Heavensturn (2015)

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Heavensturn (2015)
Heavensturn 2015 banner art.png
Event Start
December 31, 2014
Event Finish
January 14, 2015
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Heavensturn (2014)
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Heavensturn (2015) is a seasonal event that took place from December 31, 2014 to January 14, 2015.

Heavensturn is upon us at last, and once more the Twelve gather to determine who among them shall take the celestial vanguard in the coming year. As the deities of Eorzea convene to discuss matters of the divine, Far Eastern emissaries have arrived in their lands, heralding the advent of a different figurehead. Though they come bearing a martial message, it is only their curious ovine headwear and animal companion that have succeeded in garnering the townsfolk’s attentions thus far. Join their cause, and you too may lay claim to their festive trappings.

— Event description

Heavensturn (2015) Map.png


Talk to Merry Maid at (x11,y13) in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks to begin your quests. Complete the initial quest in Limsa Lominsa to obtain your first Kabuto helmet. 4 more quests will become unlocked. Complete the next 3 quests that sends you to the 3 cities of Eorzea to obtain Kabuto helmets in white, red and black. While doing these quests be sure to wear your Hitsuji Kabuto and have Tender Lamb summoned. If you summon another minion or log out you will need to speak to Hitsuji Yoriki again to get another Tender Lamb. After obtaining Kabuto helmets in 3 colors, return to Limsa Lominsa for your Tender Lamb minion.


Quest Type Level Quest Giver Rewards
Lions for Lambs Sidequest 15 Merry Maid 1 Hitsuji kabuto icon1.png  Hitsuji Kabuto
Sleepless in the Stable Sidequest 15 Hitsuji Bugyo 1 White hitsuji kabuto icon1.png  White Hitsuji Kabuto
Sleepless in the Swaddle Sidequest 15 Hitsuji Bugyo 1 Crimson hitsuji kabuto icon1.png  Crimson Hitsuji Kabuto
Sleepless in the Saloon Sidequest 15 Hitsuji Bugyo 1 Black hitsuji kabuto icon1.png  Black Hitsuji Kabuto
All's Wool That Ends Wool Sidequest 15 Hitsuji Bugyo 1 Tender lamb icon2.png  Tender Lamb



Name Points Task Reward Patch
On the Lamb (Achievement) Icon.png  On the Lamb 10 Complete the quest "All's Wool That Ends Wool." - 2.45



A band of Easterners have come to Eorzea to celebrate the changing of the heavenly guard, but it appears their leader is lacking in festive spirit. Speak with the merry maid of Limsa Lominsa to learn more of his doleful disposition.