Little Ladies' Day (2017)

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Little Ladies' Day (2017)
Little Ladies Day 2017 banner art.png
Event Start
March 1, 2017
Event Finish
March 14, 2017
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Little Ladies' Day
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Little Ladies' Day (2017) is a seasonal event that took place from March 1, 2017 to March 14, 2017.

As the streets are painted in the sweet pink of spring and the fragrant scent of cherry blossoms lure men, women, and children from their homes, it is clear Little Ladies’ Day is upon Eorzea, once more. This year’s celebration promises to be one of the best yet, for three special girls are set to return to Ul’dah. As the Songbirds prepare to take to the stage and ardent fans flood the streets, however, things go terribly awry. With nowhere else to turn, the royal seneschal must once again call upon adventurers all across the realm for help to prevent Little Ladies’ Day from ending in disaster.
With promises of one-of-a-kind gear and new emotes as rewards, it may well be worth sticking around to lend a hand.

— Event description

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Quest Type Level Quest Giver Rewards
Birdwatching Gone Wrong Sidequest 15 Mythril Eye Reporter
The Disappearing Act Sidequest 15 Royal Seneschal
Ulala's Grand Performance Sidequest 15 Ulala
Masha's Grand Performance Sidequest 15 Masha Mhakaracca
Narumi's Grand Performance Sidequest 15 Narumi
Idols Give Back Sidequest 15 Royal Seneschal 5 Slightly outdated certificate of collaboration icon1.png  Slightly Outdated Certificate of Collaboration



Name Points Task Reward Patch
Songbird jacket icon1.png  Eorzean Idol 10 Complete the quest “Idols Give Back.” - 3.55a



A reporter from the Mythril Eye has been approaching adventurers left and right under the guise of wanting to collect opinions for an article he will be running in the paper. It quickly becomes evident, however, that he is simply looking to recruit able-bodied men and women on behalf of the royal seneschal, who has run headfirst into some trouble with rioting crowds. Those willing to step forward and ensure that this Little Ladies' Day will not end in disaster are encouraged to stick around and listen to what the columnist has to say.


The Slightly outdated certificate of collaboration icon1.png  Slightly Outdated Certificate of Collaboration was simply named Certificate of collaboration icon1.png  Certificate of Collaboration at the time. The item's name and its description were altered when the item was reused for later event.