The Rising (2022)

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The Rising (2022)
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Event Start
August 27, 2022
Event Finish
September 12, 2022
Event Chain
The Rising
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The Rising (2021)
The Rising (2023)

The Rising (2022) is a seasonal event that took place from August 27, 2022 to September 12, 2022.

On August 27, FINAL FANTASY XIV celebrates its ninth anniversary with the Rising. Be sure to join the rest of Eorzea for this year's festivities!

— Event description

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The wandering minstrel has a request for an experienced adventurer.


  • Level 15


Quest Type Level Quest Giver Rewards
Newfound Journey Sidequest 15 Wandering Minstrel 1 Clockwork solus icon2.png  Clockwork Solus


  • Note: Certain items available during previous iterations of the event can be obtained via the Rising vendor.


Name Points Task Reward Patch
The whole nine yalms icon1.png  The Whole Nine Yalms 10 Complete the quest "Newfound Journey.” - 6.2


Rising Vendor (2022)


Wandering Minstrel: Greetings, friend. By your dauntless bearing, I assume you are an adventurer.
Wandering Minstrel: As for myself, I am a humble wandering minstrel. One who draws inspiration from the daring deeds of those in your calling.
Wandering Minstrel: If you have a moment, there is a favor I would ask of you. Will you not hear me out?
Wandering Minstrel: In part due to the promotional efforts during the recent Moonfire Faire, more people are seeking to take up adventuring.
Wandering Minstrel: Not all are yet wise in the ways of the world, however, and I fear they might fall prey to less-principled types in Ul'dah.
Wandering Minstrel: If one such as you were to help them on their way, I would feel more at ease. What say you? Will you not take a fledgling adventurer under your wing?
Wandering Minstrel: I'm truly grateful!
Wandering Minstrel: Now, I believe a carriage is due to arrive shortly. If you go and wait at the Gate of Nald, chances are a soul will wander in who has just embarked upon the path of adventure. Pray greet them and offer your help.
Wandering Minstrel: Worry not, you'll have no trouble identifying them. You need but look for someone absorbed in their surroundings.
Wandering Minstrel: Hehe, I daresay it will feel like glimpsing into the past─right to the part where you are greeted by a helpful stranger.
Wait at the destination, then a dialogue choice appears.
Bright-eyed Youth: Wh-Who are you?
Bright-eyed Youth: An experienced adventurer, you say? And you want to help me on my way?
Bright-eyed Youth: Well, I could certainly use some guidance. I've never been anywhere near as big and busy as Ul'dah...
Nhagi'a Jakkya: My name is Nhagi'a Jakkya, but just “Nhagi” will do. And as you rightly guessed, I'm an aspiring adventurer. That's why I left my village and came here.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: So...I understand that you first need to register at the Adventurers' Guild. Do you know where it is?
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Just through that door, is it? Thank you, I'll head there at once!
Talk to Nhagi'a Jakkya in The Quicksand.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: In...and out... In...and out... Come on, Nhagi, you can do it...
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Oh, it's you again... To be honest, I'm quite nervous. It's heartening to have you here too.
Momodi: Why, hello there. What can I do for you today?
Momodi: The lad's here to register, is he?
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Yes, madam, I wish to join the Adventurers' Guild! My name is Nhagi'a Jakkya, and I'm sixteen years old─practically a man grown!
Momodi: Hehe, aren't we a lively one? Momodi's the name, and if you want to be an adventurer, then you've come to the right woman.
Momodi: There's nothing to it, really─you just need to write your name in the register. Come, come...
Momodi: With that, you're officially a member of the Adventurers' Guild. If you ever need a bit of advice about one thing or another, pay me a visit. Just don't go botherin' me every time you stub your bloody toe, all right?
Momodi: 'Course, I do enjoy hearin' tell of a gentleman's woes with the womenfolk from time to time...
Momodi: Now then, normally I'd offer you the grand tour...
Momodi: But in light of present company, I reckon you ought to have it from her.
Momodi: She's a renowned adventurer, after all─the bleedin' champion of Eorzea─and you could do far worse than to get her advice.
Momodi: To begin with, mayhap you could recommend a guild here in Ul'dah for Nhagi to join?
Momodi: If it's too noisy in here, there are benches just outside where you can have a nice little chat.
Talk to Nhagi'a Jakkya outside The Quicksand.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: I must confess, choosing a guild is quite daunting... I'd appreciate any advice you can offer.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: I'm all ears, <Player name>!
