Valentione's and Little Ladies' Day (2021)

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Valentione's and Little Ladies' Day (2021)
Valentione's Day and Little Ladies Day 2021 banner art.png
Event Start
February 10, 2021
Event Finish
March 8, 2021
Event Chain
Valentione's Day
Little Ladies' Day
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Little Ladies' Day (2022)

Valentione's and Little Ladies' Day (2021) is a seasonal event that took place from February 10, 2021 to March 8, 2021.

Once again, the cities of Eorzea stir with excitement as they prepare for the next round of seasonal celebrations.
This year, however, is a little different: Valentione’s Day and Little Ladies’ Day will be arriving together in a collaboration of joy, affection, and delicious confections! Join in the festivities and discover the adorable rewards to be earned!

— Event description

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  • Level 15
  • Players must first complete one of the following main scenario quests: "The Gridanian Envoy," "The Ul'dahn Envoy," or "The Lominsan Envoy."



Quest Type Level Quest Giver Rewards
A Delivery of Love Sidequest 15 Lisette de Valentione
Little Lady Adventurer Sidequest 15 Elyne 1 Lovely moogle cap icon1.png  Lovely Moogle Cap

Event Info

  • For this year's event, the festival decorations on display will vary from city to city.
  • The cities' residential districts, however, will be decorated according to the schedule:
    • Valentione's Day Decorations: February 10, 12:00 a.m. to February 21, 6:59 a.m. (PST)
    • Little Ladies' Day Decorations: February 21, 7:00 a.m. to March 8, 6:59 a.m. (PST)



Name Points Task Reward Patch
Lovely moogle cap icon1.png  Celebrating in Sync 10 Complete the quest “Little Lady Adventurer.” - 5.45




NOTE: There is 1 missing side-dialogue from Astrid and Kupka Kupp each, right before completing an objective at Ul'dah in front of the Royal Seneschal.

Hortefense: Welcome to the festive phenomenon that is Valentione's Day! Pray join Lisette and her emissaries in this celebration of love, pure and passionate!

Rodrigault: Valentione's Day is come. It stands to reason that this is the season when romance best blooms, free of worries and dooms.

Bert: The season of ardor and affection has reached its zenith! Should matters of the heart be weighing you down, the ever-hot-blooded Bert the Beloved stands ready to help lighten your burden!

Mayeulons: We're closed. Come back later.

<sigh> Would that every day could be a festival...

Astrid: <sigh> How long must I wear the mantle of “novice”?

A Delivery of Love

[Unvoiced cutscene START]

Lisette de Valentione: Do you feel it, my friend? Love is in the air, and I, Lisette de Valentione, shall encourage one and all to reach out and seize it by the fistful!

Lisette de Valentione: Ah, Valentione's Day! The time has come for me and my fellow emissaries to enfold this realm in the tender embrace of ardor and affection. But I fear my perfect plan has encountered a tiny wrinkle...

Lisette de Valentione: Did you perhaps recognize the anguish in mine eyes─the quiet desperation? Oh, what happy fortune has delivered unto me this gentle savior!

Lisette de Valentione: The problem, you see, lies with young Astrid here. Oh, she does well enough as an apprentice, but she insists I allow her free rein as a full emissary. Too soon, I say! The bud has not yet flowered!

Astrid: Oh, Lisette. What more must I do to prove myself...?

???: My dear child... Allow me to explain, kupo!

Mysterious Moogle:' One cannot expect to master romance in a matter of months! True understanding of love requires expansive experience and nuanced knowledge! Acquisition of such whimsical wisdom is the work of years, kupo!

Astrid: A moogle...with a heart-shaped pom!? Where did you come from!?

Kupka Kupp: I am Kupka Kupp, deliverer of penned passion, and maestro in the myriad matters of the heart! Any amateur emissary would be wise to heed my words, kupo!

Kupka Kupp: ...But I did not wing my way here to lecture green-stalked striplings. Nay, it is the adventurer with whom I have business.

Kupka Kupp: That letter's author is a girl by the name of Elyne─a dear friend of mine, and an incurable admirer of yours, kupo. Such a plucky young thing, she is, though lately stricken with deepest melancholy...

Kupka Kupp: I cannot bear to see her brood so! If you will only help me, I am sure we can restore her usual good cheer, kupo!

Astrid: Then you must allow me to help as well! We serve the cause of love in all its forms, and a mission born of friendship certainly qualifies.

