The Churning Mists

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The Churning Mists Map

The Churning Mists is a zone in Dravania.


The Churning Mists Sidequests

The Churning Mists FATEs


The Dravanian Forelands (x26.5, y36.6)

Weather Conditions


There are two available Aetherytes at: Moghome (x27,y34) in the southeast, and Zenith (x10,y28) in the west.


Eil Tohm


The Landlord Colony


The House of Letters

Four Arms



Mother of the Sheave

The Lost Landlord


Dungeons and Trials

Sohr Khai (x7.8, y27.8)

Aether Currents


Coordinates Description Updated
(x29.3, y19.9, z0.5) On path leading to Monsterie yes
(x35.9, y33.8, z0.4) Edge of map by Eli Tohm yes
(x27.4, y26.1, z0.6) On ledge over looking main path yes
(x21.0, y30.1, z0.8) On outcrop just south of Asah yes
(x16.9, y33.6, z1.1) Ontop of toppled stone pillar yes
(x16.9, y33.6, z1.1) near round ruin just south east of Zenith yes
(x30.9, y35.7, z0.3) Leave Moghome via the east tunnel and climb the rocky ramp on the east side of the cavern. yes
(x20.8, y27.4, z0.7) In Asah yes
(x34.5, y15.8, z0.7) In a bowl, to the back of the Monsterie yes
(x7, y27.4, z2.0) At the top of the palace in Zenith. yes


Quest Level Coordinates Additional Information
The Bathing Bully 54 (x29, y36) Unlocks after completing Main Scenario Quest Moghan's Trial
Waiting to Inhale 54 (x32, y15) Unlocks after completing Main Scenario Quest Heart of Ice
Road Kill 54 (x27, y33) Unlocks after completing Main Scenario Quest Leaving Moghome
Hide Your Moogles 54 (x12, y29) Unlocks after completing The Bathing Bully and the Main Scenario Quest The Wyrm's Lair
Into the Aery 55 Foundation (x13, y11) Unlocks after completing Main Scenario Quest Ready to Fly



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