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Echoes of a Fallen Star

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the quest. For the name of the major patch, see patch 5.2.
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Echoes of a Fallen Star

Echoes of a Fallen Star Image.png
Quest giver
Kholusia (X:10.7, Y:36.1)
Quest line
Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
Experience 22,440
Gil 4,500
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestBeneath the Surface
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestIn the Name of the Light
Feature QuestWorlds Apart

Main Scenario Progress: 667 / 853 (78.2%)


Shadowbringers Progress: 126 / 157 (80.3%)


Urianger presumably has some idea as to what you might usefully do while Y'shtola pursues her investigations in Anamnesis Anyder.

— In-game description





  • Urianger presumably has some idea as to what you might usefully do while Y'shtola pursues her investigations in Anamnesis Anyder.
  • You trouble Urianger for his thoughts on how you and your fellow Scions should occupy yourselves in Y'shtola's absence. After expressing confidence that her efforts will eventually bear fruit, he concludes the best course of action for the rest of you would be to wait─which, Alphinaud points out, means that you now have the opportunity to look in on the Exarch and ascertain how his efforts to perfect the spirit vessel are coming along.
  • You find the Exarch not in his tower, but at the Exedra, surrounded by a crowd of overexcited citizens. It seems the words of “Ardbert” have had the intended effect, kindling such heroic zeal in the people that they are ready to leave their homes without thought to the consequences. As if to compound matters, the sky suddenly turns dark, heralding the arrival of a shower of stars─a spectacle which awakens the crowd to a voice you know very well indeed. With perfect timing, Elidibus appears, proclaiming to those who hear it that they, too, are Warriors of Light, before departing as abruptly as he came. You catch up with him a short distance away, and though he offers no clarity on the subject of his motives, he does confirm that the meteors were an illusion of his own making. With an ominous promise to save the world, he vanishes─leaving you to ponder what all of this implies about Hydaelyn's own role in the creation of Warriors of Light...including you.
  • As the dust settles, you are approached by the Crystal Exarch. He informs you that two guardsmen with whom you are acquainted─the irrepressible Theyler and Vonard─have chosen to embark on a journey to become heroes in their own right, and asks that you offer them a few words of advice ere they depart.
  • You find Theyler and Vonard at the Amaro Launch, where they stand at the threshold of adventure, and impart a few pearls of wisdom gathered in the course of your own travels. They listen earnestly, and as you watch them set off into the unknown, it is easy to believe that the people of the First will find their path─even after you have gone.
  • Back at the Crystal Tower, having regaled the Exarch with the intrigues of your journey to Anamnesis, thoughts turn to the future. Rather than stake everything on the success of Y'shtola's investigations, Thancred proposes he use his ample experience in subterfuge to keep watch over Elidibus, and all readily agree. Urianger, meanwhile, will assist in ongoing research at the Umbilicus─for confident though Beq Lugg and the Exarch are of developing a means to transfer memory into spirit vessels, a great deal of experimentation yet remains. Needful tasks thus assigned, the Exarch suggests you take the opportunity to rest─a statement rife with irony, perhaps, given its source, but one not lacking in wisdom.
  • You retire to your suite in the Pendants, but are awoken in the evening by an unexpected tapping at your chamber door. It is Glynard, accompanied by a familiar figure come to offer words of encouragement─and why not? Be it by Cardinal Virtue or shrouded Ascian, the twisting of good men to vile ends is not to be borne.