Central Shroud

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Central Shroud

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Central Shroud Map.jpg
Map of Central Shroud

The Black Shroud
Connects to
New Gridania (N)
North Shroud (N)
East Shroud (NE)
The Lavender Beds (SE)
South Shroud (S)
Bentbranch Meadows (X:21.7, Y:22.2)

The area of the Twelveswood closest to Gridania, the Central Shroud is rich in water: in its north lies the Jadeite Flood, in the south sit twin lakes known as the Mirror, and in its interior flow the East and West Vein streams. As one might expect, the Central Shroud is home to a veritable host of flora species.

— In-game description

Central Shroud is a zone in The Black Shroud.


Area Level range Points of interest
Bentbranch 10-14
Landmark (map icon).png
Landmark (map icon).png
The Hedgetree
Ferry icon.png
Mirror Planks Docks
Dungeon (map icon).png
The Tam-Tara Deepcroft
Landmark (map icon).png
Galvanth's Spire
Landmark (map icon).png
Everschade (The Guardian Tree)
Landmark (map icon).png
The Matron's Lethe
Bentbranch Meadows
Aetheryte (map icon).png
Bentbranch Meadows
Chocobokeep (map icon).png
Jadeite Thick 1-8
Settlement icon.png
The Bannock
Landmark (map icon).png
Blue Badger Gate
Landmark (map icon).png
Gilbert's Spire
The Standing Corses 30-40
Landmark (map icon).png
Spriggan Dig
Sorrel Haven 28-34
Landmark (map icon).png
White Wolf Gate
Landmark (map icon).png
Hopeseed Pond
Dungeon (map icon).png
Haukke Manor
Landmark (map icon).png
Sanguine Perch
Greentear 4-9
Landmark (map icon).png
Gabineaux's Bower
Landmark (map icon).png
Landmark (map icon).png
Lifemend Stump
Landmark (map icon).png
Naked Rock


Central Shroud Sidequests

Central Shroud FATEs

Shops & Services

Vendor Name Vendor Profession
Merchant and Mender (Bentbranch Meadows) -
Merchant and Mender (The Bannock) -
Merchant and Mender (The Mirror Planks) -
Feathertrader -




Level Time Location Items
15 Any (x19,y20) Buffalo Beans, Wind Shard, Marjoram, Humus, Tree Toad
15 Any (x21,y20) Gridanian Chestnut, Wind Shard, Elm Log
50★★ 2AM - 5AM slot 6 (x16,y20) Shroud Tea Leaves
50★★ 7AM - 10AM slot 6 (x30,y20) Redolent Log



Outside of Haukke Manor

Central Shroud
Everschade Ala Mhigan Fighting FishBlack EelSpotted PlecoMonke-OnkeBonytongueMitten CrabLevinlight
Haukke Manor MudskipperAla Mhigan Fighting FishMudcrabMonke-OnkeSilverfish
Hopeseed Pond MudskipperAla Mhigan Fighting FishMudcrabBlack EelBlack GhostSeemaClown LoachThe Green Jester
The Mirror Bone CrayfishPipiraGudgeonBrass LoachMaiden CarpMoat CarpTri-colored CarpGhost Carp
The Vein CrayfishStriped GobyPipiraGudgeonBrass LoachMaiden CarpEunuch CrayfishChirurgeon

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