Heavensturn (2021)

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Heavensturn (2021)
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Event Start
December 31, 2020
Event Finish
January 18, 2021
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Heavensturn (2020)
Heavensturn (2022)

Heavensturn (2021) is a seasonal event that took place from December 31, 2020 to January 18, 2021.

A new year fast approaches, and once more the Twelve convene to decide who amongst them will oversee the coming year. Such divine matters mean little in the Far East, however, and a delegate from those distant lands has come to Eorzea in the hopes of sharing their celebratory customs. Alas, their plans to mark the new year appear to have gone awry, and the Ushi Bugyo seeks assistance to steer their celebration back onto its proper course.

— Event description

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Start the event by talking to Ushi Bugyo in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x11.5,y13.9) to start the quest Steering Clear of Trouble. Players must be level 15 or higher.


Quest Type Level Quest Giver Rewards
Steering Clear of Trouble Sidequest 15 Ushi Bugyo
1 Crimson ushi kabuto icon1.png  Crimson Ushi Kabuto
1 Black ushi kabuto icon1.png  Black Ushi Kabuto
Bully for Mochi Sidequest 15 Ushi Bugyo 1 Magicked prism (advent cakes) icon1.png  Magicked Prism (Advent Cakes)



Name Points Task Reward Patch
Happy Moo Year Icon.png  Happy Moo Year 10 Complete the quest "Steering Clear of Trouble." - 5.4




Ushi Doshin

Ushi Doshin: Good morrow to you, my [GENDER]/lady. I am the ushi doshin, a member of a Far Eastern delegation come to share our traditions of Heavensturn with the good people of Eorzea. If there is aught you would know of this year's celebration, you need only ask.

> What do you do here?

Ushi Doshin: Why, we are here to celebrate Heavensturn, of course! And thanks to your timely assistance, we shall do so without fear of assault by sentient mochi.

Ushi Doshin: We shall have need of a great deal more advent cake, of course, and should we encounter those mochi monstrosities again, your aid would be most welcome!

> What is Heavensturn?

Ushi Doshin: You are unfamiliar with this festival? The tradition has a rich history which dates back centuries, but I do not wish to bore you, so I shall try and keep my summation brief.

Ushi Doshin: Heavensturn is a celebration that marks the start of a new year, though the way in which this day is observed differs from region to region. Here in Eorzea, it is said the Twelve select one among them to keep vigil over the realm until the next passing of the twelve moons. I believe this year it is Oschon, the Wanderer, who has been charged with this duty.

Ushi Doshin: In the Far East, however, the changing of the year is heralded by one of twelve totem animals. As you have no doubt discerned from my helm, this year we pay homage to the mighty ushi.

Ushi Doshin: Ah, forgive me. That name is likely unfamiliar to your ears. I believe you Eorzeans call this most majestic of beasts an ox. How such a peculiar name was conceived I will never know.

> What is mochi pounding?

Ushi Doshin: It is how we create our advent cakes, the staple sweet of Heavensturn in the Far East. We first prepare a sizable portion of steamed rice and place it in a mortar, where it is then pounded into the thick, sticky paste we call mochi.

Ushi Doshin: Though you may find it hard to believe, the pounding of the rice in and of itself is something of a spectacle─this year in particular. You see, the officials here in Limsa Lominsa have graciously offered to have the rice pounded by a Gozu, a gargantuan brute whose visage resembles the great ushi.

Ushi Doshin: If you wish to see for yourself, you need only make the short journey to middle La Noscea. You will find the mochi daikan near the Zephyr Drift. Happy pummeling!

Steering Clear of Trouble

Wakamaru: Bwoo!

Ushi Bugyo: Excuse me, [GENDER]/madam, but are you by chance an adventurer? Yes, only one so well traveled would dress in such a peculiar manner... Though I suppose some might argue it is my garbs which make for a spectacle in these lands.

Ushi Bugyo: Ahem, perhaps introductions are in order before I give further offense. I am the ushi bugyo, and I am come from the Far East to share with these good people the traditions of Heavensturn.

Ushi Bugyo: The Eorzeans believe that, at year's end, the gods choose one among their number to serve next as a herald of good fortune, is that right? In the Far East, it is not a god, but one of twelve great beasts that is chosen.

Ushi Bugyo: And this year it is the mighty ushi! I believe the locals here know it as an ox? If you are unfamiliar with this most sacred of animals, you need but look upon the resplendent figure adorning my kabuto.

