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Another Sil'dihn Subterrane (Savage)

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See also: The Sil'dihn Subterrane and Another Sil'dihn Subterrane

Criterion Dungeon.png

Another Sil'dihn Subterrane (Savage)

Another sil dihn subterrane (savage).png
Item Level
635* (Sync: 635)
Party size
Light Party
4 man 1 Tank role.png 1 Healer role.png 2 DPS role.png
Not Allowed
Time limit
120 minutes
Duty Finder
V&C Dungeon Finder
Allagan Tomestone of Comedy 30 

Building on the details of your expedition into the Sil'dihn Subterrane, Osmon has put quill to parchment and produced his ideal adventure novel. The pages fairly drip with evocative descriptions and breathtaking action, the epic dramatization putting you in mind of a certain wandering minstrel's compositions. And in similar fashion, you are drawn into a world that never was, yet feels so inexplicably real...

— In-game description

Another Sil'dihn Subterrane (Savage) is a level 90 criterion dungeon introduced in patch 6.25 with Endwalker.


  1. Clear the refuge of the wise: 0/1
  2. Defeat the silkie: 0/1
  3. Clear the refuge of the powerful: 0/1
  4. Defeat the gladiator of Sil'dih: 0/1
  5. Defeat Shadowcaster Zeless Gah: 0/1


Players have approximately 24 minutes to complete the dungeon upon engaging the first enemy before all enemies in the dungeon receive the Sewer-dwelller icon1.png Sewer-dweller buff, which grants "Damage dealt is significantly increased, while damage taken is significantly decreased." This timer will reset and all defeated enemies will respawn if the party wipes.

If a player logs out or disconnects after the first enemy is engaged, they will be KO'd upon returning to the game.

All bosses and enemies have very similar battle mechanics to those in Another Sil'dihn Subterrane but with higher health and damage. Some, but not all AoE attack indicators from enemies have been removed.

Refuge of the Wise

Aggressive difficulty r1.png Aqueduct Belladonna

  • Atropine Spore: A large donut AoE with the inside of the enemy's hitbox safe. No AoE telegraph.
  • Deracinator: Heavy-hitting tankbuster.
  • Frond Affront: A gaze attack that requires players to look away.

Aggressive difficulty r1.png Aqueduct Kaluk

  • Left/Right Sweep: A cleave to the left/right of the enemy, making the right/left safe. No AoE telegraph.
  • Creeping Ivy: A frontal cone AoE. No AoE telegraph.

Aggressive difficulty r1.png Aqueduct Udumbara and Aqueduct Sapria (x2)

  • Honeyed Left/Right/Front (Udumbara): Conal AoE in the direction of the attack name. No AoE telegraph.
  • Bloody Caress (Sapria): Telegraphed wide frontal cone AoE.

Aggressive difficulty r1.png Aqueduct Dryad and Aqueduct Odqan (x2)

  • Acorn Bomb (Dryad): Telegraphed circular AoE.
  • Arboreal Storm (Dryad): A large circular AoE around the enemy that requires players to move far away. No AoE telegraph.
  • Uproot (Odqan): Telegraphed circular AoE.
  • Gelid Gale (Odqan): Telegraphed circular AoE.

Refuge of the Powerful

Aggressive difficulty r1.png Aqueduct Armor

  • Hells' Nebula: Reduces all players' HP to 1.
  • Infernal Weight: Moderate partywide damage and applies Heavy icon1.png Heavy, decreasing movement speed.
  • Dominion Slash: Turns to one random player and uses a frontal conal AoE. Has a brief AoE telegraph.

Aggressive difficulty r1.png Sil'dihn Dullahan

  • Infernal Pain: Moderate partywide damage and applies Bleed icon1.png Bleeding, inflicting damage-over-time.
  • Blighted Gloom: A circular AoE around the enemy that requires players to move away. No AoE telegraph.
  • King's Will: Temporarily increases damage dealt.


Failing any boss mechanic will result in a Damage Down icon1.png Damage Down debuff.

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Silkie

Silkie animated guide by Hector Hectorson

Shortly after engaging the boss, the arena will be surrounded with a purple AoE that will deal heavy damage-over-time to players who stand in it.

