All Saints' Wake (2019)

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All Saints' Wake (2019)
All Saints Wake banner art 2019.png
Event Start
October 17, 2019
Event Finish
November 1, 2019
Event Chain
All Saints' Wake
Event Page
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All Saints' Wake (2019) is a seasonal event that took place from October 17, 2019 to November 1, 2019.

The turning of the leaves is accompanied by the hanging of festive decorations both winged and carved, casting a cheerfully ghoulish glow throughout town centers and residences alike each nightfall. Yet adventurers would do well to fear that the coming of the All Saints’ Wake season might bring more sinister change to Eorzea, for the Continental Circus is back in town...

— Event description

All saints wake 2019 location.jpg


  • Level 15
  • Players must first complete the quest "It's Probably Pirates."


Start the event by talking to Adventurers' Guild Investigator in Old Gridania (x10.4,y8.4). Players must be level 15 and have completed the quest It's Probably Pirates.


Quest Type Level Quest Giver Rewards
Fear and Delight Sidequest 15 Adventurers' Guild Investigator 1 Circus resonator icon1.png  Circus Resonator
A Glamourous Guise Sidequest 15 Impresario
Haunting Grounds Feature quest 15 Adventurers' Guild Investigator



Name Points Task Reward Patch
Grani horn icon1.png  I Have the Evil-ish Eye 10 Complete the quest “Fear and Delight.” - 5.08



The Continental Circus has returned to Eorzea with fiendish plots aplenty, a new would-be attraction among them. But there may be more to this unusual ahriman than meets the eye...



The Old pumpkin cookie icon1.png  Old Pumpkin Cookie was simply named Pumpkin cookie icon1.png  Pumpkin Cookie at the time. The item's name and its description were altered when the item was reused for later event.