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(Lv. 50) Zodiac Weapons: Base (Feature Quest icon.png) → Zenith (Feature Quest icon.png) → Atma (Feature Quest icon.png) → Animus (Feature Quest icon.png) → Novus (Feature Quest icon.png) → Nexus (Feature Quest icon.png) → Zodiac (Feature Quest icon.png) → Zeta (Feature Quest icon.png)
(Lv. 60) Anima Weapons: HW.png Animated (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Awoken (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Anima (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Hyperconductive (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Reconditioned (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Sharpened (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Complete (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Lux (Repeatablefeaturequest.png)
(Lv. 70) Eurekan Weapons: SB.png AntiquatedBase (Otherquest.png) → Base +1Base +2AnemosPagos (Otherquest.png) → Pagos +1ElementalElemental +1 (Otherquest.png) → Elemental +2PyrosHydatos (Otherquest.png) → Hydatos +1Base EurekaEurekaPhyseos (Otherquest.png)
(Lv. 80) Resistance Weapons: SHB.png Resistance (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Augmented Resistance (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Recollection (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Law's Order (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Augmented Law's Order (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Blade's (Repeatablefeaturequest.png)
(Lv. 90) Manderville Weapons: EW.png Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Amazing Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Majestic Manderville (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Mandervillous (Repeatablefeaturequest.png)

(Lv. 70) Eurekan Armor: SB.png Antiquated ArtifactBase RelicBase +1Base +2AnemosElementalElemental +1Elemental +2
(Lv. 80) Resistance Armor: SHB.png ResistanceAugmented ResistanceLaw's OrderAugmented Law's OrderBlade's

(Lv. 50) Mastercraft Tools: Mastercraft (Feature Quest icon.png) → Supra ToolsLucis Tools
(Lv. 80) Skysteel Tools: SHB.png Skysteel (Feature Quest icon.png) → Skysteel +1 (Feature Quest icon.png) → Dragonsung (Feature Quest icon.png) → Augmented (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Skysung (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Skybuilders' (Expert Recipe Repeatablefeaturequest.png)
(Lv. 90) Splendorous Tools: EW.png Splendorous (Feature Quest icon.png) → Augmented Splendorous (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Crystalline (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Chora-Zoi's Crystalline (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Brilliant (Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Vrandtic Visionary's (Expert Recipe Repeatablefeaturequest.png) → Lodestar (Expert Recipe Repeatablefeaturequest.png)
See also: Replica Zodiac Weapons
Zodiac Weapons banner.png

Zodiac Weapons are the level 50 Relic Weapons for A Realm Reborn. They were the first relic weapon series to be introduced in the game and are upgraded by completing a series of tasks which is described in the "Quest" pages for each step, listed below.

Replicas of the Zodiac Weapons (for glamour) can be purchased from Drake if you either have the corresponding final-stage Zodiac Zeta Weapon in your inventory or turn in the Zodiac Zeta Weapon as part of the Anima Weapon quest Repeatable Feature QuestSoul without Life.

  • If you have previously acquired a Zodiac Zeta Weapon and then discarded it without turning it in, you will need to re-do the entire upgrade process for the weapon to unlock the corresponding job's replica weapons.

Relic weapons from past expansions are not intended for combat use, but for cosmetic, achievements, and collection purposes. Weapons of similar power, for the same player level, that are much more easily obtainable and are intended for character progression can be bought with Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Allagan Tomestones of Poetics. For level 50, these would be Augmented Ironworks Magitek Weapons.


Eorzea has witnessed a resurgence of the old ways in recent days, as adventurers the realm over take up the ancient trades of warrior and dragoon, bard and black mage, and more. Now, it is the traditional weaponry of these old mantles that are sought, the means of their making long since lost to the ages. It would seem this longing for things past and old is not limited merely to the schools of war and magic. The reformation of Eorzea's Grand Companies was born of a longing in the hearts of the free peoples of Eorzea — a longing for the days of old and the peace they knew. It is a sentiment that has since spread to the realm's adventurers, guiding them toward the rediscovery of trades from a former age that had all but died out. Small wonder, then, that those who have mastered these ancient ways of battle and sorcery now seek the weapons of eld which will enable them to realize the truest expression of their newfound powers. Thus have adventurers begun their quest for the relics.

— FFXIV Lodestone (legacy)

Unlike newer relics, most of the quests for the A Realm Reborn weapons are not repeatable. Instead, the player is given the instructions and the quest completes itself. After performing the steps, the required items can then be turned in to the vendor with the correct weapon in inventory. If the instructions need to be reviewed in-game, they can be found in the Completed section of the Journal.

Zodiac Weapons (iLvl 80)

Main article: Zodiac Weapons/Quest

For detailed information about this step, see the above link.