  • Fizzling Suds: Fizzling suds icon1.png Augments tail with lightning (yellow).
  • Bracing Suds: Bracing suds icon1.png Augments tail with wind (green).
  • Chilling Suds: Chilling suds icon1.png Augments tail with ice (blue).
  • Soap's Up: Triggers an attack from the boss depending on the imbued element.
    • Lightning (Fizzling Puffs): Conal AoEs hitting the intercardinals from where the enemy is facing, making the relative cardinals safe.
    • Wind (Bracing Puffs): An arena-wide AoE with a circular safe spot inside the hitbox of the enemy.
    • Ice (Chilling Puffs): A plus-shaped AoE hitting the cardinals from where the enemy is facing, making the relative intercardinals safe.
  • Dust Bluster: Telegraphed knockback ability inflicting light damage. Can be mitigated with shields or knockback immunities.
  • Fresh Puff: Spawns various silken puff adds in fixed positions around the arena. These adds may be imbued with certain elements.
    • In later usages of this ability, these adds may tether to players, which will also cause a marker to appear over players' heads. When the marker disappears, the adds will briefly telegraph a circular AoE (Puff and Tumble) around two tiles towards where the player was located and jump to the AoE location. Adds that land too close to each other will tether and explode (Buffeted Puffs), wiping the party. Depending on how the add is moved, the direction it is facing (indicated by the orange arrow) after jumping will change.
  • Squeaky Clean: The boss will cleave a 90 degree area in front of it two times, then cleave a 225 degree area, leaving around a third of the arena safe. The safe spot for all cleaves is on the same side as where the boss initially starts. All silken puffs that are hit by the cleaves will have their element changed into the one the boss is imbued with.
  • Slippery Soap: The boss will target a random non-tank player with a line stack AoE marker and then charge at the targeted player. The remaining three players should be in front of the targeted player, or the targeted player will take lethal damage. The stack AoE has an additional effect depending on what element the boss is imbued with. Shortly after the stack resolves, the boss will use an attack from Soap's Up with no cast bar, based on its element. Any silken puffs in the path of the charge will receive the imbued element of the boss.
    • Lightning: All players will receive Forked lightning icon1.png Forked Lightning, a debuff that will resolve in a medium-sized circular AoE after a few seconds, requiring players to be spread. The debuff will inflict no damage if players are spread, but getting caught in another player's AoE will inflict heavy damage, Damage Down, and Paralysis icon1.png Paralysis.
    • Wind: Players will be knocked back a moderate distance from the direction the boss charges. Can be mitigated with knockback immunities.
    • Ice: All players must be moving when the stack resolves or they will receive Deep Freeze icon1.png Deep Freeze and be unable to move or use actions for several seconds.
  • Carpet Beater: Telegraphed tankbuster. The boss will also jump to the targeted player.
  • Soaping Spree: Triggers the Soap's Up attack from the boss and all silken puffs depending on the imbued element(s).
  • Total Wash: Raidwide AoE inflicting heavy damage and a Bleed icon1.png Bleeding damage-over-time effect. Should be mitigated. Later serves as the hard enrage at the end of the fight.
  • Eastern Ewers: Spawns 3 ewers, which will travel in a straight line and should be avoided. Any silken puffs in their path will have their imbued element removed.