Ushi Bugyo: Indeed, Heavensturn is a most wondrous celebration, the capstone of our festivities being the pounding of rice.

Ushi Bugyo: Ah, a woman of culture, I see. I have heard you adventurers are a worldly sort, and you are most certainly living up to your reputation.

Ushi Bugyo: Wishing to make the most of this momentous occasion, we received permission from the Adventurer's Guild to have the rice pounded not by a cyclops but a Gozu, which bears a striking resemblance to the divine beast which heralds the coming year.

Ushi Bugyo: Everything appeared to be proceeding apace, but the pounding was set to begin ages ago, and not even a morsel of mochi has found its way here.

Ushi Bugyo: When last I spoke with the mochi daikan, he assured me the pounding was nearly complete. Something has gone amiss. I am certain of it.

Ushi Bugyo: Dear [GENDER]/madam, might I prevail upon you to go and visit the pounding site? Duty demands I remain here to inform as many as possible of the upcoming festivities.

Ushi Bugyo: A thousand blessings upon you. I eagerly await your return, and the delivery of our advent mochi.

Wakamaru: Bwoo! Bwoo!

Ushi Bugyo: Oh my. It would appear Wakamaru here wishes to accompany you.

Ushi Bugyo: Though but a young calf, Wakamaru is surprisingly astute. I assure you he will not be a hindrance.

Wakamaru: Bwoo!

Ushi Bugyo: The mochi daikan should be at the pounding site to the southeast of the Zephyr Gate.

Ushi Doshin: Good morrow to you, my [GENDER]/lady. I am the ushi doshin, a member of a Far Eastern delegation come to share our traditions of Heavensturn with the good people of Eorzea. If there is aught you would know of this year's celebration, you need only ask.

Ushi Shonin: My apologies, [GENDER]/madam, but I do not yet have any traditional Heavensturn souvenirs to offer. But fear not─our good-bearers should arrive ere long.

Mochi Daikan: There, there. Everything is fine, now.

Mochi Daikan's Assistant: Easy now, Gozu.

Wakamaru: Groooaaar!

Mochi Daikan: I see no further signs of wayward mochi about. Let us return to Limsa Lominsa for now.

Mochi Daikan: Well met, adventurer. If you are come to observe the mochi pounding, look no further.

Mochi Daikan: We finished preparations but moments ago, and our Gozu is fit to give the mochi rice a most thorough pounding.

Mochi Daikan's Assistant: Stop! Stop the pounding!

Mochi Daikan's Assistant: We believe mochi mixed with waters from the Daitenzan's soulspring has stolen its way into our stores!

Mochi Daikan: From the soulspring...? Do you mean to tell me this mochi is alive!?

Mochi Daikan: Damn it, Gozu has been spooked. Quickly, we must dispense with the mochi!

Mochi Daikan: Curses, it's still moving!

Keep cutting!

Mochi Daikan: There, there. Everything is fine, now.

Mochi Daikan's Assistant: Easy now, Gozu.

Wakamaru: Groooaaar!

Mochi Daikan: I see no further signs of wayward mochi about. Let us return to Limsa Lominsa for now.

Mochi Daikan's Assistant: Easy now, Gozu.

Ushi Bugyo: You are returned. But what of the mochi daikan? And where is Wakamaru?

Mochi Daikan: We are here ushi bugyo, and none the worse for wear, all things considered.

Ushi Bugyo: Beset by sentient mochi? Having swallowed this year's reserves, mortar and all, I can but imagine what a terrible creature you faced.

Mochi Daikan: Would that this were the only time it was necessary to overcome such travails.

Mochi Daikan: During last year's celebration of the rat, we thought to use the waters of Daitenzan's soulspring in the making of our mochi. Much to our dismay, this resulted in not a delicacy, but a dreadful beast unlike anything we had ever seen.

Mochi Daikan: Though we thought it destroyed, I believe a sliver of that mochi monstrosity somehow survived. How it found its way to our supplies is anyone's guess.

Ushi Bugyo: But that is neither here nor there. Thanks to your efforts, the beast is no more, and we have more than enough advent cakes for our celebration!

Wakamaru: Bwoo!

Ushi Bugyo: As a small token of my appreciation, I offer you this─a kabuto much like mine own, adorned with a likeness of the majestic ox!

