Three Great Continents

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The three largest landmasses on Hydaelyn:


Situated in Hydaelyn's northern hemisphere and stretching from the polar region, almost to the equator, the Three Great Continents consist of Aldenard in the west, Ilsabard in the north and center, and Othard in the east. So great is the distance that even the fastest of trader vessels carried by favorable winds require at least a fortnight to make the journey from Old Sharlayan to Vylbrand, and another two moons to travel from there to Doma.


Regional folklore has it that Aldenard, Othard, and Ilsabard were once brothers whose hearts were so filled with love for one another that they remained inseparable for countless aeons. One day, however, did the brothers Othard and Ilsabard grow jealous of Aldenard for, despite being the youngest, he was blessed with the richest of lands. In a violent fit of anger, the brothers pulled themselves away from their younger sibling to where they stand today, Aldenard's outstretched hand clinging to Ilsabard's coattail in one last final effort to bring him back.[1]

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