Kupka Kupp: The more the merrier, kupo! I'll not turn away aid freely offered, even from a fumbling fledgling.

Astrid: Hmph. Well, I promise this “fumbling fledgling” will endeavor to do her best.

Astrid: First things first: why don't we hear what Elyne has to say in her missive to you, adventurer? Just as the eyes are windows to the soul, so might her words permit us a glimpse into her heart.

Elyne's Letter: Dear [Forename],

I hope this letter finds you well. I've always heard how brave you are, so I decided to be brave too and tell you my story.

Elyne's Letter: The truth is, I've never been outside the Twelveswood. I dreamed of building my strength and skills so that I could follow in your footsteps, and maybe one day see the sea with my very own eyes.

Elyne's Letter: But now I'm not sure that day will ever come. I suppose I'll just have to imagine those sparkling shores, and be content with the tales of your adventures. I hope the roads you travel always bring you home safe and sound.

Astrid: 'Tis obvious she thinks the world of you, [Forename]. I wonder, then, what caused her to abandon her plans to travel the realm as you do.

Kupka Kupp: Elyne has spent long hours drilling in spear and bow, preparing herself for adventure... It makes no sense for her to suddenly give up, kupo!

Astrid: It certainly is a mystery. She loves the sea, yes? Perhaps if we visit the shore ourselves, it might provide the inspiration we need to encourage her.

Kupka Kupp: A fine idea, kupo! Come along with me to middle La Noscea, the pair of you. We can find a nice spot on the coast near the mouth of the Agelyss River!

Lisette de Valentione: This is what Valentione's is all about, my dears. Go on, now! You can leave the festival events to me!

“A Delivery of Love” accepted.

Astrid: I wish Elyne herself could see this. But if she can't─or won't─make the journey, then what would be the next best thing...?

Kupka Kupp: Elyne loves to hear about the world beyond the Twelveswood, kupo! When I tell tales of my travels, she always hangs on every word.

Kupka Kupp: She seems especially enraptured by the idea of ocean waters sparkling in the sunlight. I suppose when one has lived one's whole life amongst the trees, such a sight sounds splendid indeed.

Astrid: What if we were to bring such a sight to Elyne? Perhaps a painting of the sea and its grandeur would serve to stoke the fires of this dream she has let burn so low!

Kupka Kupp: ...It just might work, kupo! Yes, I must have a canvas at once!

Kupka Kupp: Whilst I am occupied with my easel, you must gather a posy of the sweet-scented flowers from hereabouts. The heady fragrance of Vylbrand will surely excite Elyne's senses just as well as the sight of its beauty.

Kupka Kupp: Might I suggest the blooms just northwest of Tiller's Rest? Those are particularly lovely, and shall perfectly complement my art!

“A Delivery of Love” objective fulfilled!

Astrid: I shall see about providing Kupka with paints and such.

Kupka Kupp: The flowers if you would, my good [GENDER]/woman. I must make preparations for my artwork!

“A Delivery of Love” objective fulfilled!

Astrid: That was quick! But Kupka was even quicker─the painting is finished!

Kupka Kupp: Ah, [Forename]! You encountered no difficulties picking flowers, I trust?

Kupka Kupp: Perfect! A scent almost as evocative of this shoreline as the sea air itself, kupo!

Kupka Kupp: And with the paints our fledg─er, Miss Astrid was so kind as to provide, I have but this moment completed my depiction of the sea!

Astrid: I was able to employ a secret an artist once taught me about La Noscean shells: ground up and mixed with water, they make for pigments of surprisingly good quality. It seemed the perfect choice for the task at hand.

Kupka Kupp: Pray forgive me for calling you a stripling, kupo! Your assistance has been both apt and timely!

Kupka Kupp: Right, then! Now that we have blooms and painting both, let us deliver our bounty of love. If I know Elyne─and I do─she will be mooning about in the vicinity of Sweetbloom Pier, kupo.

“A Delivery of Love” objective fulfilled!

Elyne: [Forename]! It's really you! I... Kupka didn't say anything about bringing you back with him!

Kupka Kupp: [Forename] and Astrid have been helping me prepare a little gift for you, Elyne!

Kupka Kupp: My work keeps me ever busy delivering love and happiness to others, but this time it's your turn, kupo!

