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Eureka Orthos

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the deep dungeon. For the field operation zones, see The Forbidden Land, Eureka.

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Eureka Orthos

EO 1-10 Banner.png
81 (Sync: 90)
Party size
1-4 man 1-4 Any class frame icon.png
Not Allowed
Time limit
60 minutes
Req. quest
Feature quest Delve into Myth
Mor Dhona (X:34.8, Y:19.2)

In the late Third Astral Era, when the ancient Allagan Empire was at the zenith of its glory, researchers toiled deep under the Crystal Tower to uncover secrets which might uplift their motherland to even greater heights. Their laboratory was dubbed Eureka Orthos, where impossible concepts of immortality, cloning, and dominion over the divine were made reality. So fantastic was this research that the legend of Eureka has endured through the ages, and now you have been tasked by the archmagus Noah to bring the laboratory's buried secrets into the light of day.

— In-game description

Eureka Orthos is a level 81 deep dungeon introduced in patch 6.35 with Endwalker.

All players will begin at level 81, and only by fighting the enemies within will they be able to gain the strength and experience needed to explore its depths.

Players who choose to leave and return later can continue playing from where they last saved.

  • Eureka Orthos save data is separate to data used for other Deep Dungeons. Two save data slots are available for Eureka Orthos.


Complete the quest Feature QuestDelve into Myth


Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Delve into Myth Feature quest 81 Koh Rabntah
Eureka Orthos
Eureka Orthos
Rage Extinguished Feature quest 81 Koh Rabntah
Orthos Unveiled Feature quest 81 Koh Rabntah

Entering Eureka Orthos

Players can enter Eureka Orthos by speaking with Khatun in the Eight Sentinels, Mor Dhona (X:34.8 Y:19.2). When entering as a party, only the party leader can start the instance. It can also be entered with a cross-world party.

  • All party members must be in the same Mor Dhona instance to enter Eureka Orthos.

Players who have cleared floor 30 of Eureka Orthos and the sidequest Rage Extinguished will be given the option to start from floor 1 or floor 21 when creating a new save file. When starting from floor 21, players will be set to level 90 and their inventories will be cleared of protomanders and demiclones.

Once Eureka Orthos is unlocked, players may quickly travel to the Eight Sentinels area by talking to Burnel in Mor Dhona (X:21.8 Y8.1) who is located by the Revenant's Toll aetheryte.

Character Growth

Players will start at level 81 regardless of their current class or job level. By defeating enemies that appear in the dungeon, players will be able to gain EXP and level their characters up to 90. Your Eureka Orthos level is not directly related to your level outside of the dungeon.

Orthos Aetherpool Gear

Players will be restricted to the use of an Orthos aetherpool arm and Orthos aetherpool armor when inside Eureka Orthos. In addition to gaining levels, players must enhance these items as they progress through the dungeon.

Note that Orthos aetherpool armor will take the appearance of your current gear upon entering the instance.

  • Normal gear has no effect on your character's attributes inside Eureka Orthos.
  • Aetherpool gear strength will not carry over from Palace of the Dead or Heaven-on-High.

Floor 31 and Beyond

While floors up to 30 are related to the story of Eureka Orthos, all floors after were created strictly as a challenge for players. For this reason, you cannot enter floors beyond 30 with a matched party. Furthermore, in addition to completing the sidequest "Rage Extinguished," players must meet the following requirements to challenge these floors:

  • Start from floor 1 or floor 21 with a fixed party and clear up to floor 30.
  • Party KO count must be zero.

Save data with one or more party KOs cannot be used on floor 31 or higher.

  • Please be advised that the party KO count will also increase in the event your party abandons the duty or logs out while inside the instance.


Eureka Orthos2.png

Players will, on occasion, obtain protomanders from treasure chests within Eureka Orthos. These items have various uses ranging from displaying the entire map of your current floor, to providing party members with beneficial effects. Up to three of each protomander can be held at any time. These items can be found in a shared inventory to be used by all party members.

Eureka Orthos1.png

Some protomanders offer different effects from the pomanders found in the Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High.


Eureka Orthos4.png

Players will, on occasion, obtain tomestones from treasure coffers in Eureka Orthos, which can be used to generate demiclones. These items can be used by all party members once acquired.

Up to three tomestones can be held at once and are kept in a shared inventory. Tomestones cannot be taken outside of Eureka Orthos. When in a matched party, they cannot be used after the completion of a set of floors.

Eureka Orthos3.png

Demiclones will follow and fight alongside the player who generated them. Each demiclone has unique strengths, so choose carefully to turn the tides in your favor.

Floor Effects

Players may trigger the following floor effects:

  • Status Effects - Some floors may inflict detrimental or beneficial statuses on players.
  • Prohibited Magic or Special Actions - Some floors may prohibit certain actions.
  • Floor Effect: Gloom - Some floors may have strengthened enemies.

Dread Beasts

Eureka Orthos5.png

Dread Beasts are powerful enemies found in Eureka Orthos. Each time the party enters a floor, there is a chance a Dread Beast may spawn, as indicated by a system message. There are three Dread Beasts: Demi-Cochma, Lamia Queen, and Meracydian Clone.

Due to their high damage and health, these should be avoided when possible, although they can be easily slain if one has a Protomander of Storms available. Defeating it will grant a 30 min buff to all party members that can stack with similar buffs granted from other sources. Dread Beasts are immune to knockback, so using Rotosmash as a Dreadnaught (from Protomander of Dread) is ineffective.