Ushi Bugyo: Ah, but before you leave... Might I be so bold as to ask a favor of you?

Ushi Bugyo: I wish to deliver treats to as many of the residents here in Limsa Lominsa as possible, and I suspect you know these streets far better than I.

Mochi Daikan: What an excellent idea.

Wakamaru: Bwoo!

Ushi Bugyo: If you are up to the task, we can discuss the details of my plan further.

Wakamaru: Bwoo!

Bully for Mochi

Wakamaru: Bwoo!

Ushi Bugyo: Ready to deliver advent cakes to the masses, are you? Good.

Ushi Bugyo: The task shouldn't prove unduly difficult─I imagine the people will only be too happy to receive the treats. If you could take yourself to these four locations and hand them to passersby, that should suffice to spread word of our festivities.

Wakamaru: Bwoo!

Ushi Bugyo: And Wakamaru would accompany you once again, it would seem. Perfect. With him at your side, your intentions will be plain for all to see.

Ushi Bugyo: Now then, I shan't keep you any longer. Go forth and let the good people know that Heavensturn is upon us!

Wakamaru: Bwoo!

Ushi Doshin: Good morrow to you, my [GENDER]/lady. I am the ushi doshin, a member of a Far Eastern delegation come to share our traditions of Heavensturn with the good people of Eorzea. If there is aught you would know of this year's celebration, you need only ask.

Standing near the southernmost part of the Aftcastle:

Wakamaru: Bwoo!

Rhoswen: What's this, then...? Ah, right. 'Eavensturn. Let's 'ave one o' them cakes, then.

Rhoswen: Actually, make it two. I know someone who'd be mighty sore to miss out.

Wawalago: Ah, if it isn't the ever-ravishing Rhoswen! Come to secure some celebratory sweets, have you?

Rhoswen: W-Wawalago! The 'ells ye doin' sneakin' up on folk like that!?

Wawalago: Oho, I see you've not one, but two advent cakes. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were securing a snack for a significant someone as well!

Rhoswen: Y-Ye've got it all wrong. I-I'm feelin' famished, see, an' one cake wouldn't be enough to satisfy me...

Wawalago: Is that right? And there I was boldly believing that one was bound for Carvallain!

Rhoswen: N-Now ye listen 'ere! Ye say any more, an' I'll cut off yer blabbin' tongue─debts be damned!

Wawalago: <sigh> Still fast to fly into a fury, I see... Small wonder you can't reel in a romantic rendezvous.

Rhoswen: Hmph! I'm leader o' the Sanguine Sirens. I've no interest in such nonsense!

Wawalago: Such senseless stubbornness... If she's not true to her feelings, she'll never catch the fish she fancies.

Carvallain: What have we here? A calf? Ah, but of course─Heavensturn. You must be distributing advent cakes. If you have some left, I should like to have one.

Wawalago: W-Wait, Carvallain. Someone has already come to collect a cake on your behalf.

Carvallain: On my behalf? I do not recall giving such an order to my crew.

Carvallain: Well, if it should transpire that they had the forethought to procure one in my stead, then all well and good. But until such time as this is known─a cake, if you please.

Wawalago: Oh dear. A situation as sticky─though nowhere near as scrumptious─as the cakes. Speaking of which...may I have one too?

Wakamaru: Bwoo...

Standing near the Maelstrom Command:

Wakamaru: Bwoo!

R'ashaht Rhiki: [Grand Company Rank] [Surname], what a welcome surprise. In the company of a young calf... If you're working with the Far Eastern delegates, then I take it you have advent cakes. Might I trouble you for one?

???: R'ashaht! Shouldn't you be at yer post?

R'ashaht Rhiki: Ah! W-Well, the [Grand Company Rank] was on break, you see, and...erm...

R'ashaht Rhiki: ...Oh, it's just you, Baderon. I'll thank you not to startle me like that!

Baderon Tenfingers: Heh heh, apologies, Commander. I couldn't 'elp meself.

Baderon Tenfingers: Heh. Commander...

R'ashaht Rhiki: What is it? Have you something on your mind?

Baderon Tenfingers: It's nothin', lass. It still feels strange to call ye by yer title, is all.

R'ashaht Rhiki: What are you implying? Do you think me unworthy of my station?

Baderon Tenfingers: No, no. It's just...when I look at ye, I still see the spirited young adventurer what was determined to help damn near everyone as stepped in her path.