Introduced in Patch 2.0 and carried over from Legacy, the original fabled Zodiac Weapons are Item Level 80 and the starting block for all future Zodiac upgrades. To begin the quest for the first time speak with Nedrick Ironheart at Vesper Bay, Western Thanalan and acquire the quest Feature QuestThe Weaponsmith of Legend. For every Zodiac Weapon or job, you will need to complete a job-specific version of the quest Feature QuestA Relic Reborn. You can also repurchase any Zodiac Weapon you have already created from the Calamity Salvager in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks, Old Gridania and Ul'dah Steps of Thal for Gil 1,000 Gil (700 + 300 for paladin sword and shield). However you will need to repeat any tasks to upgrade your zodiac weapon again.

Zodiac Weapons (iLvl 80)
Curtana Curtana (PLD) Holy Shield Holy Shield (PLD) Sphairai Sphairai (MNK)
Bravura Bravura (WAR) Gae Bolg Gae Bolg (DRG) Artemis Bow Artemis Bow (BRD)
Stardust Rod Stardust Rod (BLM) The Veil of Wiyu The Veil of Wiyu (SMN) Omnilex Omnilex (SCH)
Thyrus Thyrus (WHM) Yoshimitsu Yoshimitsu (NIN)

Zenith Zodiac Weapons (iLvl 90)

Main article: Zenith Zodiac Weapons/Quest

For detailed information about this step, see the above link.

Also introduced in Patch 2.0, Zenith Zodiac Weapons are an upgraded version of the original Item Level 90 Zodiac Weapons. Zenith Zodiac Weapons used to be called "Relic Weapon +1" (e.g. "Bravura +1") but the name was changed to "Relic Weapon Zenith" (e.g. "Bravura Zenith") in patch 2.1. Unlike all other upgrades, upgrading to a Zenith Relic Weapon is extremely easy and simply involves 3 Thavnairian mist icon1.png  Thavnairian Mists. When upgraded at the furnace near Gerolt, Zenith Zodiac Weapons get a faint coloured glow (colour varies depending on weapon) when unsheathed.

Zenith Zodiac Weapons (iLvl 90)
Curtana Zenith Curtana Zenith (PLD) Holy Shield Zenith Holy Shield Zenith (PLD) Sphairai Zenith Sphairai Zenith (MNK)
Bravura Zenith Bravura Zenith (WAR) Gae Bolg Zenith Gae Bolg Zenith (DRG) Artemis Bow Zenith Artemis Bow Zenith (BRD)
Stardust Rod Zenith Stardust Rod Zenith (BLM) The Veil of Wiyu Zenith The Veil of Wiyu Zenith (SMN) Omnilex Zenith Omnilex Zenith (SCH)
Thyrus Zenith Thyrus Zenith (WHM) Yoshimitsu Zenith Yoshimitsu Zenith (NIN)

Atma Zodiac Weapons (iLvl 100)

See also: Atma Zodiac Weapons/Quest

For detailed information about this step, see the above link.

Introduced in Patch 2.2, the Atma Zodiac Weapons (item level 100) are the third stage of the Zodiac Weapons. Jalzahn takes over from Gerolt as your new guide and weaponsmith. Your task for the quest Feature QuestUp in Arms is to grind FATEs in various zones of Eorzea for items known as Atmas, which drop randomly upon successful completion of a FATE. (The quest only needs to be completed once, for your first Atma Zodiac weapon; for each additional weapon you'll still need to acquire all Atmas, equip the Relic Weapon and talk to Jalzahn.) When upgraded, Atma Zodiac Weapons will no longer glow when unsheathed and will have a minor color change.

Atma Zodiac Weapons (iLvl 100)
Curtana Atma Curtana Atma (PLD) Holy Shield Atma Holy Shield Atma (PLD) Sphairai Atma Sphairai Atma (MNK)
Bravura Atma Bravura Atma (WAR) Gae Bolg Atma Gae Bolg Atma (DRG) Artemis Bow Atma Artemis Bow Atma (BRD)
Stardust Rod Atma Stardust Rod Atma (BLM) The Veil of Wiyu Atma The Veil of Wiyu Atma (SMN) Omnilex Atma Omnilex Atma (SCH)
Thyrus Atma Thyrus Atma (WHM) Yoshimitsu Atma Yoshimitsu Atma (NIN)

Animus Zodiac Weapons (iLvl 100)

See also: Animus Zodiac Weapons/Quest

For detailed information about this step, see the above link.

Introduced in Patch 2.2, the Animus Zodiac Weapons (also item level 100) are the fourth of the Zodiac Weapons. Jalzahn wants you must recreate the valorous deeds of the Zodiac Braves, revered heroes in Thavnairian legend. This involves the quest Feature QuestTrials of the Braves and has you completing specific dungeons, FATEs and levequests and killing specific monsters from nine "Trials of the Braves" Books. When upgraded, Animus Zodiac Weapons will get a bright coloured glow (colour varies depending on weapon) when unsheathed.

