The Gifted

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The Gifted

The Gifted Image.png
Quest giver
The Solar (X:6, Y:6)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era

Experience 4,800
Gil 2,642
Previous quest
On the Properties of Primals
Next quest
Build on the Stone

The time has come at last to leave Vesper Bay, and Minfilia would apprise you of the final details of the move.

— In-game description




  • Rather than leaving en masse, the Scions will travel to Mor Dhona in several small groups. You are to remain with Minfilia until all the rest have gone. While you await your turn to depart, the Antecedent explains that Urianger will not be joining you at Revenant's Toll, and bids you inquire of him if anything has been left undone.
  • While discussing the future of the Waking Sands with Urianger, you hear a cry from the solar which could only be Minfilia's. After bursting through the doors, you find the Antecedent collapsed upon the floor, alive -- thank the gods -- but unmoving. Wielding the power of the Echo, you learn that an Ascian robed in white was present mere moments before, having infiltrated the Scions' inner sanctum unnoticed. As the vision unfolds, the trespasser proclaims himself an emissary, and speaks cryptically of the Echo and its power, asserting that mastery of this gift could end hostilities between the Ascians and the children of Hydaelyn forever. Back in the present, Minfilia rises to her feet, disoriented but unharmed, and commands you to search Vesper Bay for the Ascian, whom she suspects may still be lurking nearby.
  • You are shocked to find the Ascian standing in the center of Vesper Bay, making no attempt to conceal his presence. Although he recognizes you as the one who bested Lahabrea in the Praetorium, he expresses some doubt as to your true capabilities. After declaring that he will walk north, he adds that you may follow, but warns that you will be waylaid should you choose to do so.
  • A trio of imps ambush you outside the gates of Vesper Bay, precisely as the Ascian predicted. Though he does not appear to be present, you cannot shake the sensation that you are being watched...
  • You are soon waylaid by another voidsent -- a gargoyle, this time -- which you duly slay. As before, you feel certain that the battle was observed...
  • Upon entering Parata's Peace, you are assailed by a pair of gnarled gargoyles, but they are unable to stop you from pressing forward. To the north, you spy the white-robed Ascian standing motionless, as if daring you to approach. Oblige him.
  • As the white-robed figure watches in silence, four black-clad Ascians appear and engage you in combat. Wielding dire magicks, they push you to your mortal limits, but in the end you claim victory. As the last one falls, you see what looks like a grin flash across the face of your observer. Accost him and find out what he has to say.
  • "As it was, so shall it be again.“ The words of Elidibus linger in your memory, simultaneously inviting and eluding interpretation. Intriguingly, the Ascian emissary claims to serve the same god as Lahabrea, yet he appears to bear no ill will towards you and your fellow Scions. Quite why this should be is unclear -- if, indeed, it is even true... Return to the Waking Sands and report all that has transpired to Minfilia.
  • Your tale serves only to confound an already troubled Minfilia, who is at a loss to explain Elidibus's actions. Though it would seem that the white-robed Ascian is no friend to Lahabrea, everything else about him remains a mystery.

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