Dialogue choice.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: A merchant who was in the carriage with me─a Bre...something─asked me much the same thing.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: At the time, I couldn't give a proper answer. I had a reason for leaving home, of course, but I couldn't express it in words.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: But having now set foot in Ul'dah, it's become clear in my mind.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: I wanted to know what lay beyond the horizon. Wanted to see it with my own eyes and be amidst it.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: You've been to many places, right? You like it, then? Traveling, that is...
Dialogue choice.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: So you do, so you do...
Nhagi'a Jakkya: I have an older sister. During the Calamity, we fled Gridania and took refuge in a village in the mountains.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: I ended up staying in that secluded place, and it's long been a dream of mine to travel the world.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: But inexperienced as I am, I don't know if I could live a life on the road. Is there a guild that could equip me with the skills I need?
Dialogue choice between combat guilds and crafting/gathering guilds, combat guild chosen.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: I see, a place where I can learn how to protect myself and others... If I recall correctly, Ul'dah is home to the Pugilists' and Thaumaturges' Guilds.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Of those two, I'd choose the pugilists. I've always enjoyed rigorous exercise, and am quite confident in my physical abilities. Yes, I believe this is the guild for me! I'll go and join at once!
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Thanks for your concern, but I should be fine.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: If you still have time, though, could we meet again afterwards? There are a few more things I'd like to ask you about.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Great! I'll look for you here when I'm done!
Find Nhagi'a Jakkya at the Pugilists' Guild.
Hamon: That was a most impressive display, young one! Watching you, I'm reminded of myself in my youth─swift, strong, and handsome. Not to say that I'm not these things anymore, of course...
Nhagi'a Jakkya: You're too kind, Master Hamon! And I'm sure you're still all those things and more!
Chuchuto: Now, now, Nhagi, take care you don't flatter the old man overmuch. His neck couldn't bear his head getting any larger.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Oh, <Player name>! I'm glad to say that pugilism agrees with me. My thanks for your recommendation!
Hamon: Well now, <Player name>, to think that you're the one who sent Nhagi to us! The lad possesses rare talent, and I look forward to watching him grow in our art.
Hamon: Right then, my boy. Remember today's lesson well, and keep at your training. Next time, we shall try something a little harder!
Nhagi'a Jakkya: I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. So engrossed was I in the combinations, I lost track of time...
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Oh, I should mention something. As I was training, a peculiar minstrel approached me. He said that, if I'm resolved to walk an adventurer's path, I should seek him out for a task.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Moreover, he asked that you accompany me. If you're willing, he's apparently waiting at the Ruby Road Exchange.
Dialogue choice between combat guilds and crafting/gathering guilds, crafting/gathering guild chosen.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: I see, a place where I can learn a trade... Indeed, we can't always rely on fighting to make a living, and having the ability to gather or craft would be invaluable.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: If I recall correctly, Ul'dah is home to the Alchemists' Guild. I happen to have some familiarity with medicinal herbs, and I daresay I can put the knowledge to use. Yes, I believe this is the guild for me! I'll go and join at once!
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Thanks for your concern, but I should be fine.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: If you still have time, though, could we meet again afterwards? There are a few more things I'd like to ask you about.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Great! I'll look for you here when I'm done!
Find Nhagi'a Jakkya at the Alchemists' Guild.
Severian: Idiot! Had my mental faculties been diminished as a result, what then!? The world would have forever been deprived of my genius, that's what!
Severian: Ah, my loyal assistant, you are come at a good time! This fool of a trainee switched my drinking water with some unknown fluid...which I unwittingly imbibed!