Players may gain the strength of dread beasts that lurk within Eureka Orthos by defeating them:

  • Demi-Cochma will grant a (10%) Vulnerability down dread beast icon.png Vulnerability Down, decreasing damage received.
  • Lamia Queen will grant Rehabilitation dread beast icon.png Rehabilitation, restoring HP over time.
  • Meracydian Clone will grant a (10%) Damage up dread beast icon.png Damage Up, increasing damage dealt.

The Accursed Hoard


While exploring Eureka Orthos, players will, on occasion, discover hidden treasure known as the Accursed Hoard. While a protomander of intuition is in effect, an icon on the navigation map will indicate the presence of a piece of the Accursed Hoard.

Eureka Orthos6.png

Upon saving progress and exiting Eureka Orthos, players can take this treasure to Valeroine in Mor Dhona (X:34.9 Y:19.1) to have it appraised and discover what lies within.


The following rewards will be given based on the player's level and progress.

Level 90

If your job or class is level 90 upon entering:

Floor 10

Floor 20

Floor 30 and beyond

Level 81 - 89

If your job or class is between levels 81 and 90 upon entering:

Experience points, gil, and Allagan Tomestones of Poetics will be rewarded based on progress.

  • The Armoury bonus will be applied to these rewards.

Floor 10

Floor 20

Floor 30 and beyond

Additional Rewards

Each time you clear floor 30, an Orthos aetherpool fragment icon1.png  Orthos Aetherpool Fragment will be awarded. This item can be traded to the Synthesis Node in Mor Dhona (X:34.9 Y:19.0).

Each time you clear floor 100, an Orthos tomestone icon1.png  Orthos Tomestone will be awarded. This item can also be traded to the Synthesis Node for various rewards, including four accessories (requiring 4 tomestones total). Upon obtaining all accessories, you may speak to Koh Rabntah in Mor Dhona (X:34.7 Y:19.3) to obtain an Aeturna horn icon1.png  Aeturna Horn, unlocking the Aeturna icon1.png  Aeturna mount.

Orthos Weapons

Orthos aetherpool weapons img1.png
Main article: Orthos Weapons

If you have strengthened your Orthos aetherpool arm and Orthos aetherpool armor to +10, in addition to clearing floor 30 of Eureka Orthos and completing the sidequest Feature QuestRage Extinguished, you can receive an Orthos aetherpool grip icon1.png  Orthos Aetherpool Grip, 3 of which can be exchanged for a item level 620 weapon of your choosing by speaking with the Synthesis Node in Mor Dhona (X:34.9 Y:19.0). Each Orthos Aetherpool Grip reduces the current Orthos aetherpool arm and armor levels by 10.

Enaretos Weapons

Main article: Enaretos Weapons

After completing floor 100 of Eureka Orthos, upgraded Orthos Weapons that are item level 625 with special particle effects will be unlocked for purchase from the Synthesis Node. These require the corresponding Orthos Weapon and 6 Orthos aetherpool grip icon1.png  Orthos Aetherpool Grip.


When challenging certain floors or when the entire party is KO'd, players will receive a score based on a number of factors such as highest floor reached and number of enemies slain. Separate scores for both solo and party play will be assigned after being defeated or clearing certain floors.

High scores can be confirmed by speaking with Khatun in Mor Dhona (X:34.8 Y:19.2).

Scores from expeditions beyond floor 30 may also appear on the rankings page on the Lodestone. The rankings page will be updated daily.

List of Floors


Eureka Orthos is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Le morte d'allagan monstrosities i icon1.png  Le Morte d'Allagan Monstrosities I 5 Clear the 10th floor of Eureka Orthos. - 6.35
Le morte d'allagan monstrosities ii icon1.png  Le Morte d'Allagan Monstrosities II 5 Clear the 20th floor of Eureka Orthos. - 6.35
Le morte d'allagan monstrosities iii icon1.png  Le Morte d'Allagan Monstrosities III 5 Clear the 30th floor of Eureka Orthos. Achievement title icon.png Duskfall 6.35
Le morte d'allagan monstrosities iv icon1.png  Le Morte d'Allagan Monstrosities IV 10 Clear the 50th floor of Eureka Orthos. - 6.35
Le morte d'allagan monstrosities v icon1.png  Le Morte d'Allagan Monstrosities V 10 Clear the 100th floor of Eureka Orthos. Achievement title icon.png True Steel 6.35
All by eurekaself i icon1.png  All by Eurekaself I 10 Clear the 1st through the 50th floors of Eureka Orthos solo and record a score on floor 51 or below. - 6.35
All by eurekaself ii icon1.png  All by Eurekaself II 10 Clear the 1st through the 100th floors of Eureka Orthos solo. Achievement title icon.png Once and Future King (Male) / Once and Future Queen (Female) 6.35
Vintage vogue icon1.png  Vintage Vogue 10 Speak with Koh Rabntah while in possession of all four of the enaretos accessories. Achievement title icon.png Sovereign Hero 6.35
Eureka moment icon1.png  Eureka Moment 10 Obtain an Orthos weapon. - 6.35
Reliable enaretor icon1.png  Reliable Enaretor 10 Obtain an enaretos weapon. - 6.35