Heavensturn (2017)

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Heavensturn (2017)
Heavensturn 2017 banner art.png
Event Start
December 31, 2016
Event Finish
January 16, 2017
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Heavensturn (2016)
Heavensturn (2018)

Heavensturn (2017) is a seasonal event that took place from December 31, 2016 to January 16, 2017.

With Heavensturn upon us, the Twelve convene once more to decide who amongst them shall ascend the throne and take up the reins for the coming year. As the deities on high discuss matters of the divine, Far Eastern delegates arrive on Eorzean soil, intent on celebrating the advent of the new year with a different figurehead─the chocobo. Unfortunately for them, local citizens are far from enthusiastic to join in on their festivities and their leader, the tori buygo, makes one last-ditch attempt to garner interest. Join their cause, and be rewarded with not only a shower of smiles and praise, but also one-of-a-kind equipment from the far side of the sea.

— Event description

Heavensturn (2017) Map.png



Quest Type Level Quest Giver Rewards
A Thousand Blows Sidequest 15 Tori Bugyo 1 Red tori kabuto icon1.png  Red Tori Kabuto
1 Black tori kabuto icon1.png  Black Tori Kabuto



Name Points Task Reward Patch
Dying for Paissa Icon.png  Dying for Paissa 10 Complete the quest "A Thousand Blows." - 3.45



A delegation from the Far East has come to Eorzea to celebrate the advent of the year of the rooster, but it appears their leader is having trouble garnering the local citizens' interest. Spurned─for reasons unbeknownst to him─by each and every person he attempts to approach, the tori bugyo is desperately trying to rectify a Heavensturn festival that may already be beyond salvation.