Upper La Noscea

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Upper La Noscea

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Upper lanoscea1.jpg
Map of Upper La Noscea

La Noscea
Connects to
Outer La Noscea (N)
Eastern La Noscea (SE)
Western La Noscea (SW)
Camp Bronze Lake (X:30.1, Y:23.5)

Known primarily for the spectacular floating ruins of Nym which can be viewed all along the territory's northwestern edge, this area stretches to the north of La Noscea's inner regions, and rises slightly in elevation towards the mountain of O'Ghomoro.

— In-game description

Upper La Noscea is a zone in La Noscea.


Area Level range Points of interest
Bronze Lake 27-54
Landmark (map icon).png
Jijiroon's Trading Post
Ferry icon.png
Jijiroon's Trading Post Ferry
Landmark (map icon).png
The Wanderer's Palace
Merchant (map icon).png
Camp Bronze Lake
Aetheryte (map icon).png
Chocobokeep (map icon).png
Mail (map icon).png
Delivery Moogle
Merchant (map icon).png
Merchant & Mendor
Merchant (map icon).png
Independent Armorer
Zelma's Run 17-24
Landmark (map icon).png
Zelma's Run
Oakwood 11-24
Landmark (map icon).png
Landmark (map icon).png
Poor Maid's Mill
Landmark (map icon).png
Memeroon's Trading Post
Ferry icon.png
Memeroon's Trading Post Ferry
Merchant (map icon).png
Landmark (map icon).png
Fool Falls


Upper La Noscea Sidequests

Upper La Noscea FATEs

Shops & Services

See also: Merchant and Mender (Camp Bronze Lake)
See also: Independent Armorer (Camp Bronze Lake)
See also: Junkmonger (Jijiroon's Trading Post)
See also: Junkmonger (Memeroon's Trading Post)




Level Time Location Items
25 Any (x34,y25) Noble Grapes, Pixie Plums, Sticky Rice, Earth Shard, Chamomile, Pixie Plum Seeds (Hidden), Chamomile Seeds (Hidden)
45 Any (x34,y25) Rolanberry, Earth Shard, Sagolii Sage, Dart Frog, Black Scorpion, Rolanberry Seeds (Hidden)
50★★  ? (x30,y26) slot 2 Blood Orange
50★★  ? (x30,y26) slot 6 Bamboo Stick
50★★  ? (x30,y26) slot 8  ?


Level Time Location Items
25 Any (x13,y23) Fire Rock, Earth Shard. Water Rock, Lightning Rock
45 Any (x,y) Earth Shard, Electrum Ore. Raw Turquoise, Timeworn Toadskin Map (Hidden)
45 Any (x27,y30) Electrum Sand, Earth Shard. Marble, Timeworn Goatskin Map


Upper La Noscea
Bronze Lake Shallows River CrabFaerie BassJade EelPond MusselWorm of Nym
Fool Falls River CrabBluebell SalmonCopperfishJade EelWarmwater TroutFour-eyed FishDark BassFall JumperJoan of Trout
Northeast Bronze Lake Jade EelPond MusselFour-eyed FishBonytongueMitten CrabSilverfishGiant BassBronze Lake TroutGiant CatfishKing of the Spring
Oakwood River CrabFaerie BassJade EelPond MusselWarmwater TroutFour-eyed FishDark BassCommon SculpinCoeurlfishToramafish