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Another Mount Rokkon (Savage)

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See also: Mount Rokkon and Another Mount Rokkon

Criterion Dungeon.png

Another Mount Rokkon (Savage)

Another mount rokkon (savage).png
Item Level
665* (Sync: 665)
Party size
Light Party
4 man 1 Tank role.png 1 Healer role.png 2 DPS role.png
Not Allowed
Time limit
90 minutes
Duty Finder
V&C Dungeon Finder
Allagan Tomestone of Comedy 30 

Rokkon's mononoke having stoked the embers of his imagination, Osmon commits your—roundly embellished—adventures to paper. As you review the novel, you find yourself enraptured by the battles that might have been, were Far Eastern faerie tales significantly more violent.

— In-game description

Another Mount Rokkon (Savage) is a level 90 criterion dungeon introduced in patch 6.45 with Endwalker.


  1. Clear the Single Step: 0/1
  2. Defeat Shishio: 0/1
  3. Clear the Clever Roost: 0/1
  4. Defeat Gorai the Uncaged: 0/1
  5. Defeat Moko the Restless: 0/1


Players have 23 minutes and 30 seconds to complete the dungeon upon engaging the first enemy before all enemies in the dungeon receive the Sewer-dwelller icon1.png Sewer-dweller buff, which grants "Damage dealt is significantly increased, while damage taken is significantly decreased." This timer will reset and all defeated enemies will respawn if the party wipes.

If a player logs out or disconnects after the first enemy is engaged, they will be KO'd upon returning to the game.

All bosses and enemies have very similar battle mechanics to those in Another Mount Rokkon but with higher health and damage. Some AoE attack indicators from enemies have been shortened or removed.


Failing any boss mechanic will result in a Damage Down icon1.png Damage Down debuff.

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Shishio

First trash pull and Shishio animated guide by Big Kobe

Shortly after engaging the boss, the arena will be surrounded with an AoE that will instantly kill anyone who touches it.