Nhagi'a Jakkya: I-I'm sorry, Master Severian, but it was just a herbal tea. Y-You looked weary, and I thought that it might help...
Severian: Why in the seven hells didn't you say so first!? That way I might have recorded my vital signs and ascertained the tea's effects!
Severian: Such negligence ill befits an alchemist, and I ought to kick you out of my laboratory right now!
Severian: completed the assigned tasks perfectly. In light of this, you have earned another chance. Very well, you may serve as my assistant─on a probationary basis.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: ...Ahem. I'm sorry you had to see that, <Player name>. But it seems all is least for now.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Master Severian truly lives and breathes alchemy. Though the tea is quite bitter, he thought only of its effects and made no comment on its taste. I believe I stand to learn much under him, and I'll do my best not to incur his ire.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: I must also apologize to you for keeping you waiting. So engrossed was I in the potion making, I lost track of time...
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Oh, and one other thing. As I was at my work, a peculiar minstrel approached me. He said that, if I'm resolved to walk an adventurer's path, I should seek him out for a task.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Moreover, he asked that you accompany me. If you're willing, he's apparently waiting at the Ruby Road Exchange.
Talk to the Wandering Minstrel.
Wandering Minstrel: My friend, you have done a splendid job as a guide. I was right to entrust the task to you.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: What? Do you mean to say <Player name> approached me at your behest?
Wandering Minstrel: She did, I must confess. You see, for my next composition, I seek to capture the essence of the times. While any number of subjects would be worthwhile, of greatest interest to me is the recent rise in the ranks of adventurers.
Wandering Minstrel: In thus bringing different generations of adventurers together, I had hoped for inspiration to strike...and I'm pleased to say that it has!
Wandering Minstrel: Drawing upon your experience walking your path, you have helped Nhagi to begin walking his─a reminder that the present owes its existence to the past.
Wandering Minstrel: That is to say, the present and the past are deeply entwined. If we would capture the former, we cannot well disregard the latter. And this brings me to my next request...
Wandering Minstrel: I ask that you each find an object with a connection to the Calamity─the event which gave rise to the realm's rebirth─and present it to me with its tale.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Well now, that sounds not unlike a treasure hunt...and it'd be my very first task as an adventurer! What do you say, <Player name>? Shall we do it?
Wandering Minstrel: Excellent. When you have your items, pray seek me out at the Ruby Road Exchange. I eagerly look forward to seeing what you bring.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: There are many vendors at the Sapphire Avenue Exchange, right? Chances are they'll have something, so let's begin our search there!
Talk to Nhagi'a Jakkya at the Sapphire Avenue Exchange.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Come on, let's begin looking around!
Talk to Lolonu.
Lolonu: Welcome, welcome! What is it that you're after?
Lolonu: Objects with a connection to the Calamity, you say? Why, I have just the thing─an amethyst ring from Ishgard, steeped in sentimental value!
Lolonu: Five years ago, on the eve of the Battle of Carteneau, a young Temple Knight set out from his homeland, wishing to do his part for Eorzea when his nation would not.
Lolonu: Alas, the man never arrived in the Flats.
Lolonu: En route, he came upon a merchant being attacked by a dragon...and lost his life going to the stranger's aid. This was his ring─an heirloom passed down through his line.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: What a tragic tale... But I wonder─how did the ring find its way back? If the knight fell, it seems the merchant couldn't have survived unscathed...
Lolonu: A-Ah, I remember now! Though the knight was mortally wounded, he succeeded in striking down the dragon. And with his last breath, he entrusted the ring to the merchant. Y-Yes, that's how it happened!
Lolonu: So, what do you say? If you're interested, I would be willing to part with the relic for a special price─but for today only!
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Hmmm, this feels a bit dubious...
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Shall we look around some more? There's bound to be other things out there.
Talk to Nhagi'a Jakkya about local cuisine.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Ooh, is this the local cuisine? Goodness, but everything looks amazing!