Animus Zodiac Weapons (iLvl 100)
Curtana Animus Curtana Animus (PLD) Holy Shield Animus Holy Shield Animus (PLD) Sphairai Animus Sphairai Animus (MNK)
Bravura Animus Bravura Animus (WAR) Gae Bolg Animus Gae Bolg Animus (DRG) Artemis Bow Animus Artemis Bow Animus (BRD)
Stardust Rod Animus Stardust Rod Animus (BLM) The Veil of Wiyu Animus The Veil of Wiyu Animus (SMN) Omnilex Animus Omnilex Animus (SCH)
Thyrus Animus Thyrus Animus (WHM) Yoshimitsu Animus Yoshimitsu Animus (NIN)

Novus Zodiac Weapons (iLvl 110)

See also: Novus Zodiac Weapons/Quest

For detailed information about this step, see the above link.

Introduced in Patch 2.28, the Novus Zodiac Weapons (item level 110) are the fifth stage of the Zodiac Weapons and is unique for allowing players to customize their weapon. Jalzahn believes that your weapon may yet grow stronger through the power of materia but that that conventional melding will not work due to the preclusive presence of soul energy. Hubairtin is able to overcome this in the Side Quest Feature QuestCelestial Radiance by converting the power of materia into a form of light energy. This leads you to the Side Quest Feature QuestStar Light, Star Bright where you are able to customize your weapon by melding 75 different materias with Alexandrite icon1.png  Alexandrite onto a Sphere Scroll. When upgraded, Novus Zodiac Weapons will glow bright yellow / gold when unsheathed.

Novus Zodiac Weapons (iLvl 110)
Curtana Novus Curtana Novus (PLD) Holy Shield Novus Holy Shield Novus (PLD) Sphairai Novus Sphairai Novus (MNK)
Bravura Novus Bravura Novus (WAR) Gae Bolg Novus Gae Bolg Novus (DRG) Artemis Bow Novus Artemis Bow Novus (BRD)
Stardust Rod Novus Stardust Rod Novus (BLM) The Veil of Wiyu Novus The Veil of Wiyu Novus (SMN) Omnilex Novus Omnilex Novus (SCH)
Thyrus Novus Thyrus Novus (WHM) Yoshimitsu Novus Yoshimitsu Novus (NIN)

Nexus Zodiac Weapons (iLvl 115)

See also: Nexus Zodiac Weapons/Quest

For detailed information about this step, see the above link.

Introduced in Patch 2.38, the Nexus Zodiac Weapons (item level 115) are the sixth stage of the Zodiac Weapons. Jalzahn believes that the unattuned state of soul energy in your weapon is holding back its full potential. This time Jalzahn teams up with Gerolt to guide on your next step. In the Side Quest Feature QuestMmmmmm, Soulglazed Relics you must seal aethertight your weapon and attune its soul energy through normal use in dungeons, trials, FATEs, Treasure Hunts, Mysterious map icon1.png  Mysterious Maps, and PvP. When upgraded, Nexus Zodiac Weapons will glow bright white when unsheathed.

Nexus Zodiac Weapons (iLvl 115)
Curtana Nexus Curtana Nexus (PLD) Holy Shield Nexus Holy Shield Nexus (PLD) Sphairai Nexus Sphairai Nexus (MNK)
Bravura Nexus Bravura Nexus (WAR) Gae Bolg Nexus Gae Bolg Nexus (DRG) Artemis Bow Nexus Artemis Bow Nexus (BRD)
Stardust Rod Nexus Stardust Rod Nexus (BLM) The Veil of Wiyu Nexus The Veil of Wiyu Nexus (SMN) Omnilex Nexus Omnilex Nexus (SCH)
Thyrus Nexus Thyrus Nexus (WHM) Yoshimitsu Nexus Yoshimitsu Nexus (NIN)

Zodiac Braves Weapons (iLvl 125)

See also: Zodiac Braves Weapons/Quest

For detailed information about this step, see the above link.

Introduced in Patch 2.45, the Zodiac Braves Weapons (item level 125) are the seventh stage of the Zodiac Weapons and the first to be referred to in game as "legendary Zodiac Braves weapons". When upgraded, Zodiac Braves Weapons will change in-game models and no longer glow.

Zodiac Braves Weapons (iLvl 125)
Excalibur Excalibur (PLD) Aegis Shield Aegis Shield (PLD) Kaiser Knuckles Kaiser Knuckles (MNK)
Ragnarok Ragnarok (WAR) Longinus Longinus (DRG) Yoichi Bow Yoichi Bow (BRD)
Lilith Rod Lilith Rod (BLM) Apocalypse Apocalypse (SMN) Last Resort Last Resort (SCH)
Nirvana Nirvana (WHM) Sasuke's Blades Sasuke's Blades (NIN)

Zodiac Zeta Weapons (iLvl 135)

See also: Zodiac Zeta Weapons/Quest

For detailed information about this step, see the above link.