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Gladiator of Sil'dih

Gladiator animated guide by Hector Hectorson
  • Flash of Steel: High partywide damage that should be mitigated. Later serves as the hard enrage at the end of the fight.
  • Specter of Might: Summons two clones in the northeast and northwest corners. Each clone will glow 1-3 times, with a red glow meaning that the clone will keep glowing, and a yellow glow meaning the clone has finished glowing. One clone will always glow one more time than the other. Once the glows are complete, each clone will then charge a certain distance based on how many times it glowed and use a 180 degree cleave in front of it after stopping (Rush of Might). Immediately after the first cleaves, each clone will use a backwards 180 degree cleave. The charge distance will be indicated by the lines on the floor. This mechanic will then repeat, with the clones now spawning in the southeast and southwest corners.
  • Sculptor's Passion: Telegraped line stack AoE that deals heavy damage and should be mitigated. The first person hit will take tankbuster-level damage.
  • Mighty Smite: High damage tankbuster.
  • Curse of the Fallen: Assigns various debuffs to players.
    • Echo of the fallen icon1.png Echo of the Fallen: Each player will receive this debuff. When the timer expires, they will emit a medium-sized AoE that deals moderate damage and requires players to be spread.
    • Lingering echoes icon1.png Lingering Echoes: One player will receive this debuff. When the timer expires, they will emit a medium-sized AoE that will pulse for a few seconds and should be avoided.
    • Thunderous echo icon1.png Thunderous Echo: One player will receive this debuff. When the timer expires, they will emit a medium-sized AoE dealing damage that should be shared among at least 2 players, or taken solo with mitigation.
    • Either Echo of the Fallen (spreads), or Lingering Echoes/Thunderous Echo (residual AoE/stack) will resolve first, which can be determined based on the debuff timers.
  • Ring of Might: The boss will spawn 3 concentric circles and then glow 1-3 times, indicating the size of a point-blank AoE attack it will perform, the range of which is indicated by the circles. Upon using the attack, it will follow up with a donut AoE that will hit the previously safe area.
  • Hateful Visage: Spawns 8 untargetable Hateful Visage adds around the arena, 4 on the north-south axis and 4 on the east-west axis. Each add will cast Golden Flame or Silver Flame based on their orb color, which are line AoEs that should initially be avoided.
  • Wrath of Ruin: Spawns various white orbs (Regrets) at the edges of the arena, which will use telegraphed line AoEs (Rack and Ruin) that will crisscross the entire arena twice.
  • Nothing Beside Remains: The boss will mark each player with an orange marker and shortly after target them with a medium-sized AoE, requiring the party to be spread.
  • Accursed Visage: Will spawn Hateful Visage adds which function identically as before. Also assigns various stacking debuffs to players:
    • Gilded fate icon1.png Gilded Fate: Will kill the player if the debuff timer expires. One stack can be cleansed by being hit with a Silver Flame line AoE.
    • Silvered fate icon1.png Silvered Fate: Will kill the player if the debuff timer expires. One stack can be cleansed by being hit with a Golden Flame line AoE.
    • Two random players will receive one stack of Gilded Fate and one stack of Silvered Fate. One player will receive two stacks of Gilded Fate, while the remaining player will receive two stacks of Silvered Fate.
  • Curse of the Monument: Assigns various debuffs to players while spawning nine sequential circular AoEs (Sundered Remains) that cover the entire arena.
    • Chains of resentment icon1.png Chains of Resentment: Both DPS will be chained together, while the tank and healer are chained. The chain can be broken by running away from the tethered partner. Failing to break the chain in time will inflict high damage and Damage Down icon1.png Damage Down to both players.
    • Scream of the fallen icon1.png Scream of the Fallen: All four players receive this debuff, which will cause them to emit a large circular AoE when the timer resolves that inflicts Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up. Two players' debuffs will resolve first followed by the other two, which will be indicated by the First in line icon1.png First in Line or Second in line icon1.png Second in Line debuff.
  • Colossal Wreck: Spawns two towers at east/west or north/south, followed by two more towers in the previously empty spots. One player must soak each tower or they will explode and wipe the party (Explosion). Players who soak a tower with Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up will die. This mechanic occurs when Scream of the Fallen is resolving.

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Shadowcaster Zeless Gah

Zeless Gah animated guide by Hector Hectorson

Shortly after engaging the boss, the arena will be surrounded by a border of fire that will inflict Burns icon1.png Burns to any player who steps in it, dealing heavy damage-over-time. The arena is a 3x4 arrangement of square tiles, which is important for resolving some mechanics.

