All Saints' Wake (2017)

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All Saints' Wake (2017)
All Saints Wake banner art 2017.png
Event Start
October 19, 2017
Event Finish
November 1, 2017
Event Chain
All Saints' Wake
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All Saints' Wake (2017) is a seasonal event that took place from October 19, 2017 to November 1, 2017.

As the howling autumnal winds begin to gain a chilling bite, the All Saints’ Wake brings its decidedly delectable brand of terror to the realm. The fiendish Continental Circus is orchestrating a spine-tingling spectacle sure to leave the faint of heart trembling in their boots!

— Event description

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Quest Type Level Quest Giver Rewards
An Othardian Wolfman in Gridania Sidequest 15 Adventurers' Guild Investigator
1 Werewolf attire chest for men icon1.png  Werewolf Attire Chest for Men
1 Werewolf attire chest for women icon1.png  Werewolf Attire Chest for Women
The Adventurer Who Cried Wolfman Sidequest 15 Impresario 10 Magicked prism (pumpkin) icon1.png  Magicked Prism (Pumpkin)
Mind Their Manor Feature quest 15 Adventurers' Guild Investigator


Other Items


Name Points Task Reward Patch
Werewolf body icon1.png  Rise of the Lupin 10 Complete the quest “The Adventurer Who Cried Wolfman.” - 4.1



An Othardian Wolfman in Gridania The men and women and more nebulous entities of the Continental Circus are about their business once more, and various parties are duly concerned. However, an Adventurers' Guild investigator is worried not only for the well-being of the local populace, but that of a goodly traveler with certain uncommon traits...



The Moldy pumpkin cookie icon1.png  Moldy Pumpkin Cookie was simply named Pumpkin cookie icon1.png  Pumpkin Cookie at the time. The item's name and its description were altered when the item was reused for later event.