Kupka Kupp: I've painted you a picture of the La Noscean sea! Do you like it? Astrid here made the paints herself out of seashells, kupo. And [Forename] carefully picked the perfect flowers to accompany the scene.

Elyne: It's so pretty! And this scent─I could close my eyes and imagine I was on a faraway island!

Kupka Kupp: Even more breathtaking sights and sounds─and smells!─await you in distant lands, kupo! Why not go and visit them yourself? Why give up on your dreams?

Elyne: Oh, Kupka...

Elyne: I tried to do better, I really did. But no matter how much I practiced my archery and spearwork, I never seemed to improve compared to the other students.

Elyne: Just wandering the Twelveswood is dangerous enough. If I can't even protect myself here, how could I think of exploring further? It was a silly idea...

Elyne: I...never thought of that. There's more than one way to become an adventurer, isn't there? I should go and visit the Conjurers' Guild!

Kupka Kupp: Thank you Astrid, [Forename]─a little gift and a few inspiring words have done the trick! How delightful to see Elyne so positive again, kupo!

Astrid: I am thrilled to have been of service! And, yes, what a wonderful feeling to put a smile on your dear friend's face!

Kupka Kupp: Hmmm, feeling, feeling... Why do I have the feeling I'm forgetting something, kupo?

Kupka Kupp: Ah! Pluck my pom, kupo!

Kupka Kupp: I still have a delivery to make in Ul'dah! The Songbirds must have their love letters, kupo!

Elyne: Um, [Forename]? If you're not in too much of a hurry, do you think I could ask you a favor...?

“A Delivery of Love” complete!

Kupka Kupp: I really must deliver these letters...but I am curious to hear the nature of this favor, kupo!

Astrid: Elyne is happy and our work is done. Or so I thought! Pray lend the young lady your ear, [Forename].

Elyne: You'll help me, then? Oh, thank you, [Forename]!

Elyne: More than anything right now, I want to join Kupka on his trip to Ul'dah.

Elyne: The problem is, I'm afraid my parents will be too worried to let me go. But if they knew that you were going with me...

Kupka Kupp: This could be your first step on the road to adventure!

Elyne: So you're saying you'll come!? Wonderful! Oh, I have to tell my parents right away!

Kupka Kupp: I shall be right behind you when you do, a voice of steady reassurance!

Astrid: I, too, would like to see this tale to its conclusion. One can hardly abandon the ship of love ere it docks safely in the harbor!

Astrid: Before we leave for Ul'dah, however, I should report to Lisette the reason for my continued absence. Let us convene at the airship landing when we are ready to depart!

Little Lady Adventurer

Elyne: They said yes! Kupka helped me convince them!

Astrid: Wonderful! And might I say, you look very smart in your traveling clothes!

Kupka Kupp: Yes, it is all very exciting, but let us not forget your promise to return within the agreed-upon time, kupo! All aboard for Ul'dah! Once we arrive, I must speak with the royal seneschal at the Ruby Road Exchange.

“Little Lady Adventurer” objective fulfilled!

Royal Servant: Good evening to you, adventurer. Have you any questions regarding the history of Little Ladies' Day, I am at your service.

Royal Servant: Once a year, when the peach blossoms come to bloom, Eorzea celebrates all the lovely and spirited young maidens who bring such joy to our realm.

Royal Servant: The origins of the holiday can be traced back to events that happened some three centuries past, when the Thorne Dynasty still reigned in Ul'dah.

Royal Servant: The plucky princess Edvya, tired of being sequestered within palace walls by her overprotective father─the sultan Baldric Thorne─exchanged garb with a miller girl and wandered off into town in search of adventure.

Royal Servant: Upon learning of his daughter's disappearance, the sultan was stricken with panic. He summoned the palace guard─down to the last man─and ordered them to tear the city apart to see that no harm befell his precious princess.

Royal Servant: ...And tear the city apart they did. The poor miller whose daughter assisted the princess in her escape saw his house nigh ripped from the ground, while the family was threatened with imprisonment and worse.

Royal Servant: To the good fortune of all, Princess Edvya was soon found just outside the palace walls. When she confessed the true reason that she had run away, her father was racked with guilt for his actions. He had the miller's house rebuilt by his most skilled craftsmen, and offered to personally serve as seneschal to the miller girl for a day to atone for his actions.

Royal Servant: The commonfolk were deeply moved by their sultan's newfound compassion. The sultan himself, vowing to never forget the lessons he had learned, declared that each year he would serve as seneschal for a young girl chosen from the townspeople by lot.

