All Saints' Wake (2015)

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All Saints' Wake (2015)
All Saints Wake banner art 2015.png
Event Start
October 22, 2015
Event Finish
November 4, 2015
Event Chain
All Saints' Wake
Event Page
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All Saints' Wake (2015) is a seasonal event that took place from October 22, 2015 to November 4, 2015.

As autumn’s brisk breeze sweeps away the sweltering heat of summer, nights in the realm have grown longer with the shadows kept at bay by the glow of warding lanterns that line the streets. All Saints' Wake, that magical night of frightful fun, draws ever nearer and the Continental Circus has arrived to scare up delights for Eorzea's children. However, the Adventurers' Guild suspects there is more to their plans than meets the eye.
Those brave souls willing to help uncover the troupe's true intentions must seek out the Adventurers' Guild investigator currently on the case.

— Event description

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Players can begin the event by talking to Adventurers' Guild Investigator in Old Gridania (x10,y8) and accepting the quest Side QuestInvestigating the Inimical. Players need to be level 20 or higher to undertake these quests.


Quest Type Level Quest Giver Rewards
Investigating the Inimical Sidequest 20 Adventurers' Guild Investigator 1 Witchs hat icon1.png  Witch's Hat
1 Witchs coatee icon1.png  Witch's Coatee
1 Witchs gloves icon1.png  Witch's Gloves
1 Witchs thighboots icon1.png  Witch's Thighboots
Joining the Circus Sidequest 20 Adventurers' Guild Investigator 1 Pumpkin butler icon2.png  Pumpkin Butler
Sweeping the Meadows Sidequest 20 Adventurers' Guild Investigator 1 Witchs broom icon2.png  Witch's Broom


Mounts and Minions


Housing Items


Name Points Task Reward Patch
I Need Your Clothes Your Boots and Your Broom icon1.png  I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Broom 10 Complete the quest “Sweeping the Meadows.” - 3.07



The Continental Circus has returned for another year of frightful fun. But to ensure their mischief does not turn to mayhem, an investigator from the Adventurers' Guild seeks an assistant in his work. Seek him out to see how you can help.