Baderon Tenfingers: That kind-hearted girl's still there, mind, but she's done some growin' too. I can't think of anyone better to lead the Foreign Levy. I'm proud o' ye, lass.

R'ashaht Rhiki: I...I don't know what to say.

Baderon Tenfingers: Anyroad, yer handin' out them cakes, am I right? I'd be much obliged fer one.

R'ashaht Rhiki: Ahem. If it's all the same to you, I ask that you keep that conversation private. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must return to my post.

Wakamaru: Bwoo bwoo!

Standing near the Armorer & Blacksmiths' Guilds:

Wakamaru: Bwoo!

H'naanza: Just when I thought I heard a peculiar lowing... Brithael, come see! They're handing out advent cakes!

Brithael: Cake...? I'm afraid my stomach couldn't handle it right now...

H'naanza: And there I was thinking your condition had improved.

H'naanza: At any rate, might I trouble you for two? One for me, and another for when his stomach's more agreeable.

???: I would have one as well, if I may.

Brithael: A-Admiral!?

Merlwyb: Well, well, if it isn't my esteemed guildmasters. Come to partake of advent cakes as well, have you?

H'naanza: We have. We weren't aware you were fond of them too, Admiral.

Brithael: Aye. An' busy as ye are, I thought ye would've sent someone to collect in yer stead.

Merlwyb: These advent cakes are said to bring one good fortune, are they not? I cannot well imagine good fortune would favor those unwilling to make an effort to personally receive it.

H'naanza: A sentiment with which we can relate, Admiral. The gods know we crafting folk are a superstitious lot.

Brithael: Aye, an' cakes aside, I've to say that just bein' out here amidst the festivities is doin' me good. My head feels clearer already.

Merlwyb: I'm glad to hear it.

Merlwyb: I too enjoy the opportunity to be out here alone, just another citizen, without an armed escort. Marshal Slafyrsyn will have a thing or two to say afterwards, but it is worth it.

Merlwyb: Now then, if you would be so kind...

Merlwyb: My thanks. And now, to find a quiet place to enjoy this in peace.

H'naanza: We should be taking our leave as well. Thank you again for the cake.

Wakamaru: Bwoo, bwoo!

Standing near the Culinarians' Guild:

Wakamaru: Bwoo! Bwoo bwoo!

Lyngsath: What's this, now? Spreadin' a bit o' Heavensturn cheer, are ye? Hope that means ye've got advent cakes to share as well.

Neneroon: Lyngsath! Neneroon was not expecting such an unexpected meeting.

Lyngsath: Well, well, if it ain't our trusty 'elper from last year's festival.

Neneroon: Neneroon helped muchly, but Lyngsath's help was much more helpful. Many readers read the Harbor Herald, and many came to taste tasty advent cakes.

Neneroon: Thanks to you, people found newfound respect for Qiqirns!

Lyngsath: Come now, I merely gave me honest opinion o' the food. It was yer 'ard work what won folk over.

Neneroon: Lyngsath not credit himself with enough credit. Without your descriptive descriptions of cakes, people may never have tried them.

Lyngsath: Well, anyone what appreciates a good treat would've come 'round eventually, I reckon, but I appreciate yer kind words all the same.

Neneroon: But enough talking talkatively! Neneroon would feast on feast of advent cake!

Neneroon: Hardworking people work hard to make cakes. Neneroon think of them as Neneroon chew on chewy goodness!

Lyngsath: A strong sense o' duty, that one...

Lyngsath: Well, I'll be off meself. Need to find a nice, quiet spot to enjoy me own morsel.

Wakamaru: Bwoo!

Returning to the ushi bugyo:

Wakamaru: Bwoo!

Ushi Bugyo: Ah, you are returned, and with far fewer cakes than when you left!

Ushi Bugyo: In the Far East, it is said the ushi is the embodiment of honest and hard work─qualities which I see are shared by the adventurers of this land.

Ushi Bugyo: I have no doubt this year's Heavensturn will be a rousing success, thanks in no small part to you.

Wakamaru: Bwoo! Bwoo!

Speaking to Ushi Bugyo and Wakamaru immediately after Bully for Mochi is complete:

Ushi Bugyo: My thanks again for your assistance in rectifying our mochi problem.

Ushi Bugyo: If by some chance the mochi should again attain sentience, I trust we can turn to you for aid?

Wakamaru: Bwoo!