East Shroud

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East Shroud

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Map of East Shroud

The Black Shroud
Connects to
South Shroud (S)
Central Shroud (SW)
Old Gridania (W)
The Hawthorne Hut (X:17.7, Y:27.6)

The western edge of the East Shroud sits near Gridania proper, and is the center of the city-state's thriving apicultural industry. Its eastern sections are the demense of the sylphs—plant-like beastmen, many of whom do not take kindly to the presence of trespassers. Finally, one can find a Garlean stronghold in the southwestern reaches of the East Shroud—a feat of imperial engineering completed shortly before the Calamity.

— In-game description

East Shroud is a zone in The Black Shroud.


Area Points of Interest
The Honey Yard
Landmark (map icon).png
Fullflower Comb
Ferry icon.png
Sweetbloom Pier
Landmark (map icon).png
The Seedbed
Landmark (map icon).png
Hanging Barbs
Landmark (map icon).png
Moonspore Grove
Landmark (map icon).png
Goldleaf Dais
Nine Ivies
Landmark (map icon).png
Amarissaix's Spire
Landmark (map icon).png
Castrum Oriens
Dungeon (map icon).png
Baelsar's Wall
Landmark (map icon).png
The Hedgetree
Landmark (map icon).png
Little Solace
Landmark (map icon).png
Josselin's Spire
The Hawthorne Hut
Aetheryte (map icon).png
The Hawthorne Hut
Chocobokeep (map icon).png
The Bramble Patch
Landmark (map icon).png
Sanctum of the Twelve
Trial (map icon).png
Thornmarch (Extreme)


East Shroud Sidequests

East Shroud FATEs

Shops & Services

Vendor Name Vendor Location
Merchant and Mender (The Hawthorne Hut) X:17.2, Y:27.4
Merchant and Mender (Fullflower Comb) X:11.8, Y:25.5
Merchant and Mender (Sweetbloom Pier) X:9.8, Y:23.5
Sylphic Vendor X:22.3, Y:26.3
Encampment Clothier and Tailor X:21.8, Y:25.8



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