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A Complete Game Changer

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A Complete Game Changer

Quest giver
Quest line

Required items
1  Broken Yo-kai Watch
Experience 3,360
Gil 1,171
Previous quest
The Gridanian Envoy
The Lominsan Envoy
The Ul'dahn Envoy

The poor-heeled youth is visibly vexed.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.

— In-game description




  • The poor-heeled youth is visibly vexed.
    ※This quest is available for a limited time only.
  • In Ul'dah you come across a poor-heeled youth, who has recently suffered a string of losses at the Gold Saucer's Lord of Verminion game. The youth tells you of the time and dedication he put towards building his minion army, only to have it soundly defeated over and over again by a mysterious newcomer, who possessed minions the likes of which he had never seen before. The youth accused his opponent of cheating, only to be told that the newfangled minions were sanctioned for use in the arena. Wallowing in his defeat, the poor-heeled youth claims to have had enough, and mutters that you can see the man's peculiar minions for yourself if you go to the Gold Saucer.

※Please note that you will be unable to complete this quest after the event has ended. For details, please check the Lodestone.

  • At the Gold Saucer, you come across a well-dressed Au Ra who fits the description given by the peevish man in Ul'dah, and sure enough by his side is a jaunty scarlet cat with flaming twin tails. The Au Ra acknowledges your presence, but says he is otherwise occupied. However, he soon changes his mind when he realizes you are an adventurer and presents you with a proposition; he will tell you more about his scarlet cat if you are able to help him. You accept and he introduces himself as the wandering executive, so called as he travels often from the company he manages in his homeland. The wandering executive asks you to locate his traveling companion, who he fears has gotten lost on his way to the Gold Saucer. He informs you that the Black Shroud was the last place they were together before his friend scampered off on his own. He then suggests you begin your investigation into his friend's whereabouts at Bentbranch, where some of the locals may have seen him.
  • You arrive at Bentbranch and ask the locals whether they saw someone fitting the traveling companion's description: round, white, floats in the air, and very talkative. While two of the people you questioned seem to think you mean the moogles of the Twelveswood, one of the hands at the chocobo stables mentions a more promising lead. Aethelthryth tells you there was talk in Gridania about an unnatural being that was sealed away near the Guardian Tree by Seedseer O-App-Pesi, for fear of it corrupting the forest. Head towards the Guardian Tree to see if there are any traces of the supernatural being.
  • You come upon an ancient stone vessel, which sits idle underneath the Guardian Tree. Confident that the vessel is the same one that O-App-Pesi employed to confine the being, you hold your breath and release what the Padjals took great pains to seal away. You find yourself lost for words as a fast-talking, floating white creature pops out and introduces himself as Whisper, a Yo-kai. As a reward for freeing him, Whisper bestows upon you a vibrantly colored Yo-kai Watch, which he says will allow you to encounter Yo-kai such as himself. Despite his good intentions, Whisper admits that the watch is broken, but can be easily repaired by his friend. You wait patiently for the sprightly soul to take a breath before mentioning the wandering executive, and he confirms that he is indeed the missing friend that the Au Ra was waiting for at the Gold Saucer. Furthermore, Whisper tells you that upon arrival, the executive might be able to repair the motionless timepiece you received. Depart for the Gold Saucer without further delay to ensure that Whisper returns to his travel party safely.
  • You arrive at the Gold Saucer to see Whisper safely reunited, and the wandering executive apprised of what happened to the specter. Whisper also appears to have mentioned the Yo-kai Watch to the wandering executive, who gladly repairs it for you. Gratified for finding his traveling companion, the wandering executive proceeds to fulfill his end of the deal. He explains that the “minions” he brought with him are Yo-kai like Whisper. Asking you to call him by his real name, Nohi, he then gladly offers his services to introduce you to the supernatural creatures and his cache of exotic weapons, in exchange for Yo-kai Medals scattered about the realm. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Yo-kai Medals can be obtained by participating in FATEs in the following areas while equipped with the Yo-kai Watch:
The Black Shroud: Central, East, South, and North
La Noscea: Middle, Lower, Western, Upper, and Outer
Thanalan: Central, Western, Eastern, and Southern

Legendary Medals can be obtained, albeit at a low probability, in FATEs in areas designated in the Yo-kai Medallium while accompanied by the Yo-kai minion designated on the medal.



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