Western Thanalan

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In-game map of Western Thanalan.
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Western Thanalan serves as Ul'dah's ocean gateway, and establishments devoted to trade can be found throughout, from docks to markets to well-trodden roads. On a clear day following a good rain that has cleared the skies of desert dust from the coasts of this rocky region, one might even spy Vylbrand across the Rhotano Sea.
—Encyclopædia Eorzea (p. 142)

Western Thanalan is a zone in Thanalan. West of Ul'dah and only a short voyage away from Vylbrand, the region is ripe with economic potential. The merchant settlements of Vesper Bay, Horizon, and The Silver Bazaar attest to this, as do the ever-pounding Hammers paving the way to future growth in the region.




Dungeons and Trials



Destination Location Mode of Transport
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks Vesper Bay (x11,y15) Sea
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald The Eighty Sins of Sasamo (x31,y24) Land
The Goblet The Eighty Sins of Sasamo (x25,y27) Land
Central Thanalan Hammerlea (x26,y21) Land
The Waking Sands The Footfalls (x11,y13) Land




Dock Location Destination
Ferry Docks Vesper Bay (x11,y15) Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks
Crescent Cove Docks Crescent Cove (x15,y19) Silver Bazaar Docks
Silver Bazaar Docks The Silver Bazaar (x15,y27) Crescent Cove Docks


Locations are approximate.

Enemy Location Spawn Conditions
Star Marmot The Eighty Sins of Sasamo (x24,y28) Normal
Little Ladybug Hammerlea (x26,y26), The Eighty Sins of Sasamo (x28,y25) Normal
Cactuar Hammerlea (x26,y26), The Eighty Sins of Sasamo (x28,y25) Normal, Needles to Slay
Cactuar Jack Hammerlea (x22,y23) The Villain
Doomed Gigantoad Hammerlea (x24,y21) Doomed
Earth Sprite Hammerlea (x23,y23), (x21,y27) Normal, The Cores
Giant Tortoise Hammerlea (x21,y27), (x24,y26), (x26,y23) Normal
Goblin Mugger Hammerlea (x19,y26) Deface the Facts
Hammer Beak Hammerlea (x22,y25), (x26,y22) Normal, Please Hammers, Don't Hurt Them, Pound for Pound
Nesting Buzzard Hammerlea (x21,y25) Normal
Rusty Coblyn Hammerlea (x21,y46), (x19,y27) Normal, A Matter of Rust
Sandtoad Hammerlea (x23,y23) Normal
Yarzon Feeder Hammerlea (x23,y27) Normal, Things that Make You Go Home
Bomb Horizon's Edge (x27,y17) Normal
Copper Coblyn Horizon's Edge (x27,y17) Normal
Desert Peiste Horizon's Edge (x25,y20) Normal, Copied Peistes
Dusty Mongrel Horizon's Edge (x22,y21) Normal, Dog Eat Dog
Sun Midge Swarm Horizon's Edge (x24,y19), The Footfalls (x18,y16) Normal
Arbor Buzzard The Footfalls (x16,y16) Normal
Bloated Bogy The Footfalls (x13,y11) Staying Dead, Tripped up by the Fruit of Another
Bubbly Bernie The Footfalls (x15,y16) Bubble Trouble
Crier Briareos The Footfalls (x13,y10) There Might Be Giants
Daddy Longlegs The Footfalls (x14,y6) He's Got Legs
Dune Bogy The Footfalls (x13,y11) Staying Dead
Laughing Toad The Footfalls (x15,y6) Normal
Lead Coblyn The Footfalls (x13,y10) Normal, Tripped up by the Fruit of Another
Moondrip Blastmaster The Footfalls (x17,y6) Normal
Moondrip Piledriver The Footfalls (x17,y6) Normal
Moondrip Stonehauler The Footfalls (x17,y6) Normal
Orobon The Footfalls (x18,y16) Normal
Scaphite The Footfalls (x16,y14) Normal
Thickshell The Footfalls (x16,y16) Normal
Yarzon Scavenger The Footfalls (x14,y8) Normal, Tripped up by the Fruit of Another
4th Cohort Imaginifer The Footfalls (x13,y7) Juggernaut Down
4th Cohort Triarius The Footfalls (x13,y7) Juggernaut Down
4th Cohort War Hound The Footfalls (x13,y7) Juggernaut Down
4th Cohort Eques Cape Westwind (x9,y5) Normal
4th Cohort Hoplomachus Cape Westwind (x9,y5) Normal
4th Cohort Laquearius Cape Westwind (x9,y5) Normal
4th Cohort Secutor Cape Westwind (x9,y5) Normal
4th Cohort Signifer Cape Westwind (x9,y5) Normal
4th Cohort Vanguard Cape Westwind (x9,y5) Normal
Sewer Syrup (Rank B Elite Mark) Western Thanalan 5 seconds after death
Alectryon (Rank A Elite Mark) Western Thanalan 3.5-4.5 hours after death
Zona Seeker (Rank S Elite Mark) Western Thanalan Fish a Glimmerscale during Clear or Fair weather 58-68 hours after death



Level Time Location Items
15 Any (x23,y24) Ogre Pumpkin, Garlean Garlic, Wild Onion
15 Any (x24,y20) Rye, Moko Grass, Water Shard, Coerthan Carrot, Grass Viper, Waterlight Seeds (Hidden, Rare)


Level Time Location Items
5 Any (x26,y25) Muddy Water, Copper Ore, Fire Shard, Water Shard
15 Any (x24,y17) Iron Sand, Cinnabar, Copper Sand, Water Shard
15 Any (x24,y17) Iron Ore, Water Shard
30 Any (x24,y23) Water Shard, Water Crystal, Blue Pigment

Western Thanalan
Cape Westwind Merlthor GobyHaraldr HaddockWhitelip OysterSilver SharkWahooBlacklip OysterPlaiceSea DevilTitanic Sawfish
Crescent Cove Lominsan AnchovyRazor ClamBlowfishSaber SardineMonkfishSpotted PufferRock LobsterFingers
Moondrip BlindfishGrip KillifishSilverfishAssassin BettaGarpike
Nophica's Wells Bone CrayfishDusk GobyGudgeonBrass LoachMaiden CarpCopperfishEunuch CrayfishGlimmerscale
Parata's Peace Grip KillifishSilverfishIgnus SnailSludgeskipperBoltfishIlsabardian BassVampire Lampern
The Footfalls CrayfishMudskipperAcorn SnailFaerie BassCopperfishMudcrabEunuch CrayfishMud Golem
The Silver Bazaar Lominsan AnchovyPebble CrabTiger CodRothlyt OysterHammerhead SharkIndigo HerringRock LobsterDirty Herry
Vesper Bay Lominsan AnchovyHarbor HerringPebble CrabTiger CodRothlyt OysterBlue OctopusRivet Oyster

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