Moonfire Faire (2019)

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Moonfire Faire (2019)
Moonfire Faire 2019 banner art.png
Event Start
August 7, 2019
Event Finish
August 26, 2019
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Moonfire Faire
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Moonfire Faire (2019) is a seasonal event that took place from August 7, 2019 to August 26, 2019.

The arrival of summer is heralded by the relentless heat of the blazing sun and the distant crackle of fireworks, while festival chaperones prepare for the Moonfire Faire. This year’s event marks the return of the Eorzean Nimble Warrior course, revamped to provide yet more high-flying thrills to acrobatically adept adventurers. Succeed in conquering this formidable challenge and you’ll earn not only the admiration of your audience and peers, but also the opportunity to acquire a host of exclusive seasonal items.
Death-defying acts of derring-do not quite your style? Fishing and culinary challenges will also be available for those looking to ring in the season in a more relaxed environment. One thing is for certain—this year’s Moonfire Faire promises to offer something for adventurers of all stripes!

— Event description

Mayaru moyaru.jpg


  • Level 30



Quest Type Level Quest Giver Rewards
Feels Like Moonfire Sidequest 30 Mayaru Moyaru
Anything You Can Do Sidequest 30 Haermaga 1 Moonfire Hachimaki.png  Moonfire Hachimaki
1 White Moonfire Happi.png  White Moonfire Happi
1 Moonfire Tabi.png  Moonfire Tabi
High-flying Hijinks Daily quest 30 Course Registrar 4 Faire voucher xix icon1.png  Faire Voucher XIX
Frying for Fame and Fortune Daily quest 30 Hildelana 1 Faire voucher xix icon1.png  Faire Voucher XIX
Hook, Line, and Sinker Daily quest 5 J'nangho 1 Faire voucher xix icon1.png  Faire Voucher XIX



Name Points Task Reward Patch
Moonfire Hachimaki.png  Vouched Four 10 Complete the quest “Anything You Can Do.” - 5.05



The faire is well underway, and Mayaru Moyaru can hardly contain his excitement. For those who are willing to lend him an ear, he is all too eager to recount the wonders that await at this year's Moonfire Faire.



The Faire voucher xix icon1.png  Faire Voucher XIX was simply named Faire voucher icon1.png  Faire Voucher at the time. The item's name and its description were altered when the item was reused for later event.