Introduced in Patch 2.51, the Zodiac Zeta Weapons (item level 135) are the eighth and final stage of the Zodiac Weapons. When upgraded, Zodiac Braves Weapons will have a special medium sized colored glow pattern which differs with each weapon.

Zodiac Zeta Weapons (iLvl 135)
Excalibur Zeta Excalibur Zeta (PLD) Aegis Shield Zeta Aegis Shield Zeta (PLD) Kaiser Knuckles Zeta Kaiser Knuckles Zeta (MNK)
Ragnarok Zeta Ragnarok Zeta (WAR) Longinus Zeta Longinus Zeta (DRG) Yoichi Bow Zeta Yoichi Bow Zeta (BRD)
Lilith Rod Zeta Lilith Rod Zeta (BLM) Apocalypse Zeta Apocalypse Zeta (SMN) Last Resort Zeta Last Resort Zeta (SCH)
Nirvana Zeta Nirvana Zeta (WHM) Sasuke's Blades Zeta Sasuke's Blades Zeta (NIN)

Relic Weapon Types

Relic 80 Curtana icon1.pngHoly shield icon1.png Bravura icon1.png Thyrus icon1.png Omnilex icon1.png Sphairai icon1.png Gae bolg icon1.png Yoshimitsu icon1.png Artemis bow icon1.png Stardust rod icon1.png The veil of wiyu icon1.png
Zenith 90 Curtana zenith icon1.pngHoly shield zenith icon1.png Bravura zenith icon1.png Thyrus zenith icon1.png Omnilex zenith icon1.png Sphairai zenith icon1.png Gae bolg zenith icon1.png Yoshimitsu zenith icon1.png Artemis bow zenith icon1.png Stardust rod zenith icon1.png The veil of wiyu zenith icon1.png
Atma 100 Curtana atma icon1.pngHoly shield atma icon1.png Bravura atma icon1.png Thyrus atma icon1.png Omnilex atma icon1.png Sphairai atma icon1.png Gae bolg atma icon1.png Yoshimitsu atma icon1.png Artemis bow atma icon1.png Stardust rod atma icon1.png The veil of wiyu atma icon1.png
Animus 100 Curtana animus icon1.pngHoly shield animus icon1.png Bravura animus icon1.png Thyrus animus icon1.png Omnilex animus icon1.png Sphairai animus icon1.png Gae bolg animus icon1.png Yoshimitsu animus icon1.png Artemis bow animus icon1.png Stardust rod animus icon1.png The veil of wiyu animus icon1.png
Novus 110 Curtana novus icon1.pngHoly shield novus icon1.png Bravura novus icon1.png Thyrus novus icon1.png Omnilex novus icon1.png Sphairai novus icon1.png Gae bolg novus icon1.png Yoshimitsu novus icon1.png Artemis bow novus icon1.png Stardust rod novus icon1.png The veil of wiyu novus icon1.png
Nexus 115 Curtana nexus icon1.pngHoly shield nexus icon1.png Bravura nexus icon1.png Thyrus nexus icon1.png Omnilex nexus icon1.png Sphairai nexus icon1.png Gae bolg nexus icon1.png Yoshimitsu nexus icon1.png Artemis bow nexus icon1.png Stardust rod nexus icon1.png The veil of wiyu nexus icon1.png
Zodiac Braves 125 Excalibur icon1.pngAegis shield icon1.png Ragnarok icon1.png Nirvana icon1.png Last resort icon1.png Kaiser knuckles icon1.png Longinus icon1.png Sasukes blades icon1.png Yoichi bow icon1.png Lilith rod icon1.png Apocalypse icon1.png
Zodiac Zeta 135 Excalibur zeta icon1.pngAegis shield zeta icon1.png Ragnarok zeta icon1.png Nirvana zeta icon1.png Last resort zeta icon1.png Kaiser knuckles zeta icon1.png Longinus zeta icon1.png Sasukes blades zeta icon1.png Yoichi bow zeta icon1.png Lilith rod zeta icon1.png Apocalypse zeta icon1.png


Main articles: Relic Weapons Achievements and Zodiac Weapons Achievements

Lv. 50 relic weapons are associated with several achievements.


Weapons can be viewed in these galleries. Individual galleries contain all stages of relic weapon for each job.

Zodiac Weapons Galleries
Paladin icon1.png Paladin Warrior icon1.png Warrior Scholar icon1.png Scholar White mage icon1.png White Mage Bard icon1.png Bard
Dragoon icon1.png Dragoon Monk icon1.png Monk Ninja icon1.png Ninja Black mage icon1.png Black Mage Summoner icon1.png Summoner