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On the Shoulders of Giants

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On the Shoulders of Giants

Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:21.4, Y:9.2)

Experience 87,750
Gil 754
Previous quest
Knocking on Heaven's Door

Kyusei is eager to hear your tales of Heaven–on–High.

— In-game description



  • Kyusei is eager to hear your tales of Heaven–on–High.
  • Having returned from the thirtieth floor of Heaven–on–High, you seek out Kyusei to deliver your report. However, he seems uninterested in discussing your findings and, surprisingly, admits that not everything he has told you thus far has been the truth. He seems even more furtive than usual as he asks you to meet him in a secluded area of the coastline, presumably to discuss the circumstances surrounding the tower.
  • Rasho arrives at the agreed location accompanied by Kyusei and two other Confederates, with all but Rasho dressed in unusual, matching attire. Kyusei reveals that he and his similarly clothed companions are in fact members of the Onishishu, a clandestine organization that researches ancient relics and maintains the aetherytes of Othard. He goes on to explain that Heaven–on–High was built thousands of years ago by his predecessors as a proving ground for warriors who would one day become protectors of the realm. The founder of the Confederacy was one such warrior and succeeded in besting Hiruko, the guardian of the thirtieth floor, before devoting his life to protecting the Ruby Sea. The Confederacy and the Onishishu have shared close ties ever since, and each Confederate leader must follow the founder's example by battling Hiruko. Kyusei hints at further mysteries involving Hiruko and the tower itself, the answers to which can be found at the Ten–thousand–year Pine.
  • The Ten–thousand–year Pine conceals a device that projects images recorded in the days following the fall of the Allagan Empire. You witness a conversation between a man who appears to be the founder of the Onishishu and one of his apprentices. It is revealed that he gave his life to activate Hiruko, an artificial being created to face those who would challenge Heaven–on–High. Following the noble scholar's final soliloquy, the recording comes to a close and the Ten–thousand–year Pine falls silent once more.
  • Kyusei is pleased that you have seen the recording left by the Onishishu founder. He reminds you that defeating Hiruko is but a malmstone in the ascent of Heaven–on–High, and that greater challenges lie ahead. Upon hearing this, you cannot help but wonder what formidable foes await in the upper reaches of Heaven–on–High.



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