Central Shroud

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Central Shroud Map
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Central Shroud is a zone in The Black Shroud.


Central Shroud Sidequests

Central Shroud FATEs


New Gridania

East Shroud

North Shroud

South Shroud

Lavender Beds via ferry at The Mirror Planks, after unlocking it through Where the Heart Is (The Lavender Beds)

Weather Conditions


The only available Aetheryte is located at: Bentbranch Meadows (x21,y22)



Dungeons and Trials




Level Time Location Items
15 Any (x19,y20) Buffalo Beans, Wind Shard, Marjoram, Humus, Tree Toad
15 Any (x21,y20) Gridanian Chestnut, Wind Shard, Elm Log
50★★ 2AM - 5AM slot 6 (x16,y20) Shroud Tea Leaves
50★★ 7AM - 10AM slot 6 (x30,y20) Redolent Log



Outside of Haukke Manor

Central Shroud
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