Western La Noscea

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Western La Noscea

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Western La Noscea Map.jpg
Map of Western La Noscea

La Noscea
Connects to
Middle La Noscea (E)
Upper La Noscea (N)
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (Aleport ferry)
Lower La Noscea (Aleport ferry)
Swiftperch (X:34, Y:31)
Aleport (X:26, Y:25)

No description available.

— In-game description

Western La Noscea is a zone in La Noscea.


The Hall of the Novice, at the end of the road between Quarterstone and Skull Valley.


See Western La Noscea Sidequests


See Western La Noscea FATEs



Area Level range Points of interest
Quarterstone 10-14
Landmark (map icon).png
The Flock
Landmark (map icon).png
The Brewer's Beacon
Aetheryte (map icon).png
Swiftperch Aetheryte
Skull Valley 15-19
Landmark (map icon).png
Hall of the Novice
Landmark (map icon).png
Camp Skull Valley
Landmark (map icon).png
The Founder's Crypt
Landmark (map icon).png
North Tidegate
Landmark (map icon).png
South Tidegate
Dungeon (map icon).png
Aetheryte (map icon).png
Aleport Aetheryte
The Isles of Umbra 40-42
Landmark (map icon).png
Isle of Umbra Docks
Landmark (map icon).png
The Ship Graveyard
Landmark (map icon).png
Moonshade Isle
Dungeon (map icon).png
Pharos Sirius
Halfstone 44-45
Landmark (map icon).png
Sahagin Landbase
Landmark (map icon).png
Novv's Nursery
Landmark (map icon).png
The Serpent's Tongue
Sapsa Spawning Grounds 46-49
Landmark (map icon).png
The Reef of Sending
Landmark (map icon).png
Reaver Hide




Halfstone, looking towards South Tidegate.

Elite Marks


Skull Valley

The Isles of Umbra


Sapsa Spawning Grounds


Dodos nesting in the ruins of abandoned farms in The Flock.


Level Time Location Items
20 Any (x26,y23) Grade 1 Carbonized Matter, Ice Shard
20 Any (x31,y28) Lalafellin Lentil, Island Seedling, Paprika, Ice Shard, Paprika Seeds (Hidden), Icelight Seeds (Hidden)
50★ 8AM - 11AM (x34,y28) slot 2 Mazlaya Greens
50★★ 8AM - 11AM (x34,y28) slot 6 La Noscean Leek
50★★ 8AM - 11AM (x34,y28) slot 1,5 Waterfowl Feather (Rare)


Level Time Location Items
20 Any (x29,y22) Sunrise Tellin, Raw Danburite, Ice Shard
20 Any (x26,y24) Mudstone, Ice Shard, Limestone
50 Any (x34,y28) Grade 3 Carbonized Matter, Ice Shard, Ice Crystal, Black Limestone (Hidden)


Western La Noscea Map Fishing.jpg

Western La Noscea
Halfstone Saber SardineBlue CoralHammerhead SharkSea PickleWhitelip OysterLavender RemoraBalloonfishThe Lone Ripper
Isles of Umbra Northshore Merlthor GobyOcean CloudFullmoon SardineLavender RemoraRed CoralSilver SharkPike EelSunfishHelmsman's Hand
Reaver Hide Lominsan AnchovyMerlthor GobyRed CoralWahooBlacklip OysterDinichthysRock Lobster
Sapsa Spawning Grounds Fullmoon SardineWhitelip OysterRed CoralBlacklip OysterNautilusSea DevilThe Captain's Chalice
Skull Valley Merlthor GobyTiger CodRothlyt OysterRazor ClamBlue OctopusWahooGoosefishJunkmonger
Isles of Umbra Southshore Fullmoon SardineRed CoralBlacklip OysterNautilusMummer WrassePlaiceSea DevilCoelacanth
Swiftperch Lominsan AnchovyWhite CoralHarbor HerringMoraby FlounderPebble CrabTiger CodRothlyt OysterBlue OctopusHalibutArmorer
The Brewer's Beacon White CoralHarbor HerringHelmet CrabRothlyt OysterNavigator's DaggerOgre BarracudaGigant OctopusNavigator's Brand
The Ship Graveyard Merlthor GobyRed CoralWahooBlacklip OysterPike EelMummer WrassePlaiceGiant SquidMegalodon

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