  • Enkyo: High partywide damage that should be mitigated.
  • Stormcloud Summons: Spawns several untargetable Raiun (small red clouds) and extends the lethal outside AoE to compress the arena to a circle.
  • Smokeater: The boss will inhale one, two, or three sets of clouds, removing them from the arena. The number of inhalations determines the number of line AoEs the boss will do and the resulting size of the cloud explosions in its next attack.
  • Rokujo Revel: An attack that is resolved by how many times the boss inhaled. The boss will sequentially spawn one to three line AoEs with dark red telegraphs, whose ranges are also denoted by the arrangement of rocks on the floor.
    • After the AoE resolves, the clouds inside the AoE will explode as a point-blank AoE (Leaping Levin) with a brief telegraph. The size of the AoEs is determined by the number of inhalations.
    • Other clouds in range of the prior cloud explosions will explode themselves, leading to a chain reaction.
    • Once: Spawns one line AoE. Locate the first AoE. There are six locations where a cloud may appear inside it (at the "corners", or in the middle). Find an empty location without a cloud inside the AoE and dodge into it once it resolves.
    • Twice: Spawns two line AoEs. Locate the "corners" of the first AoE and dodge into the only empty corner without a cloud once it resolves.
    • Thrice: Spawns three line AoEs. Locate the singular cloud in the path of the first AoE and go opposite it inside a "slice" that is not covered by any line AoEs. Once the first line AoE resolves and cloud explodes, run into the center of the first explosion, staying at the wall. Using Sprint icon1.png  Sprint is highly recommended.
  • Splitting Cry: A wide line AoE tankbuster.
  • Slither: An untelegraphed conal AoE at the boss's rear immediately following the tankbuster.
  • Noble Pursuit: Four lines of rings will spawn: two vertical, one horizontal, and one diagonal, indicating the path the boss will charge through. These will use an untelegraphed line AoE perpendicular to them when the boss dashes through them. Each set of rings will have an empty space. The safe area is entirely surrounded by empty spaces. Once the boss finishes charging, it will cast Enkyo again.
  • Unnatural Wail: Assigns various debuffs to players. These will resolve when the debuff timer expires.
    • Intensified wailing icon1.png Intensified Wailing: Assigned to one random support and one random DPS. A medium-sized split damage AoE on the target that should be shared with another player without this debuff, or taken solo with mitigation. Inflicts Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up
    • Scattered wailing icon1.png Scattered Wailing: Assigned to all players. A medium-sized AoE on the target that deals damage and inflicts Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up, requiring all players to spread.
    • Both debuffs will be assigned with each iteration of this action, although either stacks or spreads will resolve first, then the other, based on the initial debuff timers.
  • Haunting Cry: Summons four untargetable Devilish Thrall (ghoul) adds, on all cardinals or all intercardinals. Each add will have an orange ring indicating where it is facing.
    • Two adds will use Left Swipe while the others will use Right Swipe, which are 180 degree cleaves based on which arm is being raised. This will leave a square region (faced diagonally) between two adjacent adds safe.
    • The safe area will always be opposite the two adjacent adds that are facing the middle, or directly in between the two adjacent adds that are facing away from each other.
    • During the first set of cleaves, the first set of debuffs (stack or spread) will resolve. Players should spread to the corners of the square safe spot, or stack with their role partners on the corners.
    • A second set of adds will spawn on the empty intercardinals or cardinals, and telegraph another set of cleaves. The second set of debuffs will also resolve during the cleaves.
  • Stormcloud Summons / Smokeater: Similar as before, but all clouds will spawn at the edge of the arena. Note that there are more clouds compared to the normal (variant) mode of this action.
  • Lightning Bolt: Drops a small AoE on each cloud, causing them to activate and begin aiming numerous telegraphed line AoEs (Cloud to Cloud) through the arena aimed at other random clouds, requiring tricky dodging.
  • Unnatural Wail: Assigns another set of stack/spread debuffs, similar to before.
  • One of the following two attacks will then be used:
    • Eye of the Thunder Vortex: An untelegraphed point-blank AoE followed by a donut AoE. Dodge out (a good ways from the boss; max melee is unsafe) then in.
    • Vortex of the Thunder Eye: An donut AoE followed by a point-blank AoE. Dodge in then out.
    • The debuffs will resolve during the two AoEs, so players should stack with their partner then spread (or vice versa) while dodging the AoEs.
  • Enkyo
  • Haunting Cry: Summons four untargetable Haunting Thrall (ghost) adds.
    • Each ghost will tether to one player and follow them.
    • The ghosts will emit untelegraphed, point-blank AoEs (Reisho) that should be avoided.
    • Vengeful Souls: Spawns two towers in semi-random locations in melee range. When the cast bar finishes, one player must soak each tower, or they will explode and wipe the party. Two players will also be marked with an orange marker, indicating they will be hit with a massive circular AoE (Stygian Aura) that inflicts Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up. The unmarked players will need to soak the towers, while the marked players should claim a corner away from any towers to avoid hitting anyone with their AoE.
    • The ghosts will despawn when the castbar reaches approximately the "o" in "Souls", giving a brief period for everyone to adjust to their final positions. During the slow cast, players should gravitate towards their final positions.
  • Thunder Vortex: A donut AoE.
  • Splitting Cry + Slither
  • Stormcloud Summons + Inhale: Similar to first usage.
  • Stormcloud Summons + Inhale + Lightning Bolt: Similar to before, but the boss will always inhale two or three times. More inhalations will mean fewer clouds, but their line AoEs will be wider.
  • Unnatural Wail + Eye of the Thunder Vortex / Vortex of the Thunder Eye
  • Enkyo (enrage): The boss must be defeated before this cast finishes or the party will wipe.

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Gorai the Uncaged

Second trash pull and Gorai animated guide by Big Kobe

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Moko the Restless

Moko animated guide by Big Kobe


Another Mount Rokkon (Savage) uses personal loot, so players have to be sure to click and loot the chest themselves.

Gold Coffer (small).png Treasure Coffer

Name Type Rarity Quantity
Rokkon manuscript icon1.png  Rokkon Manuscript Other ABasic 1


This duty is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Moving a savage mountain icon1.png  Moving a Savage Mountain 20 Complete the criterion dungeon Another Mount Rokkon (Savage). Achievement title icon.png Ascendant Ascetic 6.45


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