in Heaven-on-High is tracked separately to that of aetherpool gear in the Palace of the Dead.

Strengthening Empyrean Aetherpool Gear

Empyrean aetherpool gear can be enhanced by accessing silver coffers. These coffers appear randomly on each floor and after defeating certain enemies. When enhancing gear, there is a chance of failure that varies depending on the current level of your gear and the floor where the silver coffer is found. Empyrean aetherpool gear can be enhanced to a maximum strength of +99. In the event the strength of your empyrean aetherpool gear exceeds the maximum allowed by your current level, its attributes will be synced.

Gear Durability and Spiritbonding

Empyrean aetherpool gear is not subject to durability loss, nor can it gain spiritbond when inside Heaven-on-High.

  • This also applies to any gear equipped upon entering the instance.

Special Items


Heaven-on-high pomanders1.jpg

Gold coffers dropped by enemies or found in the dungeon may contain pomanders.

Players will, on occasion, obtain pomanders from treasure chests within Heaven-on-High. These items have various uses ranging from displaying the entire map of your current floor, to providing party members with beneficial effects. Up to three of each pomander can be held at any time. These items can be found in a shared inventory to be used by all party members.

  • Normal items such as potions can still be used independently of this shared inventory.

Pomanders cannot be taken outside of Heaven-on-High. When in a matched party, they cannot be used after the completion of a set of floors. Pomanders that affect the map cannot be overwritten with the same item when their effect is already in play. Please note, however, that they will still be consumed upon use.

  • Some pomanders differ from those found in the Palace of the Dead.


There is a small chance to obtain magicite when opening silver coffers dropped by enemies or found in the dungeon.

Magicite found in Heaven-on-High allows you to summon a primal, whose attack affects all enemies on the current floor. Up to three pieces of magicite can be held at once and are kept in a shared inventory.

  • Magicite cannot be taken outside of Heaven-on-High. When in a matched party, it cannot be used after the completion of a set of floors.

Heaven-on-high magicite1.jpg Heaven-on-high magicite2.jpg


Moving to Higher Floors

Heaven-on-high progression1.jpg

Floors are generated at random, and players may only progress by locating and activating the Beacon of Passage on each floor. These beacons have three phases, and will always be inactive when arriving at a new floor. Before the beacon can be fully activated, players must defeat the enemies that appear on the floor. As the phases progress, the color of the stone's map icon will change, and the perimeter around the beacon will glow when it becomes fully activated.


Heaven-on-high resurrection1.jpg

In addition to resurrection items and actions, players can use a Beacon of Return to raise all KO'd players. These beacons, like the Beacon of Passage, have three phases of activation and can only be used when fully activated. The beacon will be inactive when arriving at a new floor. Players must defeat the enemies that appear on the floor before the beacon can be fully activated. As the phases progress, the color of the beacon's map icon will change, and the beacon itself will glow when it becomes fully activated.

Traps and Floor Effects

As players progress, they will arrive at floors with traps that will be set off when walked across. These traps are invisible unless a player has a special item which can reveal their locations. In addition to traps, some floors have the below effects which may benefit or provide some challenge to the player's ability to progress:

Heaven-on-high traps and floor effects1.jpg Status Effects Some floors may inflict detrimental or beneficial statuses on players.
Heaven-on-high traps and floor effects2.jpg Prohibited Magic or Special Actions Some floors may prohibit certain actions.
Heaven-on-high traps and floor effects3.jpg Floor Effect: Gloom Some floors may have strengthened enemies.
Heaven-on-high traps and floor effects4.jpg Hall of Fallacies Some floors are comprised of a single large room. There will be several Beacons of Passage but only one of them is a true beacon. If you attempt to activate one of the false beacons, it will trigger a trap before disappearing.

Helpful NPCs

Heaven-on-High contains NPCs that assist the party with a variety of buffs.

Heaven-on-high helpful npc1.jpg Heaven-on-high helpful npc2.jpg Heaven-on-high helpful npc3.jpg

Navigation Map

Heaven-on-high navigation map1.jpg

A special navigation map will be displayed, which can be used to progress through the rooms on a given floor. When any party member enters a room on the floor, the map will automatically update. The icons for the Beacon of Return and the Beacon of Passage will appear in their location on the map.

  • Players can display or hide the map by pressing the M key. This is the same key for the Hold button to lock the map in position.
  • The default navigational map will not be displayed in Heaven-on-High.

Beacon of Return

Heaven-on-high beacon of return1.png Inactive

Heaven-on-high beacon of return2.png Nearing activation

Heaven-on-high beacon of return3.pngActivated

Beacon of Passage

Heaven-on-high beacon of passage1.png Inactive

Heaven-on-high beacon of passage2.png Nearing activation

Heaven-on-high beacon of passage3.pngActivated

Treasure Coffers

There are three types of treasure coffers which will randomly appear somewhere on the floor at the same time as enemies. While most of these coffers will give players various benefits, some will have traps, such as surprise enemy attacks.

Gold Coffers - Gold Coffers may yield pomanders. The coffer will remain even if these items already exceed the inventory limit.