  • Show of Strength: High partywide damage that should be mitigated. Later serves as the hard enrage at the end of the fight.
  • Infern Brand (first usage): Summons four Balls of Fire (two north and two south), each of which are on a purple teleporter set, consisting of an origin portal joined to a destination portal. The balls will be teleported to the new locations and then explode in an untelegraped large circular AoE (Burn).
  • Cryptic Portal: Each purple teleporter will rotate either clockwise (orange arrows) or counterclockwise (blue arrows), which will change its destination portal position. Will also inflict each player with the Forbidden passage icon1.png Forbidden Passage debuff, preventing them from being transported by a teleporter.
  • Firesteel Strike: The boss will jump on two random players, dealing damage in a large circular AoE and inflicting Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up. Any other players caught in the AoE will be knocked back into the wall. This knockback cannot be prevented with knockback immunities.
  • Blessed Beacon: The boss will sequentially target two players with Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up with a line AoE that will kill them unless another player stands in front of them.
  • Firesteel Fracture: High damage tankbuster conal AoE.
  • Infern Brand (second usage): Summons various objects on the arena and assigns debuffs to players.
    • Arcane Font: Several orange panels will spawn at the outside of the arena (three at the rows followed by two at the columns, or the other way around). After several seconds, each panel will enlarge and shoot a line AoE (Blazing Benefice) covering one row or column of the arena, leaving only one row or column safe.
    • Infern Brand (wires): Summons four orange wires and four blue wires that will divide the arena into four quadrants. Each wire will be numbered 1-4.
    • First brand icon1.pngSecond brand icon1.pngThird brand icon1.pngFourth brand icon1.png First/Second/Third/Fourth Brand: Each player will receive a numbered debuff, indicating the order in which they must disable the wires by touching it.
    • Cryptic Flames: The boss converts each player's Brand debuffs into First flame icon1.pngSecond flame icon1.pngThird flame icon1.pngFourth flame icon1.png Flame debuffs, allowing them to disable the wires. Each player must disable both the orange and the blue wire corresponding to their number to cleanse their debuff. Disabling a wire will inflict damage and a short Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up debuff. Dying with a Brand/Flame debuff or failing to cleanse it in time will cause them to explode (Big Burst) and wipe the party. Attempting to disable a wire with a non-matching number or going out of order (e.g., touching wire 2 with Second Flame before wire 1 is disabled) will inflict Stun icon1.png Stun for several seconds, after which the player will explode and wipe the party.
  • Cast Shadow: Telegraphs 12 conal AoEs that cover the arena. Each conal section will fill with darkness at different rates (6 slowly and 6 quickly) in a alternating pattern, indicating the order in which they will resolve.
  • Infern Brand (third usage): Summons various objects on the arena.
    • Four teleporter sets, two at the north wall and two at the south wall.
    • Four inactive Infern Brand red lasers that will horizontally partition the arena into four regions.
  • Infern Wave: Summons four rods with a "bowtie" symbol on top of them. A rotating ray of blue light will appear beneath rods that will resolve soon. When they resolve, the rods will aim two 90 degree cleaves at the two nearest players that deal damage and inflict Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up.
  • Banishment: Assigns various debuffs to players while assigning rotation telegraphs to the four teleporter sets spawned from Infern Brand.
    • Call of the portal icon1.png Call of the Portal: A debuff that will kill the player when the timer expires (Brandfire) unless if they stand in a teleporter portal and are transported.
    • Rite of passage icon1.png Rite of Passage: Spawns a purple teleporter set below each player which will follow them. When the timer expires, the player will be briefly inflicted with Stun icon1.png Stun, the destination portal will rotate in the direction of the arrows, and the player will then be teleported to the new location. All of the following sets will be assigned, one per player:
      • Teleport West / Rotate Clockwise (orange arrows)
      • Teleport West / Rotate Counterclockwise (blue arrows)
      • Teleport East / Rotate Clockwise
      • Teleport East / Rotate Counterclockwise
    • Call of the Portal will always resolve before Rite of Passage.
  • Infern Ward: Activates the red laser Infern Brands to fully partition the arena. Players who contact a laser will take heavy damage (Trespasser's Pyre) and be inflicted with Stun icon1.png Stun for several seconds. The lasers can be safely passed using teleporters. The lasers will eventually dissipate.
  • Infern Brand (fourth usage): Summons three Arcane Fonts on the arena (one on the left wall, one middle, and one on the right wall) each coupled to a teleporter set. Each panel will be transported to a new location based on the teleporter rotation from Cryptic Portal and will then use Blazing Benefice line AoEs, leaving four tiles safe. The direction the panel is facing is not changed by the teleport, only its position.
  • Infern Brand (fifth usage): Summons various objects on the arena and assigns debuffs to players.
    • Four red and four orange numbered wires that will partition the arena into 9 segments. Players must disable these according to their numbered Flame debuffs.
    • Four Infern Wave rods, one on each cardinal, which will sequentially resolve.
  • Pure Fire: Telegraphs a large circular AoE at each player's position.


Another Sil'dihn Subterrane (Savage) uses personal loot, so players have to be sure to click and loot the chest themselves.

Gold Coffer (small).png Treasure Coffer

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Sildihn manuscript icon1.png  Sil'dihn Manuscript Other N/A ABasic 1


This duty is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
The savage sands below icon1.png  The Savage Sands Below 20 Complete the criterion dungeon Another Sil'dihn Subterrane (Savage). Achievement title icon.png Infamy of Sil'dih 6.25
Criterion core icon1.png  Criterion Core 20 Obtain the achievements “The Savage Sands Below”, “Moving a Savage Mountain”, and “Charting the Savage Unknown”. Achievement title icon.png Epic Hero 6.51


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