Yo-kai Watch: Gather One, Gather All!

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Yo-kai Watch: Gather One, Gather All!
Yo-kai Watch bannert art 2016.png
Event Start
July 26, 2016
Event Finish
October 3, 2016
Event Page

Yo-kai Watch: Gather One, Gather All! is a special event that took place from July 26, 2016 to October 3, 2016.

The Yo-kai Watch and FINAL FANTASY XIV collaboration event is underway! Join Jibanyan, Whisper, and the other Yo-kai as they gather in Eorzea. By befriending them, you can obtain special rewards such as collaborative weapons, minions, and even mounts! But you’d better hurry—these exclusive items are only obtainable during the event!

— Event description


  • This event was repeated a second time on September 3, 2017 to November 1, 2017. [1]
  • This event was repeated a third time on August 19, 2020 to December 8, 2020. [2]


  • The first minion you collect takes 1 medal. Minion 2-4 takes 3 medals each to obtain. Minion 5-7 takes 5 medals each to obtain. Minion 8-10 takes 7 medals each to obtain. Minion 11-13 takes 9 medals each to obtain. To buy all minions, you will need a total of 73 Yo-kai Medals.
  • You can obtain Legendary Yo-kai Medals by completing FATEs in the specific zones with Silver or Gold rating while having your Yo-kai Minions out. You do not need to have the Yo-kai Watch equipped. Each minion allows you to obtain Legendary Yo-kai Medals of that type. Check the FATE locations below for more details.
  • You can exchange the Legendary Yo-kai Medals for Yo-kai Weapons. Different medals correspond to different weapons. Each new weapon cost 2 more Legendary Yo-kai Medals than the previous, with the initial weapon costing 7 Legendary Medals.
  • In 2020, there are a total of 17 Yo-kai minions and 17 Yok-kai weapons. By obtaining 17 Yo-kai weapons, you will obtain the Jibanyan Couch mount
  • This is also an excellent opportunity to farm Atmas for the Zodiac Weapons if you happen to also be working on that. Simply ensure that you have completed the quest Up in Arms and have a Zenith tier relic weapon equipped, and you can farm Yo-kai medals and Atmas simultaneously.

Yo-Kai Minions & Weapon Collecting

Obtain medals while wearing your newly obtained Yo-Kai Watch by obtaining a Silver or better rating in FATEs in certain areas according to the quest.

Minion Number of Medals
First Minion 1 Medal
Second Minion 3 Medals
Third Minion 3 Medals
Forth Minion 3 Medals
Fifth Minion 3 Medals
Sixth Minion 3 Medals
Seventh Minion 3 Medals
Eighth Minion 3 Medals
Ninth Minion 3 Medals
Tenth Minion 3 Medals
Eleventh Minion 3 Medals
Twelfth Minion 3 Medals
Thirteenth Minion 3 Medals
Fourteenth Minion 3 Medals
Fifteenth Minion 3 Medals
Sixteenth Minion 3 Medals
Seventeenth Minion 3 Medals

Obtain Legendary Medals by having the corresponding Yo-Kai minion summoned while obtaining a Silver or better rating in certain FATEs in the world.

Weapon Number of Legendary Medals
First Weapon 5 Legendary Medals
Second Weapon 10 Legendary Medals
Third Weapon 10 Legendary Medals
Forth Weapon 10 Legendary Medals
Fifth Weapon 10 Legendary Medals
Sixth Weapon 10 Legendary Medals
Seventh Weapon 10 Legendary Medals
Eighth Weapon 10 Legendary Medals
Ninth Weapon 10 Legendary Medals
Tenth Weapon 10 Legendary Medals
Eleventh Weapon 10 Legendary Medals
Twelfth Weapon 10 Legendary Medals
Thirteenth Weapon 10 Legendary Medals
Fourteenth Weapon 10 Legendary Medals
Fifteenth Weapon 10 Legendary Medals
Sixteenth Weapon 10 Legendary Medals
Seventeenth Weapon 10 Legendary Medals