Heaven-on-night gold coffers1.jpg

Silver Coffers - Silver Coffers may strengthen aetherpool arms and armor or contain magicite. However, there is a possibility that the strengthening effects will not take hold even if players' weapons and gear are not at maximum level. Opening these coffers will have no effect if the players' weapons and gear are at their maximum level of strength. Weapons and armor are strengthened separately, and one or the other will be randomly selected for each player.

Heaven-on-night silver coffers1.jpg

Bronze Coffers - Bronze Coffers may yield normal items such as potions or empyrean potsherds, which can be exchanged for special items with the Confederate Custodian in Crick in the Ruby Sea (X:21.2 Y:9.3).

Heaven-on-night bronze coffers1.jpg

The Accursed Hoard

Heaven-on-high uncovering the accursed hoard1.jpg

While exploring Heaven-on-High, players will, on occasion, discover hidden treasure known as the Accursed Hoard. Upon saving progress and exiting Heaven-on-High, players can take this treasure to the Confederate Appraiser in Crick in the Ruby Sea (X:21.3 Y:9.2) to have it appraised and discover what lies within.

Uncovering the Accursed Hoard

Heaven-on-high uncovering the accursed hoard2.jpg

Players must remain stationary at the location where the treasure is hidden for a fixed period of time for the coffer to be uncovered.

Before the Accursed Hoard can be discovered, players must first use the pomander of intuition to reveal its location on the map.

Locating the Accursed Hoard

Heaven-on-high locating the accursed hoard1.jpg

While a pomander of intuition is in effect, an icon on the navigation map will indicate the presence of a piece of the Accursed Hoard.

The Accursed Hoard Rewards


Depending on Heaven on High's level, Accursed Hoards are translated into different haloed sacks. Each sack contains varied items which range from fireworks to materia or even minions and mounts:

Appraising these sacks at the Confederate Appraiser will unveil their contents. If the outer ring flashes it will be a rare treasure, if the outer ring does not flash it will be a normal treasure.

Leaving Heaven-on-High

If all party members are KO'd inside Heaven-on-High, they will be removed from the instance.

  • Unlike other dungeons, players cannot choose to return to the floor entrance if they are KO'd.

Save Data

Heaven-on-nigh save data1.jpg

Players can manage their save data by talking with Kyusei located in Crick in the Ruby Sea (X:21.4 Y:9.2).

Resetting Progress

Players can reset their level and progression to floor 1. However, empyrean aetherpool arm and armor strength will carry over to the new file. This means players can reset and return to floor 1 to continue strengthening their weapons and gear if they have found that previous progression became too difficult.

  • Reset save data cannot be recovered.

Disbanding a Fixed Party

Players can convert fixed party saved data to matched party saved data. Empyrean aetherpool arm and armor strength will be carried over, but pomander information will be reset. Under these conditions you will be able to be matched with other players who are currently playing on the same floor as you.

  • If any members of a fixed party are unable to enter the deep dungeon after the deletion of save data or usage of the World transfer service, they must select "Disband your fixed party." to carry over their save data.


The following rewards will be given based on the player's level and progress.

If your job or class is level 90 upon entering:

Allagan tomestones and Gil Gil will be rewarded based on progress.

If your job or class is between levels 61 and 89 upon entering:

Experience Experience points, Gil Gil, and Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Allagan Tomestones of Poetics will be rewarded based on progress.

  • The Armory bonus will be applied to these rewards.
  • Other bonuses, such as rested experience or from the Aetheryte earring icon1.png  Aetheryte Earring, will NOT be applied to these rewards.

If you have progressed beyond floor 30:

An Empyrean potsherd icon1.png  Empyrean Potsherd will be awarded. This item can be traded to the Confederate Custodian in Crick in the Ruby Sea (X:21.2 Y:9.3).

Empyrean Aetherpool Weapons

Heaven-on-nigh empyrean aetherpool weapons1.jpg
Main article: Empyrean Weapons

If you have strengthened your empyrean aetherpool arm and empyrean aetherpool armor to +10 in addition to clearing floor 30 of Heaven-on-High, you can receive an Empyrean aetherpool grip icon1.png  Empyrean Aetherpool Grip, which can be used to exchange for a weapon of your choosing by speaking with the Confederate Custodian in Crick in the Ruby Sea (X:21.2 Y:9.3). Please note that by receiving an empyrean aetherpool grip, the strength of your empyrean aetherpool arm and armor used in Heaven-on-High will be reduced by 10.


When challenging certain floors or when the entire party is KO'd, players will receive a score based on a number of factors such as highest floor reached and number of enemies slain. Separate scores for both solo and party play will be assigned after being defeated or clearing certain floors. High scores can be confirmed by speaking with Kyusei in Crick in the Ruby Sea (X:21.4 Y:9.2).

Heaven-on-nigh scores1.jpg Heaven-on-nigh scores2.jpg

These scores may also appear on the rankings page on the Lodestone. The rankings page will be updated daily, so we encourage you to brave the ever-changing corridors of the dungeon, and prove yourself the realm's greatest pathfinder!

