Valentione's Day (2016)

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Valentione's Day (2016)
Valentione's Day 2016 banner art.png
Event Start
February 2, 2016
Event Finish
February 15, 2016
Event Chain
Valentione's Day
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Valentione's Day (2016) is a seasonal event that took place from February 2, 2016 to February 15, 2016.

Ardor and affection─words of that noble Ishgardian house, Valentione, who sows the seeds of amore throughout the realm. Their arrival can only mean the season of love is upon us once again, and the return of Valentione's Day! Word has it that Lady Lisette has come with an entourage of fortune-tellers, who will lay bare the fates of Eorzea's lovers. Adventurers who would divine the truth of their love are encouraged to seek her out!

— Event description

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Quest Type Level Quest Giver Rewards
What Is Love Sidequest 15 Lisette de Valentione 1 Platinum paramours earrings icon1.png  Platinum Paramour's Earrings
1 Paramours earrings icon1.png  Paramour's Earrings
The Fault in Our Cards Daily quest 15 House Valentione Emissary 3 Prismatic heart (right) icon1.png  Prismatic Heart (Right)
3 Prismatic heart (left) icon1.png  Prismatic Heart (Left)
A Pair of Hearts Sidequest 15 Lisette de Valentione 1 Black-feathered flat hat icon1.png  Black-feathered Flat Hat
1 Red-feathered flat hat icon1.png  Red-feathered Flat Hat



Name Points Task Reward Patch
Red-feathered flat hat icon1.png  If You Believe in Love after Life 10 Complete the quest “A Pair of Hearts.” - 3.15



Lisette de Valentione has once again ventured forth from Ishgard, this time with a band of fortune-tellers who will divine the romantic potential of Eorzea's sweethearts. Adventurers curious to know what the future holds are encouraged to seek her out!