Heavensturn (2016)

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Heavensturn (2016)
Heavensturn 2016 banner art.png
Event Start
December 31, 2015
Event Finish
January 14, 2016
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Heavensturn (2016) is a seasonal event that took place from December 31, 2015 to January 14, 2016.

Heavensturn is upon us once more, and the Twelve convene to decide who among them will act as the heavenly representative of the coming year. On this festive occasion, a delegation from the Far East has come to share the luck of the monkey to Eorzea. The citizens of the realm, however, are less than receptive to the antics of the furry primates. Join the delegation on a quest to win the hearts of Eorzeans by satisfying their most primitive need: hunger.

— Event description

Heavensturn (2016) Map.jpg


Talk to Saru Bugyo at (x10,y9) in Old Gridania to begin Monkey about Town.


Quest Type Level Quest Giver Rewards
Monkey about Town Sidequest 15 Saru Bugyo 1 See no helm icon1.png  See No Helm
1 Speak no helm icon1.png  Speak No Helm
1 Hear no helm icon1.png  Hear No Helm



Name Points Task Reward Patch
See no helm icon1.png  Gluten Free 10 Complete the quest “Monkey about Town.” - 3.1



A Far Eastern delegation has come to impart upon Eorzea the good fortune of the monkey. Those who would honor this special bond between man and beast are encouraged to speak with the saru bugyo.