Central Thanalan

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Central Thanalan Map.jpg

Central Thanalan is a zone in Thanalan.


Central Thanalan Sidequests

Central Thanalan FATEs


Weather Conditions


The only Aetheryte is located in Black Station, the upper, center of the map.


Black Brush

Hellsbrood Hole

Lost Hope

Lower Soot Creek

Nanawa Mines

Royal Allagan Starway

Sil'dih Excavation Site

The Bonfire

The Coffer & Coffin

The Rat's Nest

Upper Soot Creek

Spineless Basin

Fesca's Wash

Fesca's Watch

Four Sisters

Gate of Nald

Gate of Thal

Royal Plantations

Sagolii Gate

Soot Creek




Ul'dah Dispatch Yard

The Clutch

The Quiveron Manse

The Unholy Heir


Dungeons and Trials





Level Time Location Items
10 Any (x22,y27) Cock Feather, Cloves, Lightning Shard
20 Any (x20,y20) Nopales, Lightning Shard
30 Any (x24,y31) Lightning Shard, Lightning Crystal, Purple Pigment


Level Time Location Items
5 Any (x19,y25) Muddy Water, Copper Ore, Wind Shard, Lightning Shard
10 Any (x20,y22) Tin Ore, Zinc Ore, Soiled Femur, Lightning Shard
50★ 7AM slot 1 (x25,y15) Gregarious Worm
50★★ 7AM slot 6 (x25,y15) Native Gold
50★★ 7AM slot 7 (x25,y15) Raw Emerald
50★★ 7AM slot 8 (x25,y15) Raw Diamond



Central Thanalan
Lower Soot Creek Bone CrayfishDusk GobyBrass LoachMaiden CarpDark BassAegis ShrimpSlime King
The Clutch Bone CrayfishDusk GobyBrass LoachMaiden CarpDark BassOld Softie
The Unholy Heir Bone CrayfishMaiden CarpMudskipperAcorn SnailMudcrabDark BassAegis ShrimpDark Knight
Upper Soot Creek Bone CrayfishDusk GobyBrass LoachMaiden CarpDark BassDream Goby

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