Royal Servant: The tradition continued long after Sultan Baldric's death, living on even as the Thorne Dynasty gave way to the Ul. In time, it spread to other nations, where it took on new forms, eventually evolving into the Little Ladies' Day celebration that we know and love today.

Royal Servant: Princess Edvya was the one and only daughter of Sultan Baldric of House Thorne, the Hyuran noble house that ruled Ul'dah some three hundred years ago to the day.

Royal Servant: Her disappearance from the palace, the commotion that followed, and its eventual resolution─oft retold as the “Legend of the Lost Lady”─are said to represent the origins of the celebration we now know as Little Ladies' Day.

Royal Servant: It is said that before the events of that day, relations between the spirited princess and her stern, overly protective father were strained at best. Though the father claimed to love his daughter dearly, the form this love took was the stifling sort.

Royal Servant: The princess's disappearance and return changed everything. Sultan Baldric gained a newfound respect for his daughter's independent nature, while Princess Edvya realized that her father's treatment of her was born of simple misunderstanding, not lack of love.

Royal Servant: The bonds between the two grew only stronger in the months and years to follow, and the two came to be celebrated as the most ideal embodiment of father and daughter that the realm had ever seen.

Royal Servant: Well, ordinarily the streets would be adorned with hearts around this time of the year...but as Little Ladies' Day is fast approaching, the organizers have graciously allowed us to begin preparations for our festival instead.

Royal Servant: Valentione's Day events are, however, in full swing elsewhere. If you should like to participate, I suggest you visit Gridania and have a word with their emissaries of love!

Elyne: Such a big and noisy place! And look at all these buildings! Do they make everything out of stone, here?

Kupka Kupp: Elyne seems to be enjoying herself, kupo! Perhaps we can see more of the city once I've tended to my duties.

Royal Seneschal: Well met, adventurer! I am the royal seneschal, and it is my great pleasure and privilege to oversee the joyous events of Little Ladies' Day.

Kupka Kupp: My dear seneschal, how time does pass us by, kupo! I come once more, bearing letters of love for the Songbirds.

Royal Seneschal: And how eagerly do they await your arrival, dear Kupka! Our lovely ladies are presently occupied with rehearsals for their upcoming performance, but they should be back any moment. ...Ahem, are these fine people all your assistants?

Kupka Kupp: Ah, how remiss of me, kupo! Allow me to make the introductions...

Royal Seneschal: But isn't this fitting! Why, it's as if [Forename] is acting as seneschal for this darling young princess!

Astrid: Yes! Exactly! And even as a Little Ladies' Day wish is coming true, so, too, are we fulfilling a mission of love for Valentione's Day. Two wonderful celebrations, joyfully coinciding...

Astrid: ...Oh, which reminds me! I have a missive here for you from Lisette, our eminent emissary of romance and affection.

Royal Seneschal: ...Hmmm. Seeing as our respective festivals are set to take place at much the same time, the Lady Valentione proposes a joint event of some manner.

Royal Seneschal: This is indeed a rare opportunity, and one too precious to be squandered. But what might be suitable, I wonder...

???: By the gods, I need a bath! But I'd say we're all ready for the big show!

Royal Seneschal: Ah, ladies! Kupka Kupp is here with your mail.

Kupka Kupp: I have a bundle for each of you, kupo!

Ulala: I thought for certain I would have the biggest pile this time! Why is it we always receive the exact same number of fan letters!?

Narumi: Well, I think it's nice... We're all equally loved!

Masha Mhakaracca: Besides, it's about the content, not the quantity. All those words of admiration and encouragement...

Masha Mhakaracca: This fan writes, “I can hardly wait to see your next performance, not to mention your newest outfits.” ...Gods, we haven't even decided what to do with our costumes.

Narumi: “A new look for a new us” was the idea, but if we don't come up with something soon, we'll be taking to the stage in what we're wearing now.

Elyne: What about the Valentione's Day costumes? I think they're really adorable!

Astrid: Elyne! That's a splendid idea! We could easily sew the same pattern using fabric in the Songbirds' signature colors─red, blue, and yellow.

Ulala: That is a splendid idea. A dash of Valentione flavor to spice up a Little Ladies' confection! It'll be the talk of the town!

Royal Seneschal: Well now, it would seem Lisette's desire for a joint event has found its answer.

