The Aurum Vale

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The Aurum Vale
Type Light Party Dungeon
Patch 2.0 (A Realm Reborn)
Level 47-49
Players 4 (1 Tank / 1 Healer / 2 DPS)
Time Limit 90 Minutes
Roulette Leveling
Entrance Coerthas Central Highlands (x14,y35)
UnlockSide Quest Going for Gold
Bosses Locksmith
Miser's Mistress


Soon after its discovery, miners from across the realm flocked to the Aurum Vale, driven by rumors that deep within lay endless veins of mythril. What they found instead was gold, but not the sort which would make them rich. Believing the substance precious aurum, miners unknowingly stumbled into deep pools of glowing venom thereafter known as goldbile. Not only did the liquid burn their skin, but the noisome fumes given off by the foul ooze cooked their lungs when inhaled, bringing on a quick, yet excruciating death. These truths, however, have done little to prevent new miners from braving the suffocating shafts, now even more driven to find what those who entered before could not.
—Game Description


Level 47+ players need to talk to Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay, Western Thanalan (x12,y14), to start the quest Side Quest Going for Gold to unlock the dungeon.


  1. Breach the Lock.
  2. Defeat the morbol bed keeper.
  3. Clear the Coincounter's Chest.
  4. Defeat the morbol bed keepers.


The Aurum Vale Guide


Locksmith is the first boss of The Aurum Vale. This gigantic Ochu has several high damage mechanics that will test the capabilities of the parties' healers.

In the boss area, there are objects named Morbol Fruit along the sides of the room. Players can interact with the fruits to remove all of the Gold Lung debuff stacks on themselves. After interacting with a fruit, it will disappear. The Morbol Fruits respawn over time.

  • Each member of the party should stand near 1 Morbol Fruit. Players should use the Morbol Fruit after receiving 2 stacks of Gold Lung.


Hundred Lashings is a melee attack that deals moderate to high amount of damage.
Gold Rush is an instant ability that places a damage over time debuff named Gold Lung on all players. This effect stacks. The debuff can be removed by consuming a Morbol Fruit.
Gold Dust is a circular AoE spell that appears under a random player. It deals moderate damage to all players hit.


Coincounter is the cyclops boss of the dungeon. He has a few powerful frontal AoE attacks. All non-tank players should stay away from the front of the boss. He has 2 types of 100-Tonze Swipe abilities. The first type can be identified when he holds his mace with only 1 of his hands. This is a frontal cone AoE attack. The second type can be identified when he holds his mace with 2 of his hands. This is a circular AoE attack that does an enormous amount of damage to all targets around him. Neither of these attacks have ground indicators. Players should interrupt or avoid these attacks.

At about half HP, Coincounter will start using Eye of the Beholder, a long range, frontal cone, AoE spell. Ranged damage dealers and healers should spread apart and avoid his Glower and Eye of the Beholder abilities if possible.


10-Tonze Swipe is an instant frontal AoE attack that does moderate amount of damage.
100-Tonze Swipe (1 Hand) is a frontal cone AoE attack that does a large amount of damage to all targets hit.
100-Tonze Swing (2 Hand) is a circular AoE attack that does extremely large amount of damage to all targets close to the Cyclops.
Glower is a laser fired from the eye of Coincounter onto a random player. The player will take moderate amount of damage and become inflicted with the debuff Paralysis.
Eye of the Beholder is a long range, frontal, cone AoE spell that deals a moderate amount of damage and inflicts a DoT named Electrocution. Coincounter will face a random player and use the emote "The Coincounter takes a moment to reconsider..." before using this spell.
  • 100-Tonze Swipe, 100-Tonze Swing and Eye of the Beholder can be interrupted with stuns.

Miser's Mistress

Miser's Mistress is the final boss of The Aurum Vale. This Morbol boss has powerful frontal AoE attacks and should be faced away from all non-tank players. The debuffs from Bad Breath could be deadly.

Similar to Locksmith, there are objects named Morbol Fruit around the boss room. Players can consume the fruit to remove all the stacks of the debuff Burrs on them. Players should consume the fruit at around 2-4 Burrs stacks.