Weapon/Class/Associated Minion List

Weapon Class Associated Minion
Paw of the crimson cat icon1.png  Paw of the Crimson Cat Marauder frame icon.png / Warrior frame icon.png Jibanyan icon2.png  Jibanyan
Cane of the shrine guardian icon1.png  Cane of the Shrine Guardian Conjurer frame icon.png / White Mage frame icon.png Komasan icon2.png  Komasan
Ears of the moon rabbit icon1.png  Ears of the Moon Rabbit Pugilist frame icon.png / Monk frame icon.png Usapyon icon2.png  USApyon
Bow of the white wisp icon1.png  Bow of the White Wisp Archer frame icon.png / Bard frame icon.png Whisper icon2.png  Whisper
Whisker of the brave cat icon1.png  Whisker of the Brave Cat/
Buckler of the legendary cat icon1.png  Buckler of the Legendary Cat
Gladiator frame icon.png / Paladin frame icon.png Shogunyan icon2.png  Shogunyan
Fang of the fearless cat icon1.png  Fang of the Fearless Cat Dark Knight frame icon.png Hovernyan icon2.png  Hovernyan
Codex of the shrine guardian icon1.png  Codex of the Shrine Guardian Scholar frame icon.png Komajiro icon2.png  Komajiro
Globe of the lucky snake icon1.png  Globe of the Lucky Snake Astrologian frame icon.png Noko icon2.png  Noko
Spear of the spark serpent icon1.png  Spear of the Spark Serpent Lancer frame icon.png / Dragoon frame icon.png Venoct icon2.png  Venoct
Twintails of the flame fox icon1.png  Twintails of the Flame Fox Rogue frame icon.png / Ninja frame icon.png Kyubi icon2.png  Kyubi
Musket of the metal cat icon1.png  Musket of the Metal Cat Machinist frame icon.png Robonyan f-type icon2.png  Robonyan F-type
Staff of the snow maiden icon1.png  Staff of the Snow Maiden Thaumaturge frame icon.png / Black Mage frame icon.png Blizzaria icon2.png  Blizzaria
Book of the eerie mutt icon1.png  Book of the Eerie Mutt Arcanist frame icon.png / Summoner frame icon.png Manjimutt icon2.png  Manjimutt
Gunblade of the yo-kai king icon1.png  Gunblade of the Yo-kai King Gunbreaker frame icon1.png Lord enma icon2.png  Lord Enma
Rapier of the serpent lord icon1.png  Rapier of the Serpent Lord Red Mage frame icon.png Lord ananta icon2.png  Lord Ananta
Katana of the kings counsel icon1.png  Katana of the King's Counsel Samurai frame icon.png Zazel icon2.png  Zazel
Glaives of the dark princess icon1.png  Glaives of the Dark Princess Dancer frame icon1.png Damona icon2.png  Damona

Yo-kai Legendary Medals Guide (Minion-Associated Zones)

New Legendary Medals

Legendary Medal FATE Locations
Lord enma icon2.png  Lord Enma The Fringes, The Ruby Sea, Yanxia,

The Peaks, The Lochs, The Azim Steppe

Lord ananta icon2.png  Lord Ananta Coerthas Western Highlands, The Dravanian Forelands, The Dravanian Hinterlands,

The Churning Mists, The Sea of Clouds, Azys Lla

Zazel icon2.png  Zazel Coerthas Western Highlands, The Dravanian Forelands, The Dravanian Hinterlands,

The Churning Mists, The Sea of Clouds, Azys Lla

Damona icon2.png  Damona The Fringes, The Ruby Sea, Yanxia,

The Peaks, The Lochs, The Azim Steppe

Previous Legendary Medals

Legendary Medal FATE Locations
Jibanyan icon2.png  Jibanyan Central Shroud, Lower La Noscea, Central Thanalan
Komasan icon2.png  Komasan East Shroud, Western La Noscea, Eastern Thanalan
Usapyon icon2.png  USApyon Outer La Noscea, Middle La Noscea, Western Thanalan
Whisper icon2.png  Whisper South Shroud, Upper La Noscea, Southern Thanalan
Shogunyan icon2.png  Shogunyan East Shroud, Lower La Noscea, Central Thanalan
Hovernyan icon2.png  Hovernyan South Shroud, Western La Noscea, Eastern Thanalan
Komajiro icon2.png  Komajiro Central Thanalan, East Shroud, Western La Noscea
Noko icon2.png  Noko Southern Thanalan, North Shroud, Outer La Noscea
Venoct icon2.png  Venoct Western Thanalan, Middle La Noscea, Central Shroud
Kyubi icon2.png  Kyubi Western Thanalan, Central Shroud, Lower La Noscea
Robonyan f-type icon2.png  Robonyan F-type Southern Thanalan, Upper La Noscea, North Shroud
Blizzaria icon2.png  Blizzaria North Shroud, Outer La Noscea, Middle La Noscea
Manjimutt icon2.png  Manjimutt Eastern Thanalan, South Shroud, Upper La Noscea

Yo-kai Minions

New Minions

Previous Minions

Yo-kai Weapons

New Weapons

Previous Weapons