See Heaven-on-High High Scores


Floor 1-10



Boss: Mojabune


This boss will move to the center of the arena and cast Overtow to knock players to the edge of the arena. This knockback cannot be mitigated. It will then follow up with Hydroball, attacking one half of the arena. Players will need to be prepared to move out of the way.

Floor 11-20



Boss: Beccho


This boss will cast Neuro Squama, a gaze attack requiring players to turn away from the boss. If players don't turn away in time, they will be Confused and lose control temporarily, causing them to run into the edges of the arena. The boss will also cast Psycho Squama, a large AoE. From time to time, the boss will summon large moths to the edge of the arena that explode after a short time, so players need to stay in the center of the arena to avoid this.

Floor 21-30



Boss: Hiruko


The boss will cast Supercell, firing a wide AoE in the area in front of it, as well as Lightning Strike, a line AoE that targets a random player. The boss will summon clouds periodically that will perform an attack that knocks players into the air. Players need to stand under the clouds so when they get kocked into the air, they hit the clouds, destroying them. If any clouds remain, they will cast a small AoE underneath them that debuffs with Vulnerability Down.

Floor 31-40



Boss: Bhima


The boss casts Ancient Aero III, summoning large clouds opposite of where the boss is, then uses a knockback shortly afterwards. Players need to either mitigate the knockback or move closer to the boss to avoid getting hit by the clouds.

Floor 41-50



Boss: Gozu


The boss will use Ripper Claw, an untelegraphed point-blank attack where the boss will raise its hand, then swing down shortly after. Players can avoid this simply by sidestepping when the boss raises its hand. It will also fire a Laser attack, targeting a random player and firing shortly after. Players need to break the Line of Sight to avoid the attack. Finally the boss will use Roar summoning orbs that pulse out damage for a short while before disappearing. While this is happening, the boss will use a proximity-based attack.

Floor 51-60



Boss: Suikazura


The boss will summon several staves in two groups that will fire donut-AoEs periodically, then fire line AoEs. The boss will target a random player and fire a point-blank AoE, but needs to be baited in a spot between the donut-AoEs.

Floor 61-70



Boss: Kenko


The boss will cast Predator Claw, an untelegraphed frontal AoE that needs to be sidestepped. The boss will also use Innerspace, dropping a neuro-link puddle under a random player. Standing in this will debuff players with Mini, reducing their damage and healing output. This is required to handle the attacks Hound out of Hell and Devour. A random player is targeted by a line AoE, then are hit by an instant kill attack. Players need to stand in the neuro-link puddle to avoid taking damage.

Floor 71-80



Boss: Kajigakaka


This boss will use Heavensward Howl, a frontal conal AoE that players simply need to avoid. It will also summon an Icicle and several ice orbs around the arena. The Icicle will fire in a straight line across the arena, as well as fire a point-blank AoE after a while, while the ice orbs explode periodically. The boss will also use Lunar Cry, a large point-blank AoE that requires players to move closer to the boss.

Floor 81-90



Boss: Onra


The boss will use Ancient Quaga, a room-wide unavoidable attack that deals heavy damage and summons sand orbs around the room. These orbs will regularly pulse out point-blank AoEs that deal minor damage and have a knockback effect. They also debuff with Heavy icon1.png Heavy. The boss will fire Aura Cannon, a line AoE, and Burning Impact, a large AoE under a random player. Eventually, the boss will use Meteor Impact, placing a proximity AoE on the ground that players will need to move as far away from as possible to avoid.

Floor 91-100



Boss: None.


A slender tower of stone stacked to impossible heights, seemingly piercing the very heavens. Aside from a Far eastern myth that attributes its creation to the kami, little is known about the structure. During a time of war, audacous pirates of the Confederacy made landfall and claimed the spot for their own.

— Encyclopedia Eorzea vol.2


Heaven-on-High is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward
She's so high i icon1.png  She's So High I 5 Clear the 10th floor of Heaven-on-High. -
She's so high ii icon1.png  She's So High II 5 Clear the 20th floor of Heaven-on-High. -
She's so high iii icon1.png  She's So High III 5 Clear the 30th floor of Heaven-on-High. Achievement title icon.png Hiruko Hunter
She's so high iv icon1.png  She's So High IV 10 Clear the 50th floor of Heaven-on-High. -
She's so high v icon1.png  She's So High V 10 Clear the 100th floor of Heaven-on-High. Achievement title icon.png Heavenly Gate Crasher
Heaven is a lonely place i icon1.png  Heaven Is a Lonely Place I 10 Clear the 1st through the 50th floors of Heaven-on-High solo and record a score on floor 51 or below. -
Heaven is a lonely place ii icon1.png  Heaven Is a Lonely Place II 10 Clear the 1st through the 100th floors of Heaven-on-High solo. Achievement title icon.png Lone Hero
Dressed for heaven icon1.png  Dressed for Heaven 10 Speak with the cast-off Confederate while in possession of all four of the empyrean accessories. Achievement title icon.png True Hero
Empyrean dreams icon1.png  Empyrean Dreams 10 Obtain an empyrean aetherpool weapon. -