After half HP, Miser's Mistress will occasionally spawn 5 strange Morbol Fruits. DPS must destroy these fruits immediately. Use AoE abilities if possible. These fruits will hatch into adds named Morbol Seedlings. The Seedlings will add Burr stacks with every attack. Focus your attacks on the seedlings when they appear. If the seedlings hatch, it can easily lead to a wipe from the Burr stacks.


Bad Breath is a frontal cone AoE spell that inflicts the debuffs Paralysis, Silence, Poison, Blind, Slow, Heavy, HP Penalty, and Determination Down to all targets hit. If the healer gets hit by Bad Breath, it can very quickly lead to a wipe. Healers should stay far away from the boss, and Esuna or Leech the debuffs as quickly as possible if someone else gets hit. Tanks and DPS should avoid Bad Breath as much as they can. The affected target can also quickly clear the debuffs with a Morbol Fruit.
Vine Probe is a frontal column AoE attack that deals a moderate amount of damage to all targets hit.
Hooked Burrs is an ability that deals a small amount of damage and adds one stack of Burrs on a random player.
Burr Burrow is an ability that inflicts the player with the debuff Burrs and deals small amount of damage per stack of Burrs already on the player. If a player has enough Burr stacks, this can do a considerable amount of damage.


Name Drops
Eftstool Shriekshroom
Goldvine Morbol Vine
Lily of the Vale Blue Landtrap Leaf
Locksmith Ochu Vine
Miser's Mistress
Name Drops
Nether Nix Gigantoad Skin
Poisoned Peasant
Vale Banemite Diremite Sinew, Diremite Web,
Vale Bat Beastkin Blood
Vale Diremite Diremite Sinew, Diremite Web
Vale Wasp Jellyfish Cnida, Jellyfish Umbrella



Item Icon Item Level Requirement Block Strength Block Rate Stats and Attributes
Canopus Shield Canopus shield icon1.png 49 GLA, PLD
Level 47
109 109 Strength +4, Vitality +4, Parry +7, Accuracy +5
Warlock's Buckler Warlocks buckler icon1.png 49 THM BLM
Level 47
20 110 Vitality +4, Intelligence +4, Critical Hit Rate +5, Spell Speed +7


Item Icon Item Level Requirement Damage (Type) Delay Auto Attack DPS Stats and Attributes
Astaroth Cane Astaroth cane icon1.png 49 CNJ WHM
Level 47
56 (Magical) 3.20 38.40 12 Vitality +12, Mind +13, Determination +15, Spell Speed +16,
Canopus Bill Canopus bill icon1.png 49 MRD WAR
Level 47
36 (Physical) 3.36 40.32 12 Strength +13, Vitality +14, Parry +23, Determination +11,
Canopus Guisarme Canopus guisarme icon1.png 49 LNC DRG
Level 47
36 (Physical) 2.96 35.52 12 Strength +13, Vitality +14, Accuracy +23, Determination +11,
Pupil's Book of Mythril Pupils book of mythril icon1.png 49 ACN SMN
Level 47
56 (Magical) 3.20 38.40 12 Vitality +12, Intelligence +13, Mind +13, Accuracy +23, Spell Speed +16
Templar's Falchion Templars falchion icon1.png 49 GLA PLD
Level 47
36 (Physical) 2.08 24.96 12 Strength +9, Vitality +10, Parry +16, Determination +8,
Verdant Hora Verdant hora icon1.png 49 PGL MNK
Level 47
36 (Physical) 2.32 27.84 12 Strength +13, Vitality +14, Determination +15, Skill Speed +16,
Verdant Scepter Verdant scepter icon1.png 49 THM BLM
Level 47
56 (Magical) 2.40 28.80 12 Vitality +9, Intelligence +9, Critical Hit Rate +11, Spell Speed +16,
Verdant Shortbow Verdant shortbow icon1.png 49 ARC BRD
Level 47
32 (Physical) 2.80 29.86 12 Dexterity +13, Vitality +14, Critical Hit Rate +16, Determination +15,


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