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Materia Tutorial 1 (5.2) Note that, despite the text being up-to-date, the image still erroneously shows a requirement for Carbonized Matter.
Materia Tutorial 2 (5.2)
Materia Tutorial 3 (5.2)
See also: Types of Materia

Materia can be used to enhance your gear. You can attach materia into a piece of equipment with socket(s) to improve its attributes.

Players can acquire materia by extracting it from pieces of equipment with 100% spiritbond. Spiritbond percentage increases as you use that piece of armor in battle, crafting or gathering.

Creating Materia

Main article: Spiritbond

To create materia, you must first complete the quest: Forging the Spirit. The quest giver is Swynbroes, located at The Bonfire in Central Thanalan (23,13).

You can create materia from your weapons, armors and tools with spiritbond of 100%. You can increase the spiritbond percentage of a piece of gear by earning experience through battle, crafting and gathering while wearing that piece.

The type of materia you create from a piece of gear depends on the gear's intended class. For example, when you extract from a piece gear designed for a pugilist or lancer, you will receive materia that is ideal for physical, melee damage dealing.

Materia Tiers

Lower level gear produces lower-tier materia. Additionally, higher materia tiers require higher level gear for melding.

Tier Item Levels of Gear Item Level Requirements for Melding
I 1-14 for 100%
15-29 for 90%
II 15-29 for 10%
30 - 44 for 90%
III 30-44 for 10%
45+ for 90%
IV 45-60 for 10%
60+ for 75%-80%
V  ?? 160+
VI  ?? 290+
VII  ?? 420+ (DoW/DoM)
430+ (DoH/DoL)
VIII  ?? 420+ (DoW/DoM)
430+ (DoH/DoL)

Materia Conversions

Different types of gear produce different types of Materia.

Gear Type Types of Materia Extracted
Disciples of War Tenacity, Skill Speed, Direct Hit Rate, Critical Hit Rate, Determination.
Disciples of Magic Piety, Spell Speed, Direct Hit Rate, Critical Hit Rate, Determination.
Disciples of the Hand Craftsmanship, Control, CP.
Disciples of the Land Gathering, Perception, GP.

Types of Materia

Name Stat Increased Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV Tier V Tier VI* Tier VII Tier VIII*
Savage Aim Materia Critical Hit Rate +2 +4 +6 +9 +12 +40 +20 +60
Savage Might Materia Determination +1 +3 +4 +6 +12 +40 +20 +60
Heaven's Eye Materia Direct Hit +2 +4 +6 +9 +12 +40 +20 +60
Quickarm Materia Skill Speed +2 +4 +6 +9 +12 +40 +20 +60
Quicktongue Materia Spell Speed +2 +4 +6 +9 +12 +40 +20 +60
Battledance Materia Tenacity +2 +4 +6 +9 +12 +40 +20 +60
Piety Materia Piety +1 +2 +3 +6 +11 +40 +20 +60
Craftsman's Command Materia Control +1 +2 +3 +4 +7 +10 +9 +13
Craftsman's Cunning Materia CP +1 +2 +3 +4 +6 +8 +7 +9
Craftsman's Competence Materia Craftsmanship +3 +4 +5 +6 +11 +16 +14 +21
Gatherer's Grasp Materia GP +1 +2 +3 +4 +6 +8 +7 +9
Gatherer's Guerdon Materia Gathering +3 +4 +5 +6 +10 +15 +12 +20
Gatherer's Guile Materia Perception +3 +4 +5 +6 +10 +15 +12 +20
  • Tier VI and VIII materia "cannot be melded onto a piece of equipment past the first advanced materia melding slot."
  • NOTE: Various materia has since been discontinued, such as Fire, Ice, Earth, Water, Wind, and Lightning materia – used to add elemental resistance to gear. In addition, various core-stat materia was also discontinued, including Intelligence, Mind, Strength, Dexterity, and Vitality materia.

Melding Materia

The easiest way to meld (attach) Materia is to find a Materia Melder (NPC) who will perform the service for a small fee. This method has no level requirement. You can find them near one of the Market Boards in any of the three cities or player housing if the owner has purchased and placed a Materia Melder Permit.

To meld Materia yourself, you will need to complete the Waking the Spirit quest. The quest giver is F'hobhas, located at The Bonfire in Central Thanalan (x:23, y:13). You will need to be level 19 or higher with at least one Disciple of the Hand (crafter) to accept the quest. Once completed, you will unlock the "Materia Melding" action.

Forbidden Melds & Overmelding

It is possible to meld more materia to a piece of gear than the available slots. Doing so requires completing the Melding Materia Muchly quest given by Mutamix, also located at The Bonfire in Central Thanalan (x:23, y:13). You will need to be level 25 or higher with at least one Disciple of the Hand (crafter) to turn in the quest.

Note that you can accept the quest at level 19, but can't turn it in until level 25. However, you can turn in the quest as any level 25+ class, including Disciples of War or Magic.

The quest involves melding 8 materia to gear in front of Mutamix. To save time, you can use one piece of materia and one gear socket. Simply meld the one materia, then right click on the item and retrieve the materia you just melded. Then, meld that same materia back into the same slot. Repeat for a total of 8 times.

Once complete, the "Advanced Materia Melding" action replaces the standard "Materia Melding" action. Advanced melds are better known as forbidden melds or overmelding.

Forbidden melds allow you to meld up to 5 materia to a piece of gear. However, the chance of success is low, typically starting at 45 or 35%. The probability of success decreases further depending on the number of materia already melded. Going for a full five melds (pentamelding) typically ends at about 4-8% for the final meld.

Crafters attempting pentamelds often lose lots of materia during the process unless extremely lucky.

Materia Transmutation

Removing Materia

You can remove materia from items using the item context menu. While doing so, there is a chance of preserving the removed materia for further use.

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