Astrid: Indeed! I shall return to Gridania to arrange the costumes and report the good news.

Royal Seneschal: Pray take your ease, ladies. I will inform you once the new outfits have arrived.

Royal Seneschal: And what are your own plans? If you aren't otherwise occupied, might I ask for a helping hand whilst you await the return of your companion? There would be no rush─you could even complete the task as you take a tour of the city. What say you?

“Little Lady Adventurer” objective fulfilled!

Elyne: I wonder what kind of task the seneschal wants us to do. Let's ask him!

Royal Seneschal: It is a simple errand, really: I've a single delivery that I should like you to make to the children's ward at Frondale's Phrontistery.

Elyne: We're to be trusted with a delivery!? I feel like an adventurer already!

Royal Seneschal: Oho, you've set your sights on becoming an adventurer, have you? Well then, Mistress Elyne, we must reward you accordingly: whatever portion of my delivery remains “unclaimed” shall be yours to keep. How does that sound?

Elyne: Y-You can count on me, sir! Um...what is this “children's ward” exactly, anyway?

Kupka Kupp: From what I understand, 'tis a place where little ones around your age are sent to recover from illness, kupo.

Royal Seneschal: There will be a lady there by the name of Aldiytha. Put the package directly into her hands, if you please.

Elyne: Yes, sir! On our way, sir!

“Little Lady Adventurer” objective fulfilled!

Royal Seneschal: Your little adventurer companion is positively charming, isn't she?

Phrontistery Alchemist: A delivery from the royal seneschal, is it? The children's ward is right through here.

Aldiytha: ...I see! Well, you have my thanks, my little adventurer, as do your friends.

Kupka Kupp: If I may ask, Lady Aldiytha, where are all the children? I hadn't expected the ward to be so quiet, kupo...

Aldiytha: They're with the physicians, undergoing a scheduled examination. We put up decorations whilst they're away, you see, ready to surprise them upon their return!

Aldiytha: These sweets you've brought us from the seneschal are part of the celebrations. Perhaps you might like to stay and help hand them out?

Elyne: Oh! I would like that very much!

Kupka Kupp: Handing out sweets is an act of love, and very much in keeping with Valentione's Day tradition. As an emissary, it would be my duty and my joy, kupo!

Damielliot: I was aware of plans to decorate the ward, but I did not expect we would be welcoming such delightful visitors as well.

Damielliot: Look how happy the children are to meet Mistress Elyne and Master Kupka. It is not often they get to make new friends of their own age, not to mention a different city, so this is quite a special occasion.

Elyne: Lady Aldiytha gave me the leftover sweets as a reward! I guess that means we finished the job the seneschal gave us.

Aldiytha: And a fine job it was. I shall be staying here with the children for a time, so might I ask that you convey my regards to the seneschal?

Kupka Kupp: Of course! We should be getting back in any case, kupo! Astrid will surely have returned by now.

“Little Lady Adventurer” objective fulfilled!

Aldiytha: Thank you again for your assistance. I would also thank the royal seneschal for his thoughtfulness, but my duties keep me here for the time being. I'm sure he will understand.

Damielliot: The children were adamant that they would visit Elyne and Kupka in Gridania once they recovered from their ailments. Their gentle presence in the ward was a gift, I tell you, far more beneficial than any tonic or elixir.

Phrontistery Alchemist: Shall I guide you inside the children's ward?

Kupka Kupp: I don't see Astrid, kupo...

Elyne: We should tell the seneschal we made his delivery...shouldn't we?

Royal Seneschal: Thank you for delivering that most important cargo. And how is the Lady Aldiytha? Will she be joining us for the festivities?

Elyne: She said she needed to stay with the children for the moment. Oh, but she did let me have the rest of the sweets, just like you promised!

Royal Seneschal: But of course! It is only fair you be paid for services rendered.

Royal Seneschal: As for your companion, Mistress Astrid returned a short while ago with the promised costumes, and is assisting the Songbirds with the fitting. The ladies will be mounting the stage momentarily─you'll stay to watch their performance, of course?

Ulala: Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome, and thank you for coming to our concert!

Narumi: Valentione's Day festivities are in full swing, and now, here in Ul'dah, Little Ladies' Day has taken over the city! This is our chance to have double the fun!

Masha Mhakaracca: Have you all noticed our Valentione-themed costumes? This performance is dedicated to the ideals of both festivals, and we mean to give our emissary friends a run for their money! Prepare to feel the love!

