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A General Summons

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A General Summons

A General Summons Image.png
Quest giver
Foundation (X:7, Y:10)
Quest line
Heavensward Main Scenario

Experience 62,400
Gil 1,509
Previous quest
New Winds, Old Friends
Next quest
Awakening in Ul'dah

Tataru has news for you from Ul'dah.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Meriel is located at (x:17.3, y:30.0), inside the building.



  • At the Waking Sands, you are shocked to learn that the sultana is most likely being kept in a poison-induced sleep somewhere within the palace. Before any attempt is made to rescue her, however, your allies deem it prudent to track down her poisoner and identify the substance used to taint Nanamo's wine. Ask Yugiri to explain exactly what is required of you.
  • Yugiri has information that Meriel, the sultana's former lady-in-waiting, is hiding somewhere in the Silver Bazaar. Question the inhabitants of the hamlet, and confirm the reclusive poisoner's whereabouts.
  • You question the residents of the Silver Bazaar, and learn that Meriel has indeed returned to the market settlement. Search each dwelling, and find the sultana's former lady-in-waiting.
  • Before Raubahn can wring the truth from the trembling Meriel, Lolorito appears and proceeds to reveal the details of the assassination plot. All of his actions, he claims, were intended to expose Teledji Adeledji, and ensure the stability of Ul'dah. As proof of his good intentions, he then presents the Flame General with the means to rouse the sultana from her deathlike state. Speak with Alphinaud, and learn his thoughts on this most unexpected development.
  • Though undoubtedly gladdened by the prospect of the sultana's coming “resurrection,” you sense that Alphinaud's presiding feeling is one of relief at the avoidance of a bloodbath. Rather than join your fellow Scion in contemplating how much worse things might have been, you resolve instead to give thanks. It has, after all, been a good day for Ul'dah.