Final Fantasy XVI Crossover: The Path Infernal

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The Path Infernal
The Path Infernal promo.jpg
Event Start
April 2, 2024
Event Finish
May 8, 2024
Event Page

The Path Infernal is a special event that took place from April 2, 2024 to May 8, 2024. It is a crossover event with Final Fantasy XVI, featuring Clive Rosfield and Ifrit's incarnation from FFXVI. Rewards include Clive's outfit, a Torgal mount, a Torgal Pup minion, a Clive Triple Triad card, and 10 orchestrion rolls of various FFXVI tracks.

The Path Infernal Event NPC image.png


Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
A Land on Fire Sidequest 50 Neophyte Adventurer
Pain to Recall Sidequest 50 Clive Rosfield
The Path Infernal Sidequest 50 Clive Rosfield Found the flame icon1.png  Found the Flame 1 Metian attire coffer icon1.png  Metian Attire Coffer
1 Torgal whistle icon1.png  Torgal Whistle
1 Torgal pup icon2.png  Torgal Pup





Triple Triad Card

Can be purchased from a Triple Triad Trader after completing the questline. Cost: MGP 200,000.

Orchestrion Roll

Can be purchased from the Gold Saucer Attendant after completing the questline. Cost: MGP 20,000 per roll.


Name Points Task Reward Patch
Found the flame icon1.png  Found the Flame 10 Complete the quest “The Path Infernal.” Achievement title icon.png Of the Twinned Star 6.58

NPCs Involved