Nhagi'a Jakkya: In the course of your journeys, you must have sampled all kinds of food. From simple fare to exotic feasts, I look forward to sampling everything too!
Talk to J'bhen Tia.
J'bhen Tia: Greetings and welcome to my exhibit. Please feel free to browse at your leisure, and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: We're looking for objects that bear a connection to the Calamity. Do you have anything that fits the description?
J'bhen Tia: As a matter of fact, I do! Yonder pane, entitled The Sultana's Seven, depicts an inspiring event from the Calamity!
J'bhen Tia: 'Twas the final days before the fall of Dalamud, its inexorable approach foretelling our impending doom. Panic spread like wildfire, while many in their desperation turned on the sultanate. Looting and rioting broke out across Ul'dah.
J'bhen Tia: To quell the masses, Her Royal Majesty Nanamo Ul Namo took to the streets with a guard consisting of only seven subjects, for they alone had the courage to stand with their sultana. There, she addressed the rabble.
J'bhen Tia: "Heed me, my beloved citizens! The realm lies upon the brink of the Seventh Umbral Era. Yet so long as we live, we must not forget our compassion. Now is not the time to take from your neighbor, but to proffer him the hand of succor.“
J'bhen Tia: Brought to their senses by her words, the people laid down their arms and set about healing the wounds they themselves had inflicted on Ul'dah. And those who returned from the battlefield found their home much as they had left it: a gleaming jewel in the desert.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Her Majesty sounds like a great ruler.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Ul'dah is fortunate to have her watching over it.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Thanks for sharing the tale. It's indeed inspiring, and you've done an incredible job capturing it in glass!
Nhagi'a Jakkya: So far, so good. Let's look around just a little more.
Talk to Nhagi'a Jakkya about House of Splendors.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: House of Splendors? What kind of place is this, I wonder...
Scrip Exchange: I see you're not familiar with the House. We offer wares in exchange for scrips, but our services are available only to those whom we know and trust.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: So if I want to be a customer, I need to make a name for myself... One day, Nhagi! One day!
Talk to Nanabe.
Nanabe: Greetings! From daily necessities to unusual curios, I deal in all manner of wares. If there is something in particular you seek, you need but ask.
Nanabe: Hmmm, objects to do with the Calamity... The two of you are adventurers, are you not? In which case, I have something that may be of interest.
Nanabe: It's a journal I acquired from an adventurer who retired injured. The man recorded his experiences during the Calamity in detail, and I daresay it has value for students of history.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Oho, an adventurer's firsthand account! I'd love to pore over it!
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Do you keep a journal of your adventures as well, <Player name>? If so, I'd love to read it too one day. With your permission, of course...
Nanabe: Oh, for another historical piece, I also have a scrapbook of articles from The Raven, Gridania's leading tabloid. These mainly cover events outside the Calamity, however...
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Articles from The Raven, you say? Hmmm...
Nhagi'a Jakkya: ...I daresay we've seen enough. Let's find a quiet spot to discuss what to bring back.
Talk to Nhagi'a Jakkya at the final destination.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Right, this looks like as good a spot as any.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: I don't know about you, but that was all very new and exciting for me!
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Talking to myriad people, learning the tale behind each object... It's been a great experience, and I won't soon forget it.
Dialogue choice, journal chosen.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: I see, I see. I did consider that too, but in the end settled on something else.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Now then, we need to decide what we want to take to the minstrel. Have you made up your mind?
...What is it? Hehe, if you don't mind, I'd like to keep it a surprise.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Come, let's purchase our respective items, and meet back where the minstrel awaits!
Talk to the Wandering Minstrel.
Wandering Minstrel: Welcome back. You've each found an item, I trust?
Wandering Minstrel: Well now, what have we here...?
Journal chosen:
Wandering Minstrel: The journal of an adventurer, you say... Despite the vendor's claims, such records typically do not have much historical value, on account of their limited perspective and inherent partiality.
Wandering Minstrel: Yet by the same token, they have great value to me, for they offer a glimpse into the writer's heart. There is no richer material for penning verses.