Elyne: The Songbirds are so amazing...and pretty...and lovely!

Astrid: It's no wonder they're so popular! With the way they can stir people's hearts, we may have to appoint them as honorary emissaries...

Kupka Kupp: I certainly feel inadequate after that performance, kupo. Perhaps I'm not as wise in the ways of love as I thought.

Narumi: Did you see how much the crowd loved our outfits, Elyne!? We have you and your friends to thank for that!

Elyne: I was just saying how pretty you three looked. I'm so glad it went well!

Elyne: I don't know when, or even if, I'll ever be a real adventurer, but this trip to Ul'dah felt like a great start─going on a journey, and helping out the seneschal...

Masha Mhakaracca: Oh, you want to be an adventurer? You must be very brave!

Masha Mhakaracca: Chasing a dream is no easy feat, especially ones that take a great deal of training and dedication. Sometimes they seem so far away...but we reach for them all the same, don't we?

Narumi: That's because having a dream is the best thing there is! Sure, there'll be times when you feel it's all too hard, but remember to keep that fire inside burning bright! Ulala: Exactly! And don't you ever say “if”! Stick with “when”! Your dream will always be there, waiting. Put one foot in front of the other, and you'll get there in the end. Ulala: Praise yourself whenever you make it even one step further than the day before. That's what I do! It builds confidence, and helps you stay positive.

Elyne: I will! Thank you...all of you.

Elyne: I'll never stop chasing my dream...

“Little Lady Adventurer” objective fulfilled!

Royal Seneschal: The Songbirds know a thing or two about chasing dreams. Ah, but it warms my heart to see these young ones so determined to bring about ever-brighter days.

Astrid: “Your dream will always be there, waiting.” Now isn't that a reassuring thought?

Kupka Kupp: We had best be getting Elyne back home, kupo! Her parents will be expecting her!

Elyne: I suppose I better be heading home...but when I next come to Ul'dah, I'll have to bring some Twelveswood flowers for the children's ward.

Kupka Kupp: I'm sure they would love that, kupo! And it would be nice to have a longer chat with our new friends.

Astrid: Shall we board the airship, then? Lisette wished to see us upon our return, so pray join me at the amphitheatre if you have time.

“Little Lady Adventurer” objective fulfilled!

Lisette de Valentione: Welcome back, everyone! Our dear Astrid explained all the excitement when she came to arrange the costumes.

Lisette de Valentione: I am so pleased to see you lifted out of that gloomy mood, Elyne! And I really must thank you for your excellent suggestion!

Elyne: Oh, Lady Lisette, you should have seen the Songbirds in their Valentione outfits─they were adorable!

Elyne: Thank you, [Forename]. I never would have braved any of this if it weren't for you!

Elyne: Now, if an adventurer helps you, you're supposed to give them a reward. I'll have to ask Mother and Father what we can spare...

Elyne: It wasn't nothing! I will repay you for this! Someday...

Elyne: ...Well, I really should be going now. Please know that I'll never forget this for as long as I live!

Elyne: Thank you, Kupka, for encouraging me to write that letter. I always enjoy our talks in the wood.

Elyne: And thank you, Astrid, for staying with me until the end! I'll come to see you as often as I can before Valentione's Day is over.

Elyne: And I can never thank you enough, [Forename]! I dream of the day we can travel together again!

Astrid: I know I was on a mission of love for Elyne, and yet somehow I feel I gained as much from the experience as she did.

Astrid: I thought I understood what being an emissary was all about, but there is so much more. You were right, Lisette─I was trying to dash through the garden, when I should have stopped to count the petals...

Lisette de Valentione: Well, that's one way of putting it. But at least now you know what you don't know, and that's at least two-thirds of the journey!

Astrid: If I could bring as much joy as even one-third of the Songbirds, I would be happy!

Kupka Kupp: Well, I shall be learning right alongside you, Astrid. It wouldn't do to have a fledgling outdo me, kupo!

Lisette de Valentione: Fear not, my eager emissaries! Valentione's Day is not over yet, and there's still plenty of love to spread around!

“Little Lady Adventurer” complete!

When speaking to Lisette immediately after the quest:

Lisette de Valentione: The sun has not yet set on our festival of ardor and affection! Gridania and Limsa Lominsa are fully infused with Valentione fever. Now is the time to take a chance─to make your move!