The Sultana's Seven pane chosen:
Wandering Minstrel: Ah yes, The Sultana's Seven, I know it well. 'Tis an iconic tale of leadership amidst great adversity.
Wandering Minstrel: It may be said that Her Majesty's actions that fateful day helped to forge Ul'dah as it is now. In that sense, it well suits the theme for my composition.
Ring chosen:
Wandering Minstrel: A knight who set out to fight for the realm and gave his life for a stranger... Be it fact or fiction, 'tis a moving tale of valor and sacrifice.
Wandering Minstrel: It reminds us that, though many events may be beneath history's remembrance, they may have altered the lives of those who lived them.
Wandering Minstrel: Now then, what of you, young Nhagi?
Wandering Minstrel: And what might this be?
Nhagi'a Jakkya: It's a scrapbook of articles from The Raven.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: You see, my sister is a reporter for the tabloid. During the Calamity, she traveled the realm, interviewing adventurers about their journeys. And I loved nothing more than to hear her tales.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: They seemed like such a diverse crowd, adventurers. No two people were alike. And yet they were united in the free, unshackled lives they lived. It struck a chord with me, and in time I found myself admiring them.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Looking back, it was my sister who instilled in me the desire to see the world─to become an adventurer. That's why I chose this scrapbook.
Wandering Minstrel: I see... The footprints someone leaves on their journey become the starting point for another...
Wandering Minstrel: Yes, a verse comes to me─a blessing for those souls who are taking their first chary steps into the unknown. Pray, lend me your ears...
???: Greetings, Warrior of Light.
???: This is a world that exists outside your reality. Could it be a dream? A flight of fancy conjured by your weary mind? Perhaps...or perhaps not.
Naoki Yoshida: 'Tis a pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Naoki Yoshida, and I have beckoned you here that I might express my gratitude.
Naoki Yoshida: First of all, I wish to thank you for continuing to grace us with your presence. You and your fellow adventurers are our inspiration, and this shall never change.
Naoki Yoshida: The world, however, is an ever-changing place, mysterious in its elusiveness.
Naoki Yoshida: Unexpected hardships may turn our lives upside down. And though we all desire peace deep in our hearts, the sparks of conflict never cease to be struck.
Naoki Yoshida: Like an adventurer's journey, the world is constantly moving towards the unknown, and it takes considerable courage to alter course.
Naoki Yoshida: Yet I ardently believe that it is a small-but-significant step in our quest to create new adventures.
Naoki Yoshida: Indeed, another great change is about to visit the world, and it shall open the way to exciting new journeys.
Naoki Yoshida: And 'tis our abiding hope that our journey together shall ever continue on, to the distant horizon and beyond.
Naoki Yoshida: ...Now, the time has come for this vision to end; time for your eyes to open from this waking dream.
Naoki Yoshida: Return to walking your path, and know that you are in our hearts always.
Naoki Yoshida: Till next we meet, I bid you safe travels.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Thank you for the generous reward─and the uplifting verse. It gives me courage for the road ahead.
Nhagi'a Jakkya: Speaking of which, it's time I set out on my own. Though it was brief, I enjoyed our time together, and I hope to see you again, somewhere out there!
Wandering Minstrel: Though much and more was lost in the Calamity, intrepid souls continue to set forth, paving the way unto the future. In such a moment in history do we stand, and for you I would perform another song.
Wandering Minstrel: ♪ Your life is a riddle, to bear gladness and grief,
'Neath stars and through storms, the answers to seek.♪
♪ Your footprints are threads, to be gathered and woven,
A song of dawn resplendent, dancing high to the heavens.♪
Wandering Minstrel: ♪ From the embrace of the gods though mankind has been torn,
Upon winds eternal lives and memories are borne.♪
Wandering Minstrel: ♪ The future is unwritten, bring it rapture or sorrow,
Our journey shall continue, unto tomorrow and tomorrow.♪
Wandering Minstrel: I wonder─how did you feel as you watched Nhagi set off? Did the sight fill you with worry for a fledgling adventurer? Or did it awaken fond memories of your own humble beginnings?
Wandering Minstrel: Whichever it may be, I know that yours is a journey more trying than most. There will be times when you are overcome by loneliness, and each step feels heavier than the last. In such a moment, I bid you remember this:
Wandering Minstrel: So long as you harbor love for this world, ever shall there be a place for you